The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“Let me say for the record, Mr. Speaker, not one human death or injury resulting from a grizzly bear attack is acceptable to this Congressman. In fact, it should not be accepted by anyone who values human life. I do not want to have to stand up before a spouse, a parent, a child, brother, or sister who have lost their loved one because of a rare occurring brutal grizzly bear attack and explain that this tragedy would not have occurred had we not introduced this dangerous animal into Idaho in the first place.” – Congressmember Helen Chenoweth


    1. I’m with you, TS. Whaaaaaat?
      People who want “ZERO” disasters/fatalities/accidents/deaths/etc are meddlesome authoritarian control freaks.
      What was it I learned long ago?………..
      You expend 10% of your time and resources fixing 90% of a problem.
      You expend 90% of your time and resources (trying to) fixing the remaining 10% of the same problem.

  1. I’m sorry, I thought God introduced the grizzly into Idaho, a long time before humans got there. We just took it upon ourselves to “correct” the “mistake” by wiping them out for time, instead of learning to live within boundaries. Kinda like every other decision our species makes. Sorry if this sounds “green”, but I don’t see anything wrong with respecting and conserving a species and its natural habitat.

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