Letter: South Africa and Public Opinion

Hi Hugh,

I noticed that the recent Odds and Sods mentioned the crisis that White South African Farmers are faced with.

The new president of South Africa has publicly stated that white South African farmers will have their land seized without compensation. This means zero money given to them for their taken land. Many of those farmers have been on their land for six generations or more.

The South African government has recently passed a motion, by a three to one margin, to allow this will happen and they have called for an amendment to their Constitution. This resolution will occur by August 30th, 2018.

This is clearly Racism, yet the mainstream media have given this zero coverage. If there were Black Farmers lands being seized, I believe we would hear an uproar in the so called “major” news.

I can imagine that this will result in real Bloodshed upon the White Farmers, because many of the 73 percent South African Farm owners being classified as White, will be cornered into fighting for was once considered their land.

Incidentally, although I am no expert on immigration laws, those who are far more savvy than me, have told me the chance of these farmers resettling into the U.S. is unlikely. They will not be considered “those fleeing persecution”.

Why are the governments of this world allowing this potential slaughter of White South African Farmers, to take place? – M.S.

HJL Responds:

My personal opinion is that the crises is ignored because the current situation is due almost entirely to the media’s attack on South Africa in years past. to cover the crises now would be to admit that they might have been wrong in years past. We see much of the same type of coverage in the Middle East where the media was very loudly covering the toppling of the Libyan government or the syrian government, but not the aftermath.


  1. This is all the proof one needs to see what is really going on.
    If you’re paying attention, this comes as no surprise. It foretells the future. Prepare accordingly.

  2. Unimaginable… But there it is. I think under this current Administration in the United States we are enjoying a sense of… sanity… Unfortunately I think it’s just a matter of time. I have friends who immigrated to the United States from South Africa about 20 years ago because of the situation in South Africa. These are white South Africans (with a multi generational presence) who have never said a negative thing about any person of any other race or ethnicity. Never! But they had to leave because they were in fear of their lives because of the criminal activity that was rampant. I guess the South African government is envious of the success of Zimbabwe.

  3. Being white or black isn’t the problem in South Africa. The issue is whatever country or continent man inhabits and becomes economically successful another person will always covet the others success. And as history so aptly demonstrates, those wanting what others have can/will always justify taking it. Whether the “stated” reason is color, race or religion doesn’t matter ~ as long as it convinces enough people to help take the prize.
    What’s missing in the big discussion in South Africa and everywhere else are the religious attributes of those being & becoming successful. Just because one has the power to “free” another man of his property doesn’t make the powerful a good steward of the acquisition – usually this makes him a thief without character or integrity.

  4. I went to East London for a plains game safari in 2011.
    The lodge was on a farm owned by the PH, and had been in his family for generations.
    Like most farms he had the usual array of animals, cattle, pigs, chickens, and also had game animals. He owned about 4500 hectares. 1 hectare = 2.47 acres.
    We hunted on several other farms, some were many times larger.
    All were clean and well cared for.
    He pointed out some farms that had been taken from whites and given to black farmers. No animals, weed covered. fences down, and no one living there.
    Sad to see.

    1. The same thing happened in the former Rhodesia. Once called the bread basket of Africa, it was able to produce food for the whole country and exported an abundance. Talk to a Rhodie and they’ll tell you stories of atrocities committed against whites that will make you physically ill. You may call me racist or whatever you wish but the truth is that while there are exceptions this is the result anytime sub Saharan Africans are in positions of authority but politically correct conditioning prevents people from speaking the truth no matter how much evidence there is to support it. If the majority of facts support one position people who find that uncomfortable will cling to whatever tiny bit of information there is to deny that truth. While it is a terrible situation no one, here or in SA, can say that they didn’t see it coming.

    1. lol I have a friend who was born in Rhodesia and was forced to immigrate to the US when Mugabe attacked the whites and took over their farms along with other atrocities. After arriving here one thing continued to bother him so after he had been here awhile as he was filling out paperwork and on the question of race he thought about it and checked African American. The AA woman who took his paperwork informed him that he marked off the wrong box. He explained that he was born a multigenerational African and who was now on his way to being an American so he felt that he qualified. She told him that only blacks like herself could claim that, so he asked where in Africa she had been born. He said the resulting chaos from her and the other AAs in the room was exciting to say the least.

