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  1. If you want to carry differently, say with a thicker belt, buy some hook-and-loop (aka “velcro”) at the dollar store. One strip at your desired carry point on the back of your belt, waistband, etc. and one on the sheath. Stays put with inside the belt/waistband carry. Wouldn’t work for a heavier/larger knife.

    I carry the wharncliffe – has always been a favorite utility choice.

  2. I really like my CRKT minimalist;

    I know Sensei Cascio personally, and if he’s advocating something with respect to self defense and or weaponry you can be sure its quality stuff and meets the requirement for any and all SHTF use, scenarios ………..I don’t leave home without it around my neck under whatever shirt I’m wearing!…..CRKT, more good stuff!!

    REP / Semper Fi!

  3. I have three, 2 spews and one Bowie. when i’m not wearing a rigger style belt i carry on my front. these knives are super handy and light. alpha concealment sells a IWB sheath, i’m waiting for my first to arrive.

  4. The Minimalist is a very small knife, a handy and lightweight tool but the finger grips to me limits its use. But they do help provide a secure hold as you said. CRKT designed a winner here.

    I prefer the Cold Steel Bird/Trout model, the ring at end supplies a great way to hold onto it. The present model is stainless steel, but the very early models of this were Carbon V – those are awesome. This CS makes for a very nice neck knife – I’ve fallen asleep with it when camping and forget to take it off, its that comfortable. Also very nice for hunting and processing game – works inside the body cavity very well.

    Thank you for your review.

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