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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Cyber Security is again front and center as we learn of some of the hacks over the last year.

Cyber Security

Wired Magazine has a fascinating article on how three bored college students concocted a scam to give them an advantage in the game of MineCraft. But the software that they wrote, which basically attacked their competitor’s servers, was so effective, it set new records for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. At its heart, it simply co-opted IoT (Internet of Things) hardware that had not had its default access passwords changed. However, it was so efficient that it was able to infect over 600,000 simultaneous devices at any one time and achieve bandwidth rates of over 1.1 Terabytes. By comparison, the previous known record was about 50 Gigabytes. It managed to take down one of the largest Internet providers in the U.S. last year, leaving much of the east coast with very spotty Internet connectivity.

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Hackers halted Schneider Electric SE plant operations in a cyber attack. SurvivalBlog reader M.P. notes: “While this particular attack seems to have been at a site in the Middle East, the software involved is used widely in the energy industry. The article warns of the likelihood of copy cat attacks elsewhere, but I think it is more likely that others will use this as a stepping stone to even more damaging types of attacks, not just more of the same. A successful attack on some generation parts of the energy grid would be bad. A successful attack on others, such as nuclear plants, could be even more catastrophic, depending on what other actions are part of a particular hack.”

UN on U.S. Soil

A Chicago area county commissioner wants the U.N. to step in and help with the violence. Yep, you heard that right. Richard Boykin visited the United Nations in New York to meet with the Secretary General and ask for help in dealing with Chicago’s gun violence. Of course the violence predates the McDonald vs. Chicago verdict that repealed much of the city’s draconian gun laws. The mayor believes it is merely a political stunt and the police chief doesn’t believe it would help. Just one more proof that the left considers the UN as a defacto world government. Thanks to G.P. for the link.


You can’t make this stuff up. 37 examples of real college courses including “Vampires”, “Zombies”, and “Hooking Up”. Reader H.L. notes:

“I would not allow my child to take any of these useless courses, and if he/she went against me, then he/she could PAY for their entire 4 years of college! I would hope that I had raised my child to know better than to waste any money on this useless, even corrupting kind of class. Only classes that are essential to achieving knowledge to further the child in their chosen career field should be taken. And it better be a field that allows the graduate to be employed, and not end up as a barista or waiter/waitress with a student loan that they cannot pay off!

However, the beginning of a career choice starts in the child’s early life by exposing the child to things such things that lead to engineering, medical field, organic or inorganic chemistry, advanced math, physics, the sciences, and the like. Degrees in Social Worker, Women’s Studies, Art History are all well and good, but the graduate can study on their own on time or read books. There is a difference between a lucrative career (necessary in high cost of living America) and a hobby!

Mechanically minded youngsters can also make a good living in the “trades” and start their own businesses. Plumbers, electricians, those with IT computer/robotic skills can make a darn good living, and are in demand! I notice that many of the Supervisors/Managers have grey hair, and they cannot find enough men and women who want to learn how to create things we all need! A mechanic can find a job anywhere in America and make a good living. Engineering jobs go unfilled. America still makes things!”

“Never Again” Becomes “Never Mind”

Anti-Semitism in Europe has risen to such a level that French-Jewish families are being forced from their homes in Paris suburbs. It isn’t just from the Muslim immigrants that are flooding Europe either. This is coming from the indigenous people of the respective countries. More than 5,000 departures were recorded in 2016 on top of the 7,900 who left in 2015. This is beginning to look a lot like 1930s Germany. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Second Amendment

New Jersey has a long history of being anti-gun and for years the new Jersey Second Amendment Society has claimed that only politicians, judges and their friends can obtain concealed carry permits. For years they have been labeled as paranoid. Permit holder information has been a closely guarded secret, immune to public records requests. Now, a prosecutor has admittedprosecutor has admitted that Judge Michael Donio was the only non-police officer in Atlantic City to receive a concealed carry permit. Paranoid? I think not. Thanks to DSV for the link.

Early Bird Specials

onPoint Tactical is having an early bird special right now. From now until January 1st, 2018, you can get $100 off of any one class or $300 off of any two classes. The two class special also applies if you and a friend sign up for one class each. Take a look at their 2018 class schedule. Scout Engineering, Scout Tracking, Recon Scout, and Urban Acquisition are just some of the classes available. Hurry up! Adventure awaits you!

