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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. I nearly had to clean up a coffee mess on the dining room table as I read about Hillary Clinton today.

Radio Direction Finding

The entry on Radio Direction Finding on July 19th’s Odds ‘n Sods generated some email traffic to SurvivalBlog. Reader T.J. was kind enough to send this article in that gives a short tutorial on how it works and how to perform it with simple equipment. While you may not have a need for it or perhaps you’ve made the determination that your not interested in it, you should at least understand how it works. Currently, it’s uses run the gamut from fun and games to search and rescue, but in a time of war or survival, it can give you the edge. Understanding how it works can help you avoid it being used on you and being able to perform it means you can find others.

Gun Control

Leftist Seattle has now passed a city ordinance that requires that you place your firearm in a locked container in your own home. I have nothing against a gun safe and in fact I own one that I keep some of my firearms in. However, the ordinance requires that all firearms be kept within that safe. “Excuse me Mr. Robber, can you wait just a moment while I open my safe to retrieve my gun and shoot you?”

The penalties for violating this ordinance vary depending on whether the gun was used in a crime or not. $500 for not locking it up, $1000 when a prohibited person gets their hands on it, and $10,000 if it is used in a crime. The council was unwilling to say whether or not enforcement would include surprise visits from police. There is nothing quite like holding victims of crime responsible for the actions of the criminal.

Expats Kicked Out

Reader H.L. forwarded this article on expatriats living in Nicaragua. Many were surprised when they were suddenly ordered to leave. It’s worth noting that Nicaraqua has rarely been considered a safe place to live in the last 100 years. Violence has routinely ripped through this country with revolts against the government and foreign nations meddling in it’s affairs as they try to use the country to gain a political foothold. H.L. reports that a family friend was killed trying to help back in the 1980’s. While it’s not always easy to avoid this kind of turmoil, expats should study a nation’s long history as well as current history before deciding to relocate. (Note: this article may require a login to read the whole story.)


Donald Trump threw an Obama era diplomat under the bus this week as his administration announced that they were considering allowing Russian agents to interrogate the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, as well as other Americans. While I would agree overall with the criticism directed at the administration for allowing foreign governments that sort of access to U.S. citizens, I nearly spewed my coffee all over the kitchen table when I read Hillary Clinton’s response. Apparently, she can’t remember a time when the U.S. failed to defend a diplomat. I’m sure the families of Ambassador Stevens and the families of the other Americans who died in the Libyan crises appreciate those words coming from the queen. I mean really, “What difference at this point does it make?”

Civil War

Do you know the difference between civil war and social anarchy? Reader B.B. sent in this article that attempts to define the difference. If you’re not careful, one can look like the other and both require different responses. Social anarchy is often the precursor to civil war and the ruling oligarchy is busy trying to retire with as much money as they possible can before the distinction between the two is completely blurred. It is worth noting that these same politicians think nothing of using the social anarchy to further their desires, but at some point it always backfires. This article is a good read if you are wondering where we are on the spectrum.

Communism in the US

Reader DSV sent in this article by Michael Savage on the resurgence of communism in America. Under the guise of socialism, communism is making a comeback, despite the fact that it has failed world-wide. This ties in to the article on recognizing the difference between social anarchy and civil war because those who desire a socialist communist form of government are willing to use social anarchy as the means to attain their goal. Savage is correct in his assessment that “You’re asleep if you think communism can’t happen in the U.S.”


Kudos to the Riverside, California gun shop that recognized Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) as he showed up in disguise and under false pretenses to attempt to embarrass the store. The entire exchange was caught on surveillance video. The video crew was explaining that Borat was a Hungarian immigrant that wanted to buy a gun and they were doing a documentary on him. The store owner was smart enough to recognize that the story and the person just didn’t fit together. The owner almost immediately recognized Borat who then just turned away and walked out of the store, leaving his camera crew to fend for themselves. Thanks to W.W. for the link.

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  1. “expats should study a nation’s long history as well as current history before deciding to relocate”

    And they should study whether their prior home’s government immigration policies might garner a tit for tat and therefor their expulsion.

