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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. More articles on “Gun Control” today.

Gun Confiscation Center in Seattle

Seattle has opened a “weapons retrieval” center specifically for the purpose of confiscating firearms. They can claim that they won’t come for your firearms all they want, but it is readily apparent what the goal is. Anyone can request that guns be taken away from a person that a judge deems to be a threat to others and now there is a unit that is specifically designed to do just that. Remember that all it takes for you to lose your right to bear arms is for some corrupt or left-leaning progressive/liberal judge to issue an order that you are dangerous and they will come for you. You are considered guilty until proven innocent under the “Extreme Risk Protection Order”. Thanks to D.S. for the link.

Mexican Gun Control

The left loves to blame Mexican gun violence on American Guns, but the reality is that Mexican law makes it very difficult for the average person to own a firearm. We’ve seen how creating “gun-free” zones here simply make them into “victim rich” zones and all of Mexico is basically a gun free zone. They don’t have a “Second Amendment” that stymies efforts to disarm the populace. Guess who has all the guns there. The Mexican army and the drug cartels/gangs. The average person is caught in a crossfire with no way to protect themselves without becoming a criminal. Last year alone, there were over 25,000 homicides placing the homicide rate at 20.5 per 100,000 inhabitants. Note that most believe this is a low-ball number. The Mexican government counts multiple murders in one location as one incident. The number is based on the number of investigations, not the number of those murdered. This is what the left wants for you. Thanks to H.L. for the link.


California Bill Protecting School Shooters

Get your kids out of those indoctrination centers public schools while you still can. Reader J.B. sent this article from late last year that shows Governor Brown signed legislation that prevents an armed teacher from shooting back at the assailant if they are attacked. The bill, AB 424, was designed to counter the law that passed last year giving superintendents the power to decide if employees could bring concealed weapons onto campuses. The left seems to want your children to become victims so they can use it as an example of why guns should be completely taken away. Note that there have been no recorded incidents of armed teachers using their firearms for protection or otherwise in California.

South African White Displacement Camps

Lauren Southern continues her series on the situation in South Africa. In this video she details how the racist polices of the South African government places ethnic priorities on black workers over white workers regardless of qualifications. As a result the white poverty is exploding in the country as families can’t find employment. Lauren heard about an orphanage that was cut off from their financial support because it was considered too white. She took it upon herself to visit the site and find out what kind of life these displaced people live. This was basically a shanty town that had no power or lights and was occupied mostly by women and children. These are people that have been failed by the government, police and even charities. Thanks to T.J. for the link.

Another Reason to Have Meat in Your Food Stores

Wondering why you should include meats in your food storage preps? This article, sent in by H.L. interviews some Venezuelan oil workers who are collapsing on the job from hunger. One in particular said that he hadn’t eaten meat in over two months. The average Venezuelan continues to loose weight because they have no food to eat due to food shortages. Think of this country every time you hear one of those left-leaning progressives tout the benefits of Bernie Sanders. This is where that road leads to.

China Scrapping Term Limits for President

Reader G.P. sent in this article on how China is scrapping the term limits for president in a bid to keep Xi as the country’s leader. Xi is scheduled to step down in 2022, but many believe that he wants to stay in power longer. The communist part proposed the change to the constitution this year, probably because his leadership lineup does not include a clear heir. In some ways Xi has been good for the country because he has clamped down on corruption, but as one expert puts it: “A party that allows a leader through cult and power of personality to re-write the rules of succession is not a political party confident in itself.”


Survival Realty has a new listing for a beautiful 3,000 sqft home on a little over 3 acres near Bonners Ferry, Idaho. This is a great retreat property and has a well capable of 50gpm. It also has good Internet and is wired for a backup generator.

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      1. Lol… Exactly and a whole lot of other things people are scared to follow down the rabbit hole… People don’t want truth and Liberty they want comfort and entertainment…

  1. Regarding gun confiscation, the last thing I want is a crazy person with a gun. But the scary part is who determines whom is crazy? Can my neighbor call the police and say I act weird and have lots of guns? The last thing I want is for some crazy progressive deciding who is too crazy to have a gun.

  2. “Gun Confiscation Center in Seattle”
    So if I report the government of the state of Washington as a risk to my safety a judge will order all it’s guns confiscated? This is great news but I’m thinking I’ll get the jerk across the street to call it in…you know…just in case it doesn’t work out the way I’m thinking it might.

    “California Bill Protecting School Shooters”
    Yep, I remember this one. Several, mostly rural, school districts started allowing armed staff but in a nation that kills 3 million babies a year through infanticide what’s a few more dead children? I guess that’s the logic behind this new law but I’m not entirely certain.

  3. that photo of the man sitting on the confiscated guns pic is of course the Australian picture of ” flak Jacket ” johnnies gun buy back in 1996, why is he named flak jacket johnnie you ask ?, he wore a flak jacket to a pro gun rally of tens of thousands of angry gun owners protesting the gun buy back. Idiot politicians……

  4. Trump is proposing beefing up the background checks including for mental health issues. This may be fine under Trump, but the next leftist that gets in office will change the rules, by executive order of course. Then you will have to have a mental health exam to get a firearm. Under our current rules, can’t you be denied based upon having a record of having seen a shrink? Catch 22.

    After all to want to own a firearm there must be something seriously, mentally wrong with you! (sarcasm alert)

  5. Note [ regarding the recent Florida shooting]

    “Without question school resource officer (SRO) Scot Peterson had ample enough time to make it to the 3rd floor and prevent 6 deaths including the death of my daughter Meadow,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “Then lied to investigators.” – Andrew Pollack, father of victim Meadow Pollack.