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  1. Re: #leave public school (and college)
    For years we’ve been telling our kids/grandkids/anyone of that age:
    “Get a TRADE!”
    With a trade, you will always find work, and you can live anywhere you choose. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers and the like are in demand everywhere, even in tough times. Once you’re self employed, you can reap huge rewards if you put your mind to it.
    And the best part about a trade is that you learn on the job for the most part, so you’re being paid to learn, instead of wasting your money on expensive college courses that will either not find you gainful enough employment to pay back that loan, or not even find you a job at all.
    If you do attend trade school, you’ll notice tuition rates are extremely low compared to college as well.

  2. Any young people should definitely look into the trades. You can’t find a plumber or electrician these days.

    Get into the trades right out of high school, In 4 years your journeyman and by the age of 30 you should be sitting pretty.

    If you want a good job making money to support a family get into the trades

  3. I’m a retired electrician, industrial. I can do anything from fixing a lamp to programing an industrial robot. With a 4 year apprenticeship including what amounts to an associates degree in manufacturing technology, my skill set is very much in demand. For years I made more money than the engineers I worked with. I highly recommend the skilled trades, all the skilled trades, as a career choice. The auto and steel industries (I worked in both) have a terrible shortage of qualified electricians and all the other trades, and they can’t produce enough apprentices fast enough. The real problem is finding candidates that are willing to put in the time and the overtime to complete the 8000 hours to complete the training. This may soon increase to 10000 hours as the knowledge requirements to do the job increase almost yearly. The only professions that require more continuing education are doctors and nurses. So, find a real apprenticeship, whether it’s electrician, pipe fitter, machine repair, tool maker, welder (especially certified high pressure welder), or hydraulic repair. Get involved, or get your kids involved. Really learn how to repair, troubleshoot, or build something, and get the certifications to back it up. Consider education a real tangible commodity (it is you know) and you or your kids will always be needed for the skills and knowledge that you possess. The beauty of it is these skills and knowledge become a part of you and can never be taken away. Talk about abundant wealth.

    1. With 2/3 of all college students today being female, and such a demand for skills in the trades due to lack of available skills, it makes me wonder where a whole generation of young men plan to get their paycheck from.

      I understand why. After 12 years of hearing how being male is being the problem, why would any young man want to pay for 4 more years of it. Unfortunately both parents and schools teach young men to avoid the trades. For some reason they seem to think there’s more value in some sociology degree that in welding. This is really quite sad for them, and our country. Yes, I’m specifically pointing out young men. Young women are protected from “dangerous jobs” by the glass floor.

  4. Second Amendment:
    I just got through watching a Documentary film by Jesse Winton called Targeted. OUSTANDING! Well don young man. Mr Winton asks and gets answers to/and about why the anti gun agenda socialist want our guns, why we should and need to keep them. He also goes into our lbrty, freedom and independence, were it came from and were we our going as a country. It’s plan and in your face. No double talk. Easy to understand with items we should be teaching our children. If our fellow bloggers have not seen this I highly recommend it. I found it on Netflix while que surfing and have already ordered a copy on line for my continuous personal use, cause some things on Netflix have a shelf life. Enjoy.
    UN troops on U.S. Soil:
    Mr Richard Boykin should be charged with treason! ( I am no lawyer ) however there has to be some law he is breaking by attempting to bring a invading army onto U.S. soil. We The People cannot allow this to happen. To the good people of Chicago who love Liberty Freedom, Independence, the Second Amendment and our god given rights do not give up the good fight do not give in. We The People need to keep a sharp eye on these this and do what we can were ever we live across our great country do what we ca to make sure that this goes no further!
    The UN is not the end all be all of world government let alone the U.S. Government, cause I can assure you as a member of We The People ( you know the actual U.S. Government ) they do not have MY permission to set foot on U.S. soil, nor will they ever!
    God Bless the United States of America. Semper Fi!

  5. The liberals in Chicago would probably welcome U.N. troops but if those troops were placed in some Texas, Oklahoma or really about any southern city I bet those blue helmets would get a few holes in them.

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