    I’m not making a political statement here I’m merely pointing out the politics of this situation.

  2. If I remember correctly, one of my heroes, Maj. General Smedley D. Butler had a few words about foreign nations (one guess, pilgrim) meddling in Nicaragua and other nations in Central America. His book, War Is a Racket, lays out the bloody details of how he and his Marines killed many people defending their land from Wall Street goons.

    Many of the multinational corporations of today got started by stealing the land of “those people” to plant coffee, bananas, citrus, and other lucrative cash crops. Of course, the kind of crops you and I raise for ourselves and our families, as did farmers in Nicaragua, were plowed under or burned.

    And Wall Street tycoons got rich.

    Carry on.

  3. The Australian Firearms Act of controlling firearms is alive and well in Seattle. All of our firearms must be locked in a safe, and all ammunition stored in a separate locked container. Any lawful firearms licence holder faces harsh financial penalties, and it can be basis to revoke a gun licence. Meanwhile unlicensed criminals using unregistered firearm don’t face any extra penalties – and of course you cant remove a licence from someone who doesn’t hold one.

    Living rurally it is also extremely rude of snakes to leave the area and hide in the time it takes me to open the safe, grab the shotgun, then get the keys to open a locked ammo box, load the shotgun and return to the spot where the snake was – please snakes, a bit of consideration for the onerous storage requirements.

  4. Is Seattle stopping with requiring guns to be locked up? How about booze and pot? Knives ?

    As an aside , the City is losing cops in record numbers because the city government is second guessing their every action .

  5. The store owner should of called police/FBI/BATF on borat for falsely trying to purchase a firearm. A new “documentary” about his time in jail would be really funny because it is so easy to purchase firearms.

  6. Hi, Could you do a call to action to get ready to stop Initiative 1639 that will probably make the ballot in Washington State!! Check with the website for more information. We have got to get every gun owner engaged in stopping this initiative!

  7. Regarding civil war:
    Civil wars are mostly about resources.
    If you refuse to pay your taxes they will send a SWAT team to deal with you. They throw you in jail for a long time and take all your stuff.

    If a state or a region told the Federal Government, “we aren’t taking orders from you anymore, and by the way, don’t hold your breath waiting for our tax money, …and your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries,” the Fed’s are going to send in troops to retake the capitol cities. They will probably also get control of the food shipments, and start confiscating weapons.

    They don’t like being insulted, but they REALLY really don’t like losing that tax money (after all, they have millions of voters waiting for their welfare checks, Obama phones and government pensions.) Besides, limo’s, champagne, private clubs and million dollar condo’s don’t grow on trees, ya know.

    But, but, but… THE Civil War was fought over a philosophical principle instead of tax money, right??? The North already had all the industry, resources and weapons. The South didn’t have squat… cotton maybe.

    Yes, The War Between the States started because of the slavery issue, but at the time the South felt the North was simply trying to dominate them politically and economically. Their solution was to go their own way, and live by their own rules. Many in the North were actually indifferent to the slavery issue. But the politicians in the North were naturally insulted and outraged. The war became a contest of wills.

    However, its unlikely that in modern times, a civil war will ever start because of a “culture war.” The Left has achieved nearly every goal they have desired for the last 100 years… the income tax, welfare, abortion, gay marriage, gun control, open borders, legalized drugs, socialized medicine, etc. Yet, the opposition party has never rebelled. (conservatives are sort of like Canadians, they’re too polite, they pick up their trash at protests, etc.) The reason may simply be because the divide is usually between rural vs urban rather than between states per se. And the cities always dominate the rural counties.

    Oh, yeah, they’ll let you pull your kid out of school, or burn your social security card, or refuse to bake a gay cake (no wait, they won’t let you NOT bake a cake)… but don’t you dare refuse to pay your taxes. And don’t you dare let your state file for divorce from Daddy Deep State.
    He’s gonna whup her up the side of the head ’till she learns her lesson.

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