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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. There is a great deal on PVS-30s today.


I just noticed that Ready Made Resources has a sale on Mil Spec AN/PVS-30 clip-on night vision weapon sights. This is factory reconditioned sight from Knights Armament is only $4695 and comes with a new certificate of compliance. It has the latest Gen 3 light intensification tube and is appropriate for front line, long range scopes. This unit will mount on a rail in front of your normal scope so your carefully sighted scope will not be affected. Your existing eye relief and cheek weld are undisturbed. If you are looking for a unit to help you control coyotes and other predators on your property at night, this may be the thing for you.

Federal Reserve

Reader USP visited the Federal Reserve on a recent vacation and noted this:

I was visiting New Orleans a few weeks ago and stopped in to the Federal Reserve branch to tour their small museum. There were some nice displays and several videos that talked about the mission of the Federal Reserve. The one video that struck me was that the fed is the conduit for EVERY monetary transaction, large and small, that takes place in the USA. Here is link to the videos produced by the Federal Reserve of Atlanta. The one that woke me up was the one titled: “The Fed Explains the Payment System”

I would also note that this video should be watched as well when learning about the Federal Reserve.

Venezuela’s AK factory

You might think that a country that is in the throes of economic collapse with it’s population literally starving to death would concern itself with ways to fix that problem. Of course you would be wrong if you made that assumption. From the land where dogs, cats, and donkeys are fair game as food and riots break out Mad Max style over water trucks, the government’s shiny new AK factory is scheduled to be in full production next year. It’s fairly obvious from the scale of this factory that they fully intend to export the arms. Given the hostility shown toward America, I think it’s fair to say that America’s enemies will now have an additional source for their weaponry. Thanks to reader T.J. for the link. Meanwhile…

ATF Reclassifies Some AR Uppers as Receivers

Reader G.P. sent in this article that profiles letters that the ATF sent out manufacturers of some non-standard AR-15 uppers. Despite the lower frame of the AR-15 platform already being classified as a firearm and having a serial number (and subsequent tracking and sales controls) attached to it, the ATF has decided that certain uppers should also be classified separately as a firearm with the same controls applied to it. Specifically, the ATF is claiming that single-shot, bolt action uppers, like Safety Harbor Firearms .50 caliber upper, should have their own serial number. The claim is that in bolt action rifles the frame containing the bolt is the firearm and all other items simply attach to the frame containing the chamber. The lower frame then just becomes a grip according to the ATF. Of course, in the past, the firearm has been considered the part that contained the fire controls of the weapon. Typical bureaucratic thinking and one more reason the ATF is stupid and should be abolished.

Bad Cop?

Reader DSV sent in this story about every homeowners nightmare. You’ve just successfully defended your family from an armed intruder. The bad guy is dead. 911 received calls that the altercation was taking place and when they arrived on scene they hear the shooting where you just killed the bad guy. The police charge the home, shooting and killing you, assuming you are the bad guy.

Legalized Land Theft

South Africa’s ruling party (ANC) has decided to complete the proposed amendment to the nation’s constitution to legalize land theft. The rule changes will allow the government to strip white land owners of the land and redistribute it without compensation to the black population. Given the current hostility towards white land owners (upwards of 90 violent deaths of white farms last year) them means that South Africa will be fully following Zimbabwe’s footsteps. Expect increased violence based on race. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Dog Licks

I still often hear that since dogs lick their wounds, it can be beneficial for you to let your dog lick your wound. As an EMT, this sends shudders down my spine. Reader DSV sent in this story on why that is a bad idea. Among other things, dog saliva contains Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a bacteria that can cause sepsis. This guy let a dog lick him and ended up with a very severe response to this bacteria costing him his leg. His wife states: “It hit him with a vengeance. Just bruising all over him. Looked like somebody beat him up with a baseball bat.” How about taking care of that would properly rather than letting your dog do it.

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Please send your news tips to HJL. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


  1. While it is too soon to draw any conclusions about the police killing the homeowner who had just killed the intruder, a couple things should be considered.

    One, as more and more law abiding citizens obtain CCW permits and keep guns in the house, law enforcement needs to train their officers to assess the situation before shooting. The presence of a gun, by itself, isn’t a crime, and isn’t a threat to them.

    Second, legislators need to codify qualified immunity rather than rely on Courts to legislate it. The Constitution doesn’t provide immunity to anyone other than Congress-critters enroute to sessions or on the debate floor. As part of the legislative debate, we need to discuss the responsibility of police officers to provide a safe way to de-escalate situations involving law abiding citizens.

    And one pet peeve: Law enforcement needs to train their people to shut the hell up and only have the senior person present issue commands to civilians. How many videos have we seen where multiple police officers are shouting different commands to a person, then shooting him because he didn’t comply with their command.

    1. I take issue with your use of the word “civilians.” Police are civilians, too. They aren’t military, and they certainly aren’t our masters.

      1. Po-po certainly THINK they’re our masters, and act accordingly.
        Attitude makes all the difference between a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), one who enforces the law for revenue collection, and to be able “to go home safe after shift”; and a Peace Officer (further definition not needed).

