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The Office of Sheriff

Many people today in America do not recognize that American law is deeply rooted in English law as opposed to Napoleonic codes. The independently elected sheriff is one such position that can be dated clear back to 871AD. The ability of the sheriff to be elected by the people rather than appointed by a ruling official gives this position the ability to act independently and locally in the enforcement of law and justice. The position has been thoroughly Americanized, yet the independent nature still exists and the sheriff answers directly to the people. Understanding this concept can help you select a sheriff in your county that will best serve the interests of the local people rather than that of some politician who doesn’t even know the name of your county. Your freedom may very well depend on it.

Fighting with a Purpose

Why do you fight? Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge answers this question and gives you some food for thought in this video. On the surface, this question seems pretty simple, but the answer can make all the difference in the world. Most will answer “to protect my family”, but Henrichs asks you to look deeper than that. What does “protecting your family” mean? It means that you will be ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that you are the one that goes home to your family rather than your opponent. You have to understand what it means if you fail and you have to make the determination beforehand that you will see the conflict through, no matter what it takes. The battle is won before it even starts.

One of my favorite authors “Louis L’Amour” often stated that “there is no stopping a man who is in the right and knows he is in the right.”. Others have expressed the conflict not so much as meeting the opponent, but rather going through the opponent to get to your goal. However you look at it, it is important to remember that the outcome of the battle is generally decided before the engagement ever begins. Your mental state is one of the most important aspects. This is why you train. Thanks to T.J. for the link.

Pacific Ring of Fire Earthquakes

Reader G.P. sent in this article on the cluster of earthquakes that rocked the Pacific Ring of Fire this last week sparking concerns that “The Big One” may be on the way. I don’t think anyone can predict accurately whether that is the case or not, but if you live in an earthquake prone zone, preparing for a earthquake is only prudent. If you have put off some of the things you need to do, now is the time to stop procrastinating and get it done. If you are unsure of where to start because you’ve just recently moved in or haven’t really thought about it, use the search function on SurvivalBlog to find past articles on Earthquakes. There are a number of really good ones.

The American Air Force Future

The American military is still the 800lb gorilla when it comes to worldwide dominance. America has the ability to project power around the world when and where it desires, on multiple fronts. Leaving aside the political ramifications of projecting that power where it really has to right or benefit to the American population, it is important to retain that edge. Strength through peace, so to speak. Regional powers such as China and Russia may not be able to project power across the globe, but they can effectively control the area surrounding them and it is readily apparent that America’s edge in technology is rapidly eroding. Reader J.H. sent in this article showing how the Air Force wants to deal with this problem by investing heavily in next-generation technologies.

18 School Shootings in 2018

Reader G.G. sent in this article from the Washington Post that shows how the main stream media (MSM) is twisting facts to further their agenda. That number is flat out wrong. Everytown inflates its bogus number by including incidents of gunfire that are not really school shootings. Examples about like the Michigan man who called police to say he was armed and suicidal while sitting outside an elementary school. Everytown counts that as one of the case, but fails to tell you that the school had been closed for seven months. And they wonder why no one believes them anymore.

Further proof of just how bad can be seen in this article from the Daily Mail on the Florida shooting. One of the photos used in the article purportedly shows a shattered laptop screen with three bullet holes in it. However, if you actually look at the screen, you can see the bullet holes are fake. (You would actually see a hole, rather than the white backlight of the screen if it were really a hole.) They either a pushing fake and/or doctored photos in an effort to sway public opinion or they have ignoramuses that don’t understand how to spot fakes. Either case is unacceptable for media. Thanks to T.P. for that catch.

Listening to Radio Frequencies

Reader J.C. sent in this video that reviews a $20 software defined radio that is simply a USB dongle that attaches to your computer and allows you to receive nearly any radio frequency. This is a worthwhile expenditure if you have a laptop. Check it out.

The Case of the Disappearing Easter

In the continuing assault on Christianity from liberal/left-leaning corporations, Apple’s newest IOS update (11.2.5) seems to drop Easter from the calendar. Thanks to DSV for the link.

