Preparedness Notes for Sunday – July 08, 2018

Today marks the birth of actor Kevin Bacon (born 1958.) Preppers usually associate him with the campy movie Tremors.

o o o

Don’t forget Ready Made Resources is having an Independence Day sale that ends today. You can pick up an HP+ PVS-14 Autogated night vision device for only $2875.00 or you can get a Night Ops Tactical PVS-14 Autogated 4G White Phosphor unit for only $2995.00


  1. %$&^%%^%*^^( Under ground monsters! I still don’t understand why they left all the goodies and shelter behind, when it was clear they could kill (and they had already killed two of them) the graboids, and put themselves in a position to die of thirst upon the rocks. Ah, well. In a horror movie, you do all kinds of stupid things, it’s what you do.

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