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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on Rep. Matt Shea’s recent presentation on the proposed State of Liberty. (See the Eastern Washington section.)


Here is a good summary of demographics for the Inland Northwest region.

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11 Stunning Places To Visit In The Inland Northwest



Writing in Redoubt News, Rep. Christy Zito reports on some pending legislation: Idaho Stand-Your-Ground / Castle Doctrine. Here is a quote from her article:  “The stand your ground section of HB444 states that one has the right to use deadly force and not retreat if you are not the aggressor and you feel like your life is in jeopardy. HB 444 provides that one can use deadly force to defend life in their home, yard, place of business, or any place where one has a legal right to be. Also included is the presumption of innocence when deadly force has been used. That means that you are innocent until proven guilty. Current laws state that the criminal who broke into your home is the victim until you can prove you needed to shoot in self-defense. Additionally, H.B. 444 includes ‘criminal immunity’ which says that if you are charged and tried for your justifiable homicide, and you are found not guilty by reason of self-defense, you are entitled to have reasonable court costs reimbursed.”

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Also from Redoubt News: A Testimonial of The American Redoubt: A Look Inside


Trial set for Senate candidate Downing

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Joe Robertson Appeal Stalled

Eastern Oregon

Milton-Freewater dumps curbside recycling

Eastern Washington (Matt Shea’s Presentation)

J.J. Schmidt of Radio Free Redoubt has made available a recent hour-long speech, complete with annotations and his Powerpoint slides: Liberty State: ‘Future of Liberty’ with Rep. Matt Shea

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If you haven’t  already done so, please go to, and vote on the proposed Liberty State flags and seals.


Wyoming: Senate Could Soon Consider Self-Defense Legislation  (They are hoping to enact a stronger “no duty to retreat” law!)  Thanks to Matthew for the link.

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Elk refuge considers halting feeding program this winter

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  1. A few years ago NC passed a castle doctrine/stand your ground law. It included your car and an area around you. Contrary to liberal media propaganda warnings, we are not shooting everyone on Main Street at high noon.

  2. I was surprised that there are that many people living in the area. A little research at
    ( revealed that most of the population is located in and around Spokane.

    The article states:

    Spokane is located in Spokane County, Washington in the United States. Located in eastern Washington about 90 miles south of the Canadian border, Spokane has an estimated population of 212,000, which makes it the second-largest city in the state.

    The Lilac City has a population density of 3,526 people per square mile (1,361/square mile) in the city proper. The urban area has an estimated population of 390,000 while the larger metropolitan area has a population of 545,000, which ranks 101st in the country. The Spokane-Spokane Valley-Coeur d’Alene Combined Statistical Area (CSA) has a population of 685,000.

  3. Re: Liberty State Flags and Seals

    The poll is now closed and has a winner.

    I find it interesting that although natural resources, rule of law, opportunity and resilience were all mentioned and graphically represented by images of tamarack trees, torches, a sunrise and sparkling stars, a very unambiguous osprey, swooping down in full attack mode (“the last thing the mouse saw…”) was the winning representation.

    The bird is coming straight for the viewer, wings spread in triumph, talons clutching a broken sword signifying the sacrifices made for the new state and the broken chains of government oppression and dependency.

  4. Can’t imagine the liberals west of the Cascades will relinquish the cash cow east of the Cascades. Read somewhere (several years ago) that for each dollar of tax (sales, gas, estate, personal property, etc.) revenues collected in the east the state spends less than 75 cents in the east – yes much more tax revenues in the West but the marginal contributions from the east is enough to hold us hostage.

    Liberty is an opportunity that if it prevails will further drive a wedge and flame the fire for more states rights through profound changes in the migration of individuals. Many of the most troubling issues we face today are the past federal driven wealth redistribution schemes to the liberal states and the divide in what is personal liberty, freedom, privacy and the sanctity of the Constitution (where liberals are more interested to let it be persuaded to meet the self serving needs of a few or worse yet a desire for some untested global alignment and union in the hopes of something better).

    Liberals will scream loudly that there should be no means by which the union should be bifurcated for the benefit of a few or these differences – different reasons from 175 years ago but amazing that the polarity of parties have changed so dramatically – almost like waiting patiently for the magnetic poles to flip!

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