    1. The motto of Boers from a previous time was “Put your faith in God and Paul Mauser” in reference to their Christian faith and the Mauser rifles they were armed with.

    2. Not our job,we are in too many places we don’t belong already. Marines in Embassies,Marines on ships, Marines at home ,not trying to solve(or create) problems for other people or to reinforce corporate greed(read MG Smedley Butler). No better friend,no worst enemy(for the right reasons) Semper Fi.

  5. I predict that the same thing will happen in South Africa as happened in Zimbabwe when their farms were “given” to the ill-educated blacks. Hunger will come to South Africa and violence that will startle some on this planet. America will probably decide to NOT take any of the white farmers into our country. Shame on our Government!

  6. The MSM conveniently avoids discussing Christians being terrorized in the Middle East and Whites being oppressed in South Africa. Why, because the MSM is dominated by cultural Marxists and these stories just don’t fit their narrative.

    1. Alan,
      I could not agree more. Now if we could just do something….fight back some how. I mean in a real tangible way…not just the normal not so much way.

  7. I’m almost certain these South African farmers have all of the skills and attributes that would make them a most welcome addition to the Redoubt.

    JWR and HJL, in addition to signing the petition and contacting our elected officials, can you suggest any other course of action?

    I know they don’t have much time.


    1. I would not have a problem with offering the white South Africans refugee status but only if all other immigration was reduced by an equal amount.

  8. This will not end well, period. Like mentioned by a previous poster, how would one find out the process to sponsor a family so they would have some place to go? Remember, a good share of these farmers are Christians and I believe that is the root of the issue. We are not that far away of persecution here in the USA. Maybe that would wake some up? Doubtful.

  9. It’s even worse than that in South Africa. The current leader stated that he hasn’t “called for the slaughter of white people—yet.” When Capetown runs out of water, I think we will see white genocide in the country on an unprecedented scale. The media won’t touch this, because black people slaughtering white people doesn’t fit the narrative.

  10. The farmers are not being persecuted because they are christian, but because they are white.
    Reverse racism has been going on ever since the blacks got into power.

  11. This is another Rhodesian civil war in the making. It won’t end well for the white minority. And of course this great nation won’t take those kind of refugees.

  12. I pray for the people in south Africa will come to there senses but my gut instinct says this will not happen. I pray for the farmers will be able to make a safe passage to the United States. We could use more farmers in this country most of nation is packed and stacked in cities with office jobs and I believe the most high did not intend us to live this way. I’ve been getting back to gardening and wanting to buy land so I can grow more of my own food. I get the feeling the creator wants us to go back to the land. As my one fellow pastor says come out of her my people. Which means come out of the cities. Godspeed 🙂

  13. The South Afrikans are still British in their mentality, and thusly they will simply roll over and let it all happen, just like the white Rhodesians (Zimbabwians) did.

    This is why the new president has said that he will take the lands, he knows they will not resist. And they won’t.

    The South Afrikans will be like the populations everywhere, consent to whatever the governments say to do.

    And afterwards, they will petition for restitution in the courts like the whites in Zimbabwe are doing, and will be forever uncompensated. But if white people did this to blacks, then the whole world would be in an uproar.

    It’s sad to see, but inevitable, and will not end well. Namibia will be next, watch and see.

  14. Well now , we recall the American left calling for boycotts of Souty Africa when the whites were discriminating against blacks. Let’s see their reaction now.

    If this goes through I hope we treat South Africa as a pariah state.

    1. the white/ Boer war descendants WILL not fight back [ with guns ] as a group, I can bet that, they are not like heir ancestors, that is my hunch and prediction. If a person thinks they WILL fight back, they have already had ample opportunity to do so, I know ex SA cops who joined the NSWP several years ago, they could not wait to get out of SA, they commented the SA farmers will not fight back also, some will obviously, most won’t, to me, I would rather die on my feet with many empty brass cases around me and make sure my wife was not raped and gutted like a hog before my dying eye’s, Jim often say’s it’s better to die on your feet and kill as many of your enemies that have come to steal, rape and destroy, far better I know my soul goes to a better place, my wife and children would not suffer a terrible death, that would be my vow.

