Preparedness Notes for Sunday – August 26, 2018

August 26, 526, is the official anniversary of the invention of toilet paper by the Chinese. We celebrate this, though not because of its convenience. In fact, it has many shortcomings, some which are described within the articles and letters of SurvivalBlog. Our celebration of it is primarily because we now have an official metric of just how hard core of a prepper you are as well as a metric for just how economically unstable your country is.


  1. One problem is Sears or Montgomery Ward do not print catalogs anymore! As a matter of fact I don’t believe Montgomery Ward even exists. As a backup, there are some phone books that are still in print.

    1. Rose,

      I’m with you actually. While we tend to look down our noses at countries that don’t use TP, when you combine the water methods that they use with the readily available soap that we have, you have a renewable source that is far more hygienic. (think about it, if you get poo on your hand, do you just wipe it off with a paper towel and call it good?) It does take some practice though. Sitting toilets are not as conducive to water cleaning as squat toilets are. Of course if you have running water in your bathroom, bidets are always an option.

  2. Are you people insane..
    “Wysi wipes” are the way to go..

    campers/backpackers been using them for a long time..
    small, lightweight, and a small bag holds 100. think you can get bags of 500/1000.
    Way better than filling up your garage full of tp..
    I can carry a bag of 100 in my backpack and not even notice them..
    Tp problem…. solved

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