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  1. On ‘sheriffs.’

    And mayors and governors.

    They could mitigate school shootings by declaring their jurisdictions ‘Sanctuary 2nd Amendment Zones.’

    Ie. They would refuse to prosecute teachers/coaches/staff who exercised their 2nd Amendment right to carry in ‘gun-free school zones.’

    If the Left can use ‘sanctuary’ to skirt Federal law in the case of illegals…

    …then conservative sheriffs, mayors, and governors can use the tactic as well.

  2. Regarding the office of sheriff: My “expertise” if you will comes from the late, once great state of California, and this comment is aimed there. As originated and designed, the office of a publicly elected sheriff was a noble idea and concept. People could have a say in who protected them. There was a time when the sheriff was the chief law enforcement officer in the county, now so in name only, and his word was literally law. Unfortunately, the office has become so “politicized” that in many cases it is difficult to make a distinction between the office of sheriff and other political offices. Don’t believe this? Walk into any large or even small, sheriffs department and ask to see the sheriff! It is highly unlikely that you will get past the first of many “obstacles” placed to insulate the sheriff, the man you elected and who supposedly works for you, from the public he supposedly serves. Even getting to talk to the sheriff on the phone can be problematic. On the same hand, if you are a politician or someone with “pull or juice,” such as a magazine or other media “hack,” you will be ushered right to the top dogs house! Not always, but usually! Remember, the first order of business for a politician is to get re-elected, and usually, everything else takes a back seat. In the dept I worked for in Calif., the post of sheriff had been held by the same person for nigh on 20 years. He set policy, dictated actions, pinched pennies and paid back political favors, even to the extent of allowing criminals to escape prosecution. I would have bet my retirement that there was not a more just and moral man wearing a badge in the state, but I was in for a rude awakening! Upon his impending retirement, he chose a successor to fill the remainder of his term, virtually insuring that this man would be sheriff at the next election. With a single exception, where the office was vacated when an outgoing sheriff completed his term and left the office vacant, not in the history of the county has anyone other than an incumbent or his hand picked successor been elected to the office of sheriff. This not only has the effect of stifling new ideas, but most importantly, insuring that the former sheriffs policies were continued and his legacy was secured! A cardinal sin and major professional error was being original and coming up with an idea that would be beneficial and which would work. This frequently resulted in sanctions, banishment or outright threats of hostile action. Keep the gene pool shallow…….During my time in law enforcement, this policy of succession took place once, then again and then again. The voters were so taken by the smooth talking of the candidates and the input from the former sheriffs, whose shortcomings and misdeeds were either known and ignored, covered up, or glossed over(lied about)that the public allowed themselves to be taken for another ride! The result of this? The citizens of the county are short changed as old policies and practices are brought forward again and again. Change is incremental, if at all, rather than ground shaking! Calif should be ground zero for sheriffs to uphold the constitution of the United States and the California state constitution, both ignored by Calif politicians, much as Obama and his band of thugs ignored the U.S. Constitution. Instead of being a dynamic force, with very few exceptions the elected sheriffs kowtow to the governor and his liberal/socialist law makers and grovel at the feet of mammon! They are far more interested in having the pictures taken with “rich and powerful” politicians, ignoring their duties and oaths to their constituents and the office of sheriff! California is racing both New York and Chicago to see who can enact the most ridiculous and ineffective gun control measures, and it matters not a whit to these politicos because they enacted legislation making themselves exempt from the gun laws they enact. It would be a small step for Calif sheriffs to take a stand and tell the politicians “Enough of this lunacy, we’re not doing your bidding!” But they won’t do this! They MIGHT rant and rail at the asinine laws that coddle, release and hide criminals, but they allow the lunacy to continue! Remember, these are YOUR elected officials, tasked with protecting you and yours, yet they allow you and yours to be put in what is literally mortal danger because they follow the dictates of narcissistic politicians that lack any sense of decency and common sense! Wake up Californians!

