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Here are the latest items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of JWR. (SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor.) Today’s focus is on Great Britain’s voter-mandated exit from the European Union (commonly called Brexit).

Precious Metals:

Precious Metals Outlook 2018 – Platinum to outperform palladium

Stock Market:

When it comes to 2018 investing, ‘boring’ is better, portfolio manager says (Has auto-start video.)


Outlook 2018: Disruption driving rare metal appetite in 2018 – but mainstream commodities likely to stay flat

Economy and Finance (Brexit):

Kiplinger: Rates Due for Moderate Increase

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UK, EU claim Brexit breakthrough; eye talks on future ties. JWR’s Comment: It is absurd that the interval between the Brexit vote and actual independence will take more than three years!

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I’m venturing out on a limb to make a couple of predictions about the future of Bitcoin.  No, I won’t venture a guess on what a Bitcoin will cost at this time next  year.  But I will predict:  There will be some huge swings in Bitcoin valuations. Perhaps on the order of 20% to 30% swings in value, in just a single trading day.  2.) There will be so much envy and such a profound feeling of regret among  people who feel that they “missed out” that there will want retribution.  This will come in two forms:  A.) Legislation from statist politicians, and B.) Hackers who write worm-like viruses that wander through computers attached to the Internet, seeking to corrupt, delete, or copy “wallet.dat” files.   Consider yourself warned. Do NOT regularly store you wallet.dat file on your Internet-connected PC. Instead, keep several redundant copies on USB sticks. And store at least one of them in a very safe place so that you won’t lose it, even if your house burns to the ground.

Derivatives (Brexit):

Brexit puts £20trn of derivative contracts at risk

