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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Voter fraud rears it’s ugly head this week.

Ignorance in America

This is somewhat old news, but astonishing none the less. A poll last year from APPC of approximately 1000 adults found that a full third of American’s couldn’t name a single protection that was guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Fewer still could name a second one. Only three percent could name the right to petition the government. Don’t be one of those people! Robb Moffett of Robb’s Homemade life posted a video that uses your fingers to help you remember all five protections afforded by the First Amendment.


Facebook has been in talks with the major banking players, hoping to develop a program that will allow Facebook users to access their account balances and transaction history through the Facebook Interface. If this doesn’t dissuade you from using Facebook, I don’t know what would. Facebook would then have complete access to your transactional history and could mine that history for patterns. Breibart has an article that correctly deduces that they will know every time you purchase a firearm or even a 3D printer that can produce a firearm. What about the purchase of a high standard capacity magazine? Facebook has not said that they would move on such information, but do you really want an anti First and Second Amendment organization knowing such information about you?. Thanks to H.L. for the links.

Voter Fraud

In light of the recent revelation that despite the claims of no voter fraud, twice as many ballots were cast as there are registered voters in one Georgia Precinct. Reader A.L. wrote in:

In the 1982 a j judge imposed an injunction against the RNC (and anybody lower in the Republican Party) to prevent voter fraud. In November of 2015, I witnessed voter fraud at a black precinct in my county (Franklin County Missouri). I was a poll watcher for the county Republican Party. I thought it was really strange how the state party sided with the corrupt poll workers. Now I understand why. This was supposedly done to protect the rights of the minorities under the 14th and 15th amendments, but in so doing, it violated my rights under the 14th and 15th amendments, and thus it is unconstitutional, and is null and void.

RNC Warns Against Poll Watching, Citing Decades-Old Court Decree

A Force for Evil

Reader H.L. sent in this article on how many colleges in America have become a force for evil in our society. They have become the focal point for the destruction of traditional American values. Often, the students that attend these colleges are fresh out of their parent’s homes and for the first time are having to make decisions and life choices that reflect their own values rather than those of their parents. They have to determine what their own values are in order to make these decisions. Those who would influence them towards evil have recognized how vulnerable they are at this point and have concentrated their efforts at this critical juncture in their life. They know that these students will be tomorrow’s teachers, professors, judges, attorneys, legislators and policymakers.

New Mexico Terrorist Compound

Over this last weekend, police raided a makeshift compound in Taos, New Mexico and found 11 children who were being trained to commit school shootings. According to the criminal complaint filed on Wednesday, a foster parent of one of the 11 children told police that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj has trained their child in the use of firearms “in preparation for future school shootings.” The compound was raided because authorities were looking for a missing four year old out of Georgia. At least two of the kids interviewed had said that the missing child was at the compound and in poor health. Three muslim women who were also at the compound confirmed the missing child had been their but haven’t said much.


Reader S.M. sent in this article on the expropriation that is occurring in South Africa. It’s easy to banter about the terms being used in the media today, but this article looks at the actual South African Constitution and explains what it says in regards to the expropriation. The artcile then askas and answeres a number of relevant questions regarding the move by the government such as “What is the ‘evil’ that not paying compensation should cure?”. The provisions in the constitution are untested and may not survive a court ruling, but that will do little to comfort those who have already lost their land, families and even their lives as the unruly population takes advantage of the situation.

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  1. “A Force for Evil”

    But first these ‘children’ are given twelve solid years in State worship training and compliance regimes. I think the system is working splendidly, exactly as intended, no?

    Nobody is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them.

  2. “A Force for Evil”:

    I see folks at the end of their lives, giving their wealth, sometimes all the generational wealth, not believing in inheritance, to colleges, thinking it to be the same as giving to God, that they are furthering Christianity…

    Maybe this was true decades ago, during the Age of Intellect, but not now…

    Their contributions are used to tear apart the very framework of the Republic and destroy Christianity…

    By Sir John Glubb
    52 pages
    Published April 1978 by William Blackwood and Sons, Ltd.
    pages 10-12
    XVIII The Age of Intellect
    XIX The effects of intellectualism
    XX The inadequacy of intellect

    There is no provision for higher education in the U.S. Constitution, yet we spend billions, if not trillions on it. There is a provision for a Militia, yet we spend very little on that.

    They might not look very threatening right now, but the student mass paramilitary social movements of the past century helped to murder tens of millions of people. These institutions are a clear and present danger to freedom… All it would take is a few months of training and indoctrination…

  3. A force of evil
    A local TV channel, KOB4 (NBC affiliate) carried the Taos story on Tuesday. They seemed to downplay the fact that the eleven children were starving and focused on how the county Sheriff had called those in custody ‘Islamic Extremists’, citing possible ‘offense’ with his words.

    Then next day news broke of finding the deceased 4 year old, and trained potential young terrorists.

    Gotta love how local news doesn’t want our feelings to get hurt….

  4. Re: A Force for Evil

    My son attended a community college practically down the street from our home, but his proximity to family didn’t stop him from making the same poor decisions most all teens make when they are first on their own.

    He was suddenly burdened with the power to make life changing commitments without the life experience to make good ones. And, as predictably as the sunrise, he refused to use the resource of the parents’ wisdom.

    Student orientation looked more like a carnival midway, the entire campus covered by aggressive touts hawking tobacco, caffeine drinks, spring break vacations, electronics and, most importantly, credit cards.

    Cut to the chase, he spent the remainder of his college time paying off a $12,000.00 debt to Visa. He was embarrassed and humiliated, of course, but more he was outraged that colleges not only allow and encourage these whores to take advantage of wet-behind-the-ears kids, they take a percentage for providing ripe herds of naive mellon heads to plunder.

    And that’s just on the green outside. Imagine the exploitation of cluelessness that goes on in the classrooms. Well, college is an eyeopening experience….

    I have to say my son, now in his 40s, only makes one mistake of a kind and learns well from each one. He learned the hard and effective way that no one offers something for nothing, “smilin’ faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within,” and if someone comes at you with philanthropy on their lips you must run..RUN…the other direction as fast as possible.

    Evil is real. It lives to protect and procreate itself. And it is very, very patient.

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