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Here are the latest items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of JWR. (SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor.) Today’s focus is on the Fed’s Great Unwinding. (See the Economy & Finance section.)

Economy & Finance:

At Wolf StreetThe Fed’s QE Unwind Reaches $285 Billion.  JWR’s Comment:  That $285 Billion represents a reduction of only about 17% of the QE bubble.  Remember: Debt money creation has a multiplying effect. The destruction of debt money has a reverse multiplying effect! (Credit implosion.) Unless the Fed Board of Governors unwind their balance sheet very slowly, they are likely to burst the credit bubble and crash the global financial system. Politically, this may be just they want: Turning President Trump into another President Herbert Hoover.

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A primer from Wells Capital Management:  The Fed’s balance sheet normalization plan

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Back in October, 2017, we read: Unwinding QE could trigger financial crisis, warns JP Morgan


Precious Metals:

U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales Spike By Another 1 Million At End Of September

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I’m not a believer, but for those of you who hold to Chartism: The Final Sign For Silver Price


Forex & Cryptos:

Loans Sour in Turkey, Inflation Hits 25%, Interest Rates Spike, Fears of Contagion Rise

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At 30Rates: The Latest Euro to Dollar Rates forecast.

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Bitcoin Market Has ‘Run Out of Juice’: Cryptocurrency Analyst


Tangibles Investing:

One niche in firearms collecting that has almost disappeared from mention is U.S. Bicentennial guns.  Ruger, in particular, marked nearly all of their guns produced in 1976 with “Made in the 200th Year of American Liberty.” Presently, those guns are selling a virtually the same price as those made in 1975 or 1977. But hold on… In just eight years it will be 2026, and Americans will be celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. That same year of the Semiquincentennial, the U.S. will also be hosting the World Cup–no doubt with much fanfare. I believe that astute firearms investors should start acquiring still-new-in-box examples of Bicentennial-marked 1976-production guns.

One gem to look for: In 1976, Colt produced just a few hundred  “1776-1976 U.S.BICENTENNIAL” three revolver sets, that came with a nifty three drawer-wooden cabinet.  This set included a Colt Dragoon, a Single Action Army (SAA), and a Colt Python. Arguably these are three of the most iconic guns that Colt ever produced. As most gun market-watchers know, the price of just one Colt Python is now pushing $3,500. So I suspect that the value of these three revolver sets will peak at well-over $12,000 in 2026 and Goodness Knows how much in 2176–for the Tricentennial. In particular, try to find a set with the seal still unbroken on the shrink-wrapped book, powder horn, and bullet mold insert. Oh, and even better: with no drag marks indicating the cylinders have been turned.

I suspect that even some of the more garish examples of bicentennial guns –such as Marlin’s OTT lever action–may go up.  But I’m concentrating on ones with more subtle markings.  For me, the “Made in the 200th Year of American Liberty” roll-marked 1976 Rugers strike a tasteful, practical balance. You may ask: What is my current “Grail Gun”?  It would be a new-in-box A 180-series Ruger Mini-14 made in 1976.  A new-in-box 1976-production Ruger Number 1 chambered in .45-70 would be close second.



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  1. Financial analysts may be educated but few see the forest through the trees.

    Their whole premise that the Federal Reserve gives a rat’s patootie about the US is false. Why do we box ourselves in thinking these psychopaths are good people?

    The Federal Reserve is a Trojan horse. It has served the globalist banksters’ purpose. These psychopaths are rich and powerful. America is weak and bankrupt. Their end game is the intentional destruction of the US financial system. Time is nearing. In desperation Americans will throw national sovereignty (and nationalists) under the bus and jump into the arms of globalists. They will accept a world currency and global control.

    “You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” – -Ayn Rand

  2. “Unless the Fed Board of Governors unwind their balance sheet very slowly, they are likely to burst the credit bubble and crash the global financial system.”

    Agreed. Of course a slow unwind means stagnant, flat or ‘less’ down markets.

  3. Purely buy accident, acquired a 1976 Ruger Mini-14 stamped with the 200th Anniversary moniker, original box, mags, manual, with no rounds through it, plus an advertisement sheet and letter from Ruger confirming the year of production – pray to God that it stays with family until the 300th anniversary.

  4. “Politically, this may be just they want: Turning President Trump into another President Herbert Hoover.”

    sure, but … won’t china decline faster and harder than us, perhaps implode outright?

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