    1. If you still reside in Kalifornia (and I can call it that as I’m a ex-pat 4th gen Kalifornian, my childeren are 5th gen. My family has been in Kal. since the goldrush, but I have relocated to the Northern Great Lakes.) try looking at Calaveras County, land is cheap (due to the fires) the Sheriff is pro-gun and CPL’s (the highest in the state, the county commissioners have voted to refuse the recreational pot law (don’t know what the outcome of that will be)and its easy access to the High Sierra backcountry. There are other reasons but this is a start. I still have lots of friends and family there so good luck or vote with your feet.

  3. Having lived in California for most of my life before recently relocating to the Redoubt I have always had an active interest in earthquakes.

    The Pacific ring of Fire supports the most active plate tectonic areas on the globe and is constantly active with earthquake and volcanic activity.
    The activity along the plate fractures does have a pattern that is discernable enough to offer the option of forecasting new/future activity on a general basis. The pressure created by the moving plates is directed in a pattern that is rather consistent. This offers the opportunity to forecast the possibility of magnitude, location and timing of future earthquakes with a relative success rate of 75% or so.

    These forecast are not completely specific but offer a general guidance as to location within a couple of hundred miles, magnitude within a half to full point of magnitude and several days to a week or so.

    Just like with weather forecasting this science isn’t completely accurate but can offer a guide to preparedness for the possibility of earthquakes in a specific area. The science isn’t accepted by the USGS but after following this site for 6 months I do believe Dutch has a viable way to have reasonable success in forecasting earthquakes on a consistent basis.

    Below is a breif current example of his work and for anyone who has the interest I would recommend follow up with a little research on Dutch Sense and his system. His weekly forecasts are published on Sunday nights with daily (often multipal) followups on activity.

  4. I believe that quote is the epitaph of Texas Ranger Captain Bill MacDonald, although L’Amour used it quite often, shortening it to “there’s no stopping a man who’s in the right, and keeps coming”.
    Capt Bill MacDonald’s Epitaph: “No man in the wrong can stand against a man who’s in the right and keeps a-comin”.

    Look him up.

  5. About the SDR (software defined radio). I have about 4 of these $20 dongles. One that I have says .1khz to 500 Mhz! They pick up the FM broadcast band ok, but to get other frequencies I have to buy an “up converter” or a “down converter”. Usually costing much more than the dongle. I can get broadcast FM on a cheap $5 radio without having to have a computer!
    So, just be aware – YMMV

  6. “…independently and locally in the enforcement of law and justice.”

    A minor quibble. We have enough law enforcers, men who will enforce the law regardless. Enforcement of edicts is not justice. It’s the sheriff who is supposed to uphold the law, therefor justice will be served.

    Everybody here already knows that’s what you meant but it’s best to be clear. The Nazi’s and other socialists have law enforcement. Not a fan of enforcers myself and we shouldn’t want them in America.

    1. They used to be “peace officers”
      In the past a lost child could go to the nearest officer and expect help.
      Now? In many cases a lost child may be better off hiding from any officer.
      With the black militarised uniform they don’t lend themselves to trust anyway.

  7. The federal government targeted Joe Arpaio and got him. If Hillary had won old Joe would be in prison. His crime? Protecting citizens. I think it was a sea change. Next Dem president will target Sheriffs who don’t tow the line. They now work for the DOJ or whatever activist group colludes with the DOJ.

  8. I’ve known Reid Henrichs for a number of years. I’ve trained with him at Valor Ridge a few times and several times at his previous position. I can say this for the man, you won’t find a more devoted and patriotic individual. You would likewise be hard pressed to find a more patient, competent, and effective firearms trainer. His videos are always informative. His classes are top notch. He is an outstanding individual.

    These are my personal opinions and I am in no way affiliated with Reid or Valor Ridge other than counting him has a friend and loving the classes!

  9. For those of you that have access to the Apple App-Store, you can download the “5-0 Radio” which gives you real-time listening of any Police radio from 3-dozen Countries around the world, from any place in the world you have access to WiFi or Internet connection.

    You can listen to you local police or even the Officer communicating your license as you are pulled over with him parked behind you!

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