      2. JWR:

        I agree wholeheartedly. Words mean things. They’re important. Nuance and subtilty give depth and breadth to communication.

        You and I are both wordsmiths, and I’m sure you’re as amused and dismayed as I over the calculated deterioration of our language. Listening to the talking heads reading from their teleprompters on the evening news can be a heart breaking laugh riot.

        It’s very Orwellian, of course, removing cursive writing from public education (all my notes and journals to my grandkids are now written in a foreign language they can’t read), diminishing the emphasis on grammar and spelling, ostracizing those who “talk too good.” And don’t even get me started on the dumbing effects of Twitter codes or emoticons.

        The thinkpol are laying a very solid foundation for Newspeak, always either “for our safety” or to make life “more convenient.”

        I fight the goodthink in every way I can.


      More news has come out, and I think we can indeed start drawing conclusions.
      The police officer that shot and ultimately killed the homeowner had just returned to duty from administrative leave for shooting and killing an armed but fleeing suspect.
      The 911 operator was informed by the homeowners wife what was going on, and was told what the homeowner and his grandson was wearing, and that the intruder was naked and had been shot.
      A pattern of behavior is emerging, from this incident to the Wichita swatting to the Castille shooting and many, many more I don’t have room to list. That pattern is that police officers are likely to shoot first and ask questions later when it comes to armed citizens. This indicates that Rules of Engagement (RoE) more aligned to an occupying army than to civilian law enforcement are often used in actual practice, regardless of what policies are claimed. Keep this in mind if you actually have to use your firearms in a defensive situation.

  2. “Legalized Land Theft”
    All the more reason for the white SA farmers to poison their land and wreck their homes and equipment as they are leaving (even if the SA ANC “says” they can’t leave).
    On second thought, the departing farmers don’t have to take the time or expend their resources, to ruin their farms as they’re leaving; the incoming NON-farmers will ruin the farms, land, equipment, and livestock ALL by themselves.
    Also, good reason for President Trump to declare these same white SA farmers as “Political and Economic Refugees” and welcome them into the US (after vetting, of course).
    (I can see Libtard heads exploding as these white Boer SA farmers come into the US and check the box “African” or “African-American” on Gubberment forms)

    1. These are mainly English who stole the farms from the Boers during the wars and genocide. Churchill invented the death camp to try to exterminate us(I am a descendant) when they had a hard time beating us on our land.

  3. South African farmers are seeing an overwhelming government Golden Horde.

    Franklin Graham is touring the PNW this month. Two years ago his tour gave the clarion call for us to get involved in local politics. Take over seats on planning commissions, school boards, county positions, art commissions, and more. If you get a chance, attend his events and be with other like minded people. Vote. Fight the Golden Horde.

  4. As more and more white farmer’s land is taken that is that much more land that will not be tilled and planted for food. The blacks that take over the land do not have the knowledge or work ethic to manage the farms and they will fall into disrepair and the population will begin to starve.

  5. So if the upper is a firearm, and a firearm can only be one firearm, that must mean a lower made to fit that upper is not a firearm. Just think what that means for a second or two.

  6. Deplorable S. S.

    I was hoping the Christians and Zitti’s in the middle east would be granted refugee status, after all if having your homes and churches burned, being murdered or sold into slavery for belonging to a minority religion is not reason to be granted refugee status what is? It is almost impossible to imagine that white, mostly Christian, farmers, said to be born racist segregationist, would be allowed in for any reason. You do have a good idea though, If they check “African” on the immigration form they might just slip through. With that same theme they might get free legal advise over the phone from “helpful” Liberal organizations here in the U. S..

    Anyone fleeing oppressive, tyrannical governments or genocide is more likely to be a desirable immigrant and to make a good American!

    By the way, I think the S. African government does not intend to redistribute the farms to individual black farmers. I think they intend to Nationalize the land so that it is owned by the government, not individuals (unless they are powerful politicians).

  7. I wonder what condition the farms will be in after about a year of black ownership? This question come to my mind today as I drove through the black section of a large city near my home.

  8. As a note: I skimmed over an article stating that Russia is offering a safe haven to white South African farmers. I think I read something about offering land an help in starting over. I read this as a link from Lew Rockwell several days ago.

    Smart of Russia, an automatic asset in that these folks already know how to farm. Providing them with land and assistance radically speeds up the process of having productive farms and therefore, something more to export for Russia.

    Smart move.

  9. On the subject of a dog licking a wound when I was as a child I had a bad infection on my ankle for about 2 months and wouldn’t heal and every time I took off my sock the scab would come off and leave the site open. I had a mean step mom so I wouldn’t tell my parents. I let my dog lick it every night for several minutes and it healed up quickly from then on. Over the last 50 years i tested this several times with success. Now that I’m older my immune system might be weaker. My advice now days since we live in a cleaner environment our immune system doesn’t get a workout to pick up immunity from germs by all means see your doctor first ! Only do this when you have no other choice. Don’t use a dog that’s eating dead animals etc.

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