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  1. Special forces physicians is a a bit of a misgnomer FYI. They may be an 18D, SF Medic, or a physician in a SF group who operates like any other medical provider. Splitting hairs I know. Thanks for the well done article!

    1. Jarrett, Re: splitting hairs, we had a physician in our group that was both an MD and an 18A (probably as a secondary MOS?) It might not be common but I don’t think it’s unheard of, we also had a couple of PA’s that were prior 18D’s and when going through selection, the psychiatrist at McCall had a tab. Don’t know his history, never talked to him. (if you did, you were probably out of the course). Man… that was a long time ago!

  2. Thank you. You have covered the area of preparedness that I, and my family are the weakest in. I am looking forward to your forth coming article’s.

    1. We looked up the site. We’ve never used them, so we can’t comment on their product or service, but their prices are substantially higher on most items than All Day Chemist. But thanks for the info. It’s always good to have more options. And Inhouse Pharmacy seems to carry a wider selection of medications.

  3. Interesting article and I look forward to further postings. Note that drug availability can be a highly variable factor due to demand and production interruptions; please search for “current drug shortages” to show a surprisingly long list of availability issues.

  4. I have the general over the counter stuff for the general stuff one gets in life, and antibiotics from on-line, but I’ve been hesitant to stock up on the other things I need because I’ve felt I don’t know how to use them so there’s no harm in waiting. I thought
    that having something I didn’t know how to use didn’t make much sense.

    It never occurred to me to realize that there might possibly be someone around me who does know how to use the supplies and would but the opportunity to help would be non-existent without the supplies. I’m not sure if that’s normalcy bias or what but I can’t wait to read your next articles with pencil and paper in hand.

  5. Drowning and choking not as survivable as you might think. With drowning, water can get in the lungs (in spite of what you may have hear heard). Folks who drown and are resuscitated should be hospitalized for observation if hospitals are still functioning.

    Choking deaths need to have any airway obstructions cleared to be successfully resuscitated.

    1. Of course. We should have been clearer that airway obstructions have to be cleared. The point we were trying to make is that most times when CPR is currently used is for patients who already have underlying health issues and that need advanced care in a hospital. In a TEOTWAWKI situation, there will be no advanced care. The only ones whom CPR can be realistically expected to benefit (according to the docs teaching the classes) are those who had no other underlying health issues.

      Drowning and water in the lungs can be a big problem, but hopefully all will work out well.

  6. Get your wisdom teeth extracted now, and get a tetanus booster shot, don’t wanna die from lockjaw by stepping on or being scratched by anything rusty or dirty, sepsis or gangrene is horrible way to go, slow and painful!

  7. It was a very interesting article. While reading I soon realized that having supplies on hand for a Doctor would apply to any field ( car mechanic, carpenter , ect. ).

  8. Don’t think that the hospital in your area will be a storehouse of supplies. I have spoken with the materials handling department at my local hospital. They stock enough of everything for about one weeks normal use. They use just in time resupply to control inventory. When the last truck arrives that will be it.

    Grocery stores are on even tighter turnaround. Albertsons told me years ago that they stock enough to cover about 1.5 days use. They get a truck every night. Again when the last truck arrives that is it.

    You have been warned. Get prepared. If it going to be its up to me. Vaya con DIOS.

    1. Second that on the hospital inventory. We have a daughter who worked at a major heart hospital in a Capitol city – supplies are kept at a minimum level to save money. IDK if it’s branded as just in time delivery. Some drugs that should be kept close by on a floor are kept in the pharmacy so they don’t have the expense of having that med for each floor or department – I guess they’ve never had a need all at once that they couldn’t cover. It’s scary though.

  9. Eugene Oregon has 12 confirmed cases of whooping cough. http://www.kezi.com/content/news/New-cases-of-whooping-cough-at-UO-Monroe-Middle-school-481807081.html

    50 years ago I was living in the same house as a 2 year old baby with whooping cough. It would make you cry to hear and see it. I cannot tell you how many times I thought the poor baby died, it would turn blue and unable to breath and then another whoop and it starts all over again. You will never forget it if you see it or hear it.

    Why a resurgence of these preventable diseases? Simple, the negative propaganda about vaccines. I would put vaccination as the number 1 medical advance in history with antibiotics #2. Not to under play the value of clean water and sanitation.

  10. A&J R:
    Yes – I’m trying to stockpile medical supplies.
    No – I’m not going to try to set up a post-SHTF Clinic for the surrounding area.
    I doubt I’ll have enough to use them as trade goods.
    Low profile will be the order of the day…

    1. No, we’re not planning to set up a clinic either. But at a penny a pill for some OTC meds, having a few extra shouldn’t hurt. We definitely don’t plan on anyone else providing for our medical needs, so we just hope to acquire as much as we can to address most likely problems.

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