Light One Candle

Happy Hanukkah!

We are hoping our Jewish and Messianic friends are having a bright and peaceful Hanukkah!

We are currently in the third of eight days of Hanukkah, a celebration of the re-dedication of the Temple at the time of the Maccabean revolt after Antiochus IV Epiphanes desecrated it during the Seleucid empire’s occupation of the Holy Land. Much of the Maccabean story is about fighting against assimilation into a pagan culture.We can certainly understand this concept today. This video is Benny Friedman’s rendition of Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “Light One Candle” in memory of that victory.

John 10:22-30


  1. Here in the left coast city of Seattle, there was a 9 foot tall fully privately-funded, civic-permitted menorah. Before the second night of Hannukah it had been destroyed.
    How sad: The non-religious creed dominates here. Only ‘compromise-Christianity’ is much tolerated.
    Please pray for respect that yields better behavior.

  2. I can not tell you how my Christian heart goes out to Jewish people. I/we love you. I/we are for you. I/we pray for and wish you Shalom! May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause his face to shine upon you…

  3. I pray for Jerusalem during this and there difficult times, peace.
    To all folks of the Jewish faith peace, may god bless you and keep you and yours safe, peace.
    Happy Hanukkah to one and all, Shalom.

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