The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“This drill is an old chestnut among some shooters but I hadn’t heard it before. Goes like this. Get yer gear and yer sighted-in serious gun, go to the range, set yer target, get in position, aim and fire one shot. You’re done. Don’t touch that dial, nudging zero is a whole different exercise. This is a ‘know thyself’ thing. Mark yer target and go home.

Do this over time, every weekend or every other day, or what ev-ver, no matter the weather: rain and misty, cold and windy, or warm and still. Whether yer rested or groggy. The idea is, a follow up shot may matter, or not, but the first shot will always matter. And you won’t get to pick the weather.” – Ol’ Remus in Yer Ol’ Woodpile Report


  1. Every gun my Dad bought me as a child was a “single shot”. A lever action .22 rifle and a 20ga break open shotgun. He always told me, “if you know you have more than one shot, you won’t make that first one count.” He was right.

  2. This is great for hunting also, elk don’t usually stand still for a second shot. Once sighted in, the first shot is the one that matters, the others are just playing around.

  3. It’s remarkable to me just how few people have either heard advice like this before or have thought things through to a logical conclusion. It’s common sense.

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