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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on Radio Free Redoubt.


Once in a while, I post a list of churches with Open Pulpits, here in the American Redoubt. This serves two purposes: First, it keeps us in prayer for continuity of church congregations and the gospel-spreading work of the church. Second, it alerts pastors–mostly new seminary graduates–about opportunities to serve.  So if you know of a congregation anywhere in The American Redoubt that is currently seeking a pastor, then please let me know. You can do so either via e-mail or via our Contact form.

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This is for anyone living in the Redoubt, or who is considering moving here. I recommend that you bookmark: Radio Free Redoubt. It is hosted by amateur radio enthusiast and survival expert “John Jacob Schmidt” (a pseudonym).  For more than seven years he has put in yeoman service in promoting the American Redoubt movement, with weekly podcasts.  There are now 430 shows in their archives, and the show is now carried on Saturdays by commercial radio station KTRW  (630 KHz, AM) in Spokane, Washington.

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Another great source of news and event announcements for Redoubters is of course Redoubt News. We often link to their news and commentary articles.

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Mapping the Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on the United States. Once again, the Redoubt region shines!


A blog reader wrote to mention: The University of Idaho Extension is teaching a Master Gardener class in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  It will begin Jan. 16th, 2018 at the U. of I. Extension office behind the Bonners Ferry courthouse. It is generally offered in alternating years. The cost is $125, of which $100 will be reimbursed if community garden volunteer hours are completed at the end of the course. The textbook also included in that price. There is information about what is covered in the class here.  There will also be a shorter course taught in early 2018, titled: Starting Your Sustainable Small Farm in Idaho.

The longer class will be held Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1 to 4 PM, for a period of several months. I attempted to discover the ending date but that is not certain as it depends on out of town speakers they are still scheduling. March? or April? Approximately 10 weeks, and a total of 60 class hours. Last year they accepted a homeschooling teen into the class, so that is also open for discussion. The phone number at the Extension office is: (208)267-3235.

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Are you making some summer plans? Mark your calendar for Jun 29, 2018 – Jun 30, 2018. The Salmon Ready Preparedness Fair will be held at the Sacajawea Center, in Salmon, Idaho.


A company that definitely deserves special mention and the attention of SurvivalBlog readers is Mystery Ranch. They  are one of the premier makers of backpacks and tactical load bearing equipment in the United States. They are located near Bozeman, Montana. A lot of elite military units–Special Forces Groups, SFOD-D (commonly called “Delta Team”), and Navy SEAL teams buy Mystery Ranch gear. If you aren’t familiar with them, our compadre Wranglersar did a great (albeit lengthy) descriptive video: Mystery Ranch – Are They Really That Good?  (In his case, he was describing a Mystery Ranch wildland firefighting pack.)

Eastern Oregon

What we know about ICE detainees in Oregon and the jail that holds them

Eastern Washington

AR-15 stolen from Spokane deputy’s patrol car



Montana wildlife officials ask Wyoming to stop feeding elk


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  1. The argument that the article about ICE detainees in Oregon seems to want to make is that a state can legally become a sanctuary state in violation of federal law and then tell a prison that it is violating the illegal state law.

  2. I took the Master Gardener class in Bonners Ferry 2014, it was a great class for the money, and includes several field trips. I believe it is a $50 refund upon completing the volunteer hours, but that could have changed. The extension has many short classes at minimal fees, including food preservation.

  3. JW,R & HJL:

    Who is writing this stuff for the blog? Total loss of credibility here folks… NOBODY has ever called SFOD-D (CAG) “Delta Team”. NOBODY! Seriously Jim!

    “United States. They are located near Bozeman, Montana. A lot of elite military units–Special Forces Groups, SFOD-D (commonly called “Delta Team”), and Navy SEAL teams buy Mystery Ranch gear. If you”

    I hope it was too many days working hard outdoors and it was a slip of the fingers.


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