      So SA farmers, stand up !……be counted, if you can flee, then flee, if you can emigrate, then do so, but please do not go like sheep to the slaughter house….

  15. I’m not on social media but I think a guerrilla action involving hashtags might gain traction. By that I mean there is a great majority using those platform that retweet without actually looking at content. They just look at cleverness/content of tag. So using #SouthAfricaSocialInjustice and linking that to the Daily Mail story or another story showing the real truth might be a sneaky way to get things out there/

  16. “This means zero money given to them for their taken land…”

    No, this means that dead men don’t need compensation therefor none need be offered.

    Don’t make the mistake of fundamentally misunderstanding a leftist.

  17. 1) I think there is a long history behind this which most Americans don’t know about.

    2) Great Britain used its power to sabotage the government of Rhodesia and force it into the “Lancaster House Agreement”. PART of that agreement was that Britain would provide the money to buy land from white farmers in order to redistribute it to the black citizens.

    Reasonable since it was wealthy Brits who had raped and plundered the vast natural resources of South Africa and Rhodesia.

    3) However, Britain RENEGED on that agreement — in part because Mugabe was stealing the money and giving the farms to his main backers. But Britain allowed that — if it thought giving more land to black Rhodesians was desirable, then it could have purchased the land and redistributed it itself. Britain and Mugabe worked together to leave the white farmers hung out to dry. The promise of British payments was a con game to get white Rhodesians to drop their resistance –until it was too late.

    Why? Well, because rich Brits weren’t interested in farming –they were interested in mining and were in bed with Mugabe:


    4) People forget how Cecil Rhodes plundered South Africa of its diamonds and gold — including inciting the Second Boer War with the Jameson Raid:


    5) During the Second Boer War, Britain invented the concentration camp — in which 26,000 women and children died from starvation and disease:


    6) Today, the remnants of that evil empire are reduced to conning Americans with propaganda claptrap like Downton Abbey. Promoting the idea that a small island gained control of most of the planet because it was run by moral demigods. Yeah, right.

    Americans forget how our Founders fought and died to free this country from the tyranny of London.

  18. Re Britain reneging on the Lancaster House Agreement — which it shoved down the throats of Rhodesia’s government:



    (Scroll down to paragraph 7 where Boris Johnson –mayor of London — describes how Tony Blair and Clare Short stabbed the white farmers of Rhodesia in the back and enabled Mugabe’s anti-white pogroms.

  19. I have close friends that fled Rhodesia in the 1960s. They left early and still lost most of their assets when they left. The ones that stayed suffered greater hardship and still lost.

    The smart ones will leave now, as South Africa has no future. No different than many urban areas have no future. Read Atlas Shrugged. – Turhan

  20. PS Note that the introduction of vehicle emissions standards by the US Environmental Protection Agency in the 1970s drove the demand for Rhodesian and South African platinum up through the roof.

    Follow the money.

  21. I have been tweeting about this subject for two days, and am amazed at the lack of knowledge displayed by so many of our fellow Americans on twitter. I have had dozens of comments like “We don’t need any more immigrants here! We are full!”, and “Why can’t they just go back to Europe?”, and “Trump can’t let them in, it would seem racist to open immigration to white people.” The glib responses are disheartening and running about 80% negative. I can’t understand it, I would be so happy and excited to have South Africans as neighbors. They remind me of my parents and grandparents generations in their values.

    In the 1980’s I worked with a medical recruiting company to bring foreign trained medical personnel on H1b visas & green cards, to work in medical positions experiencing severe shortages at the time, namely physical therapists and occupational therapists. Our favorite nationality to work with was South Africans. The therapists who came from there were white, young, educated, married women with two or three years experience. Once hired, they came to our offices for a week of orientation and training in USA medical documentation regulations. Without fail, they were alert, polite, and I never heard one word or saw evidence of racism. The hospitals and clinics who hired them literally begged us for more South Africans, saying they had tremendous work ethic, integrity, and subject knowledge expertise. They were required to pass a state licensing exam and we never had to worry, they always got high marks.

