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  1. South Africa Emulates Zimbabwe
    Reader S.M. sent in this article…………

    Is there supposed to be a link? I’d like to read the article, if possible.

  2. Alert to High and Administrators……the first three stories in Odds and Sods do not appear to have working links (Signal App, South Africa, and Mexico).

  3. BSA and the Mormon Church Part Ways

    I knew this day was coming. When I heard the news yesterday, I was “squeeeeeee”-ing like a little girl. I had to explain to a co-worker what my excitement was all about.
    Many questions:
    -Will the “BSA” allow the Mormon church to lift and re-use the BSA material wholesale? Or is it all TM and copyright? Will the Mormon church be able to buy the rights to use BSA material? Or will the Mormon church have to re-invent the wheel and develop whole new material, being careful not to tread on BSA copyright?

    -Will the Mormon church join with other churches and form a “Christian Scouts” organization? And will everyone involved be sued for such non-inclusive-ness? (GASP!)
    (thinking of the agenda groups, i.e., LGBT, trannys, muzzies, etc, etc)

    “May you be cursed to live in interesting times”

    1. This has been in consideration by the Mormon church for a long time. I believe (personal thoughts here) that they will have a new program out very different from the BSA program. Scouts have failed to keep up with the changing interests of youth these days. Also, the Mormon church is international, but the BSA is not so much. The church has already created alternative programs for countries where the scouts are not. Personally, I’m excited to see what the church puts out. As a member, I’ve really been impressed with changes that have been made recently. I hope the new youth programs will engage our kids again and provide them opportunities to lead and serve which will provide the skills they need to survive in our rapidly changing world.

      1. Don’t expect much to really change. There are only so many ways to chop wood.

        The Mormon push to leave started several years ago, when my son was in scouts. They were completing their drift from “morally straight” to “whatever floats your boat” at the time, and since we were fairly new to scouts, it was a news piece that really jumped out at me.

        I can see them going back to the 1925-ish Scouting model for the basis of the Mormon program. Sure, achievements will be more modern, but the moral ambiguity of the current incarnation of the scouts will be scrubbed away.

  4. Regarding valet parking, I once met a man 15 years ago who told me he valet parked his car at a casino in NJ. He came out to pick up his car hours later wondering about the large presence of police officers in the area. When the valet drove his car up and handed him his keys, he was surrounded by police asking if he was the owner of the car. It seems, as he related it to me, that the valet had gone through his car, found a handgun that the owner had apparently forgotten was in there and called the police. (He had a PA permit to carry.)
    He told me that the ultimate result was that it cost him tens of thousands in legal fees, but he never did any jail time. I neglected to ask him at the time if he was actually convicted of a crime or if charges were dismissed. He was not aware of any disciplinary action by the casino to the valet, so apparently this kind of behavior is tolerated if not accepted. In conclusion, if you don’t want your car searched and your possessions possibly stolen, don’t valet park!

  5. The BSA is/has been the target of the radical left for years. The pressure put on them both socially and legally has been too much for them to fight effectively. They are inexorably pushed into become the “NOT boy scouts of America”. The left wins again.

    1. I respectfully disagree with your assertion that the pressure was too much. They won the right to run it their way. Then the ushered in new “progressive” leadership, and did a 180, throwing away 100 years of history for “progressive ideals.”

      Was it really pressure? Was the program floundering and marginalized in society, and needing new direction? Probably, judging from the tiny band of hippies in uniforms at our scout meetings. Was all-inclusive the right answer? I can only hypothesize that one part of society thought they had gotten too liberal, while the exceedingly loud other part of society hated them for having standards, codes, honor, etc…

      1. @BobW,
        Interesting thoughts. When I was a Scoutmaster, we used to jokingly call it “Babysitters of America”. The vast majority of the troop was made up of single mothers who wanted a male influence on their young man. We struggled to get Dad’s involved and most who did wanted to do things “their way” rather than the “scouting way”. Teaching outdoor skills was extremely difficult in an environment of moms who coddled their children and fathers who were not team players. Oh, the stories I could tell you about family dynamics…

        A second dynamic is the range of activities available to young people. Growing up, my life pretty much revolved around church and scouting. Today, you have to add in all the extracurricular activities like sports, band, etc.. Then add in the massive shift to gaming electronics and an overall shift to narcissistic behavior of society and you suddenly know why they caved.

        I retired from scoutmaster when the majority of the mothers were mad because I wouldn’t sign off on some advancement for the young man that the parent basically did.

        I really think the downfall of scouting starts with the families.

  6. The Theft of white farms and the murder of their owners is absolutely not covered by main stream media in Europe or N America. In the early 90s all you heard from S Africa was daily how bad apartheid was and boycott and those nasty whites. Now, the shoe is on the other foot and, silence.

  7. The “Long March” of the Leftists through the institutions continues. The move of the Boy Scouts to adapt to social change will result in the death of the Boy and Girl Scouts. This will be “mission accomplished” for the Leftists. Remember the rules for Leftists published by “Iowahawk” on his twitter feed:

    1. Identify a respected institution.
    2. Kill it.
    3. Gut it.
    4. Wear its carcass as a skin suit while demanding respect

  8. Re: Valet Parking
    I suspect that Hyatt will say that by handing over the keys, there was no “Expectation of Privacy”.
    Be careful where you park!

  9. Most valets can’t drive a stick shift! Not that I would let them drive my vehicle anyway but they walk away when they see that gear shift sticking out of the floor of my big scary truck.

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