    The school security refused to engage the active school shooter by hiding, lives WOULD have been saved early on ! these cretins need jail time as well as being sued for all they have. I would be satisfied with all three being beaten black and blue by the victims father in public….then given jail time.

    Grieving dad of Florida school shooting victim slams school security officer.

    1. Unfortunately, if a lawsuit is successful it will be the local taxpayers who will be stuck with the bill, and not the chicken$h!ts that refuse to face the shooter.

  6. I propose an Armed Parent Society (APS) to help guard schools. A number of parents could create a group who are armed and who could take turns standing guard during school hours. The parents could take some hand gun training to help them be accurate and to take safe shots as possible. There would be no expense to the school district. While there could be a few problems with this idea at least they would be more effective at protecting the children than coward cops such as was the case in Florida and also in Columbine Co.

  7. re: Cramping & Hypoxia – We bird hunt alot, walking thru the North Maine Woods and we have always relied on plain Alka-Setzer to prevent and stop leg cramps. Two tablets mixed with a half bottle of Gator-Aid, any flavor – can’t be beat! (You must have a half bottle of liquid because adding the tablets will make foam over the top!) Really works! Try it – you’ll like it!!!!

  8. Why,when a school shooting happens,does the schools security protocalls always fail? Where are the security people who should be screening the students as they enter the building. They should be checking back packs and occasionally doing pat downs. How are these shooters gaining access to the interior of the school building?

  9. Before they take your guns, get political and fight for your RIGHT to bear arms, before that right is turned into a limited privilege. I have written before about what we face in Australia – as guns aren’t a right here under any law/constitution – therefore it defaults to a privilege. And privileges can be infringed upon or taken away with the stroke of a pen.

    My background is former Infantry Soldier Australian Army (6 years), Private Security (10 years) and Enforcement Officer for Fisheries and Wildlife (both State and Commonwealth departments). Nothing in my background is “recognised” towards firearms training, therefore I have to attend a 2 day Safety Course (which is firearms for dummies – extremely basic), expensive and a limited amount of trainers and courses run per year.

    After completing the course I am now deemed to be a competent, law abiding, lawful firearms licence holder Categories A, B & H.
    Cat A – air rifles, rimfire rifles (other than self loader/semi autos), shotgun (other than pump or semi auto) and combination rimfire rifle/shotgun.
    Cat B – Muzzleloading firearms, centrefire rifles (other than semi auto), combination centrefire rifle/shotgun.
    Cat H – Any Pistol (including Revolvers) and any air pistol and is only for sport/target shooting – members of pistol clubs.

    The other 2 categories –
    Cat C – •self-loading rim-fire rifle with a magazine capacity of no more than 10 rounds of ammunition, •self-loading shotgun with a magazine capacity of no more than 5 rounds of ammunition, •pump action shotgun with a magazine capacity of no more than 5 rounds of ammunition. Further Cat C (primary producer licence) may only have 2 Cat C firearms – a rimfire semi auto and either a semi auto or pump action shotgun.
    Cat D – •self-loading centre-fire rifle, •self-loading shotgun with a capacity of more than 5 rounds of ammunition; •pump action shotgun with a capacity of more than 5 rounds of ammunition; •self-loading rim-fire rifle with a magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Cat D only issued to professional meat culling shooter and it must be their principal occupation.
    There are limited collectors licences as well – but you can already see that there are massive restrictions on who can have what.

    There are 10 round maximum handgun magazines only for target /competition shooting. You cannot import full capacity original or aftermarket handgun magazines. The rimfire and centrefire rifles and shotguns all have magazine capacity restrictions, and politicians are continuing to try to restrict lever action shotguns to Cat C firearms and have banned the import of 8 shot lever action shotguns.

    The waiting period for permission to purchase a firearm is typically around 6 weeks to have your application processed (the Firearms branches are left understaffed and underfunded), then you get a permission letter from Firearms branch to go and get your firearm from the dealer – then registration of the firearm on top of costs. If I want a second handgun of the same calibre – I have to write a half page essay on why my current handgun in that calibre doesn’t meet the needs I am requesting the second handgun for).

    There are no “private sales” as you know them in the US. All firearms must be transferred through gun dealers (my Grandfather or Father could not give me a firearm, it would have to be transferred through a dealer and registered to me – all at a cost). All ammunition purchases have licence details and amount and calibre of ammunition purchased recorded – again no private sales of ammunition – and any friend I take shooting who isn’t licenced cannot buy ammunition – I have to be present for my licence details. Various States have vague terms on the amount of ammunition someone may have at any time.

    The media here in Oz is using the Florida shooting to pressure our politicians and our organisations to tell you Yanks just how to manage Gun Control – due to the success here in Oz. Absolute crap – we don’t have a Second Amendment and the Gun Control here is a disaster for law abiding licence holders. Crims are routinely given bail or charges are downgraded when illegal firearms are involved – yet lawful firearms holders face confiscation and disqualified from being a licence holder over minor things such as having a loose .22 round in your house or car. Storage requirements now include safes of certain thicknesses (of course the more expensive ones), video surveillance and or alarm systems and separate locked storage for ammunition.

    So FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT for your RIGHT – join the NRA, sign petitions to your politicians and support those who support you. Don’t think they aren’t coming for your guns.

    Good Luck.

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