    I have reached out by email to several South African groups offering to assist in the immigration process for any interested families, but no response yet. So I am going to try to do what I can, but I must say that the constellation of elements impacting this scenario does not bode well for ultimate success. The current uncertainty around US immigration process, the lack of an overall welcome, and the inherent Boer resistance to “giving up” makes it uphill all the way. This one is going to take divine intervention.

    Alex Jones website Infowars has a video interview of Boer farmer Simon Roche, head of Suidlanders.org, and I was surprised at his vehemence to remain in South Africa and fight for their land. I can’t imagine that all Boer farmers feel quite the same, especially given the absolutely savage brutality and horror of the murder techniques being used against these white farmers. The murders are so gruesome as to be beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend, heartbreaking, sick in the lowest degree. South Africa has the highest rape rate in the world and the second highest murder rate, making the country more dangerous than most parts of Iraq.

    For an easy but long read that gives a great rendition of the timeline of events since the Dutch first began the trek in South Africa, get a copy of James Michener’s The Covenant. I know he is not a literary giant, but once I picked up that book 25 years ago I read until I passed out, then woke and read again. I have read it several times over the years, it is that gripping.

    Also, there is a wealth of information at Suidlanders.org about the emergency survival plans ready for implementation at a moment’s notice by all Boer farmers if forced into nationwide or regional defensive position.

    There is another petition at https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immigration-priority-south-african-farmers-facing-systematic-land-confiscations-and-murder if you want to sign it.

    But I’m thinking divine intervention.

  22. Whatever I couldn’t sell or carry out would be burned to the ground. Fields would be torched and livestock released and scattered or shot and left to rot in the sun. Wells and septic systems would be plugged with cement. (I wouldn’t risk damaging the ground water.)

    Vehicles destroyed. Basically scorched earth.

    Either that or if I had some black employees who were not of the steal it all type I might deed parcels to them and hope it would not be taken from a black owner.

    Regardless, I would not continue to live in that country.

  23. Absolutely agree Wigster,
    Scorched earth policy. but Poison the wells.. and destroy the septics.. Level all buildings and plow under all crops, destroy the machinery and equipment.. leave them nothing..including worthless ground water..let them erect mud and grass huts and walk miles for their water..

  24. I would be happy to welcome the South Africans to come to America as soon as can be. Educated, Christian hard working farmers would be wonderful addition our country. My only hope is that they salt the fields, spike the wells and burn the buildings on the way out. ” You didn’t build that” B.O.

  25. We have numerous white South Africans working on farms here in North Dakota and they are exemplary employees that we would welcome as new neighbors. Unfortunately the federal government won’t let them stay past their contract. We wish they could stay and become valued citizens. I’m sure with their great work ethic and moral values they would become a valuable asset to our state and nation.

  26. I just went to the Suidlanders website. I donated $100.00 USD and offered to sponsor a family here in the US if our government will even allow them in. We all need to help these people, the same is in our future if we don’t stop these marxists/progressives. God Bless these people because nobody else will.

  27. Here is something else to think about and someone can correct me if I am wrong but I beleieve some of the uranium and plutonium that Israel used to build their nuclear arsenal came from South Africa. I wonder where those natural resources will end up when all this is over?

  28. White people have every right to be in Africa. All of mankind originated from Africa. About 60,000 years ago people were forced to flee Africa to the cold north by those who remained in Africa. That was the true ‘original sin’.
    Many of the people, that were forced out of Africa, died, We even had to face the last ice age some 26,000 to 13,300 years ago. And yet here we are with a much higher average IQ and far more advanced technology. African blacks sure are lucky that most whites have no idea of what blacks did to their ancestors some 60,000 years ago and are (still) politically correct, kind and helpful.

    I don’t know if it’s legally possible in SA for a white farmer to sell his land to a black person at a symbolic price and at the same time immediately lease it back for a indefinite periode of time for a symbolic price.
    Since this way, the land is no longer officially owned by a white farmer, it can no longer be taken away without compensation.

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