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  1. Regarding the Amazon seller with a Cold Steel Rawles Voyager for sale. I’m not so sure this one isn’t a copy. They don’t say where it is made and Rawles is misspelled at least four times in the description. There are some other ” Engrish is not my first language” hints. Since there is only one in stock it probably doesn’t matter.

    1. Maybe I’m missing something but when I click on the mentioned link I can only find Rawles mentioned once , in the item header. Also is says there are 6 in stock. Can you clarify your comment.

  2. RG,
    In the initial product listing it says seven available, but in another place it says only one new knife is available. Read the product description (supplied by the seller). The description refers to James Wesley Rowles, and the rowles voyager. Elsewhere it calls the knife the Brawler Voyager. Read the description and note all the mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. My favorite is that part about the “pepper community”. I’m just saying buyer beware.

      1. RG,
        Go to the link in the story. That takes you to an Amazon ad for a Cold Steel Rawles Voyager knife. Now scroll down last the ordering info and some adertisements and you come to a paragraph titled product description. This is the info supplied by the seller. Read that paragraph, then read it again.
        Buyer beware.

        1. Thank you Retired cop but I swear that is not the same info when I clicked on the Iink this morning. Now it is definitely as you pointed out. There was no additional info and at the bottom were only similar items which were not Rawles. I even went to the sellers website and found no mention of the misspelled verbiage. I agree, stay away. Something is fishy here.

  3. I particularly like the “odd green”handle. I can’t wait until Magpul starts making AR furniture in “odd green”. It must be the newest tactical color?

    Buyer beware indeed.

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