Preparedness Notes for Thursday – February 08, 2018

On February 8th, 1910, the Boy Scouts of America was incorporated. For 100 years, the BSA stood as a strong bulwark of conservative, libertarian, moral values. They successfully united boys from diverse backgrounds, different religions, and different ethnicities – uniting them based upon the principles required for a boy to become an upstanding man. The BSA was attacked from all sides for their righteous stance and even persevered and won their case (Boy Scouts v. Dale, 2000) in the Supreme Court. Sadly, they have in recent years caved from within. Their desire to fill the executive board with powerful industry executives, like Randall Stephenson (CEO of AT&T) and James Turley (CEO of Ernst & Young), have brought this once great institution to its knees. They have conceded the high ground on moral issues. Regardless, the first edition of the Boy Scouts handbook, 1911 is one of the prepper’s classic friends.

My Eagle Scout award still holds meaning to me, but its value is not because of what the BSA now represents; it holds value because of my hard work and what the institution once represented. – HJL

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  2. Hugh [and James]

    My Family is a THREE Generation Eagle Scout Family}… My Father, Me, All Three Sons, and soon,[in ~ 1 year], my only Grandson. That will make it FOUR Generations.

    We all agree that the current position of the BSA is Wrong and should be reversed. What part of…. ” and Morally Straight” don’t they get??

    It would be interesting to ASK your male followers …1. Were they Scouts ? and
    2.Did they achieve the Eagle Scout rank ?
    I Predict there are Thousands of readers who were !!

  3. Scouting is indeed in decline. When Canada went this same route they lost over 70% of their membership and it remains low. Effectively killing off Scouting there. Boy Scouts has become a money making machine. Scouting professionals are professional fund raisers and that is a fact- not rumor. 60% of all money raised in the local councils go to paychecks and the rest goes to National. Very very little remains in the local council. I have seen the decline in my own council for decades and knew this further decline was coming. Child molestation is a problem but not a wide problem. With the admission of homosexuality it does put at risk other boys but not so much as the change to the very nature of Scouting. With the addition of homosexual leaders the checks on child molestation are removed completely.
    I come from a troop that absolutely taught and required scouting ideals to be lived out in our daily lives. I took an oath and live it, even now. The decline of scouting is inevitable and must be under the current leadership. This is what happens when you place men in charge that have no stake in the future of scouting. As an Eagle Scout I will continue to live and teach according to pre-70’s scout handbooks read. Long live the ideals of Scouting and BP!

  4. I was never a Scout. My life never took me that direction.

    However I find the current story as told by HJL to be profoundly sorrowful. The destruction of great institutions is quite disturbing.

    It may sound strange but I find this story similar to of all things Detroit. Detroit was great and by virtue of location and natural resources has potential to be great again. Same with California. Great places currently in horrible condition but still possessing the same potential for greatness. And I wait and watch for the day when the dysfunction can be shed and the greatness once again is displayed.

    Perhaps the connection in my mind is strange but it is the same with great institutions like Scouting. Currently belabored with nonsense but still there with latent potential if cleansed.

    So many things like that.

  5. Scouting changed my life and I was part of the Cubs, Webelos and Boy Scouts in the 1970s and early 1980s. Part of the experience was learning and living the oath. We had great leaders and the boys in our troop had plenty of support. The life skills taught and exposure to new adventures via camping and merit badge courses was priceless. But all of this worked only because of the foundation of civil service and the concepts captured in the oath that we were expected to live out daily. Some of my best life lessons growing up were learned in the Scouts. That said I wouldn’t encourage my future grandchildren to join. Sure, I could contribute to a great troop. Unfortunately the BSA as a whole is not enforcing standards that are traditionally “morally straight” and they’ve allowed PC ideals to drive policy that is very damaging. So few truly good institutions left for our youth.

  6. Gave the Scouts 22 years as a leader in various positions over the years. Have 2 sons who achieved the rank of Eagle and I am very proud of them both. Continued as Committee Chairman with our local troop after my sons were grown. I Told myself I would support the Scouts as long as they continued to take a moral stand.
    Then the policy change took place. I tried to find a way to continue but was convicted that if I put the uniform on, I would be advocating that policy change. I have resigned my official position with troop but, I continue to help with merit badges, CPR, and other requirements. I was approached and asked ” what are the boys left with in Scouting if all the good leaders leave?” A great question. So, I will continue to help because I know the moral standing of the boys and their parents. Just unofficially.

  7. I started a pack three years ago at my church. I will start a troop next year at my church. I see the PC agenda in the material. I focus on the good and useful. I will continue as long as the oath and law remain intact. I am turning boys into men.

    I am a stand and fight kind of guy.

  8. Started in Cub Scouts, passed through Weblos, Boy Scouts up to the Life Scout Rank; then life came along, wife, Viet-Nam era, but never lost the core values that made me the man I am today. My sons were brought up in Royal Rangers (Church group) and it makes me sad to see not just Scouting going down the drain, but the generations of youth that have been left out of a truly worth life long adventure.

  9. The largest group of scouts in the USA are from the Mormon Church. Their program is a complete fraud. Boys are handed ranks with little effort or work on their part. Most cant tell you anything they did to earn their rank or merit badge when asked at a court of honor. They are simply eagle rank machines. Nothing in their program has anything to do with the patrol method or boys learning leadership or new skills. I was a member for 15 years and worked with four different troops and I can testify that their program is fake and is scouting in name only…

  10. I want to thank you for the massive amount of good information you have facilitated over the years.
    Is there anything on your archive stick that would prevent you sending it to Britain – I wouldn’t want EITHER of us to draw unwanted attention from your government or mine…

  11. Don’t forget that it is our own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who actually led the charge of the BSA towards homosexuality, while he was on the BSA Board. And his company Exxon gives lots of money to Planned Parenthood to fund the murder of millions in the womb. Every time I see Tillerson’s photo I want to wretch! I was a BSA Scouter, and had boys in BSA (2 Eagles). Then I pulled them all out after Tillerson’s Gay Pride debacle.

    1. Goat rancher Ron,don’t forget Tillerson is also taking over for Hillery in the campaign for war with Russia. His unprovoked attacks and seemingly delusional actions have brought us as close to war with them as any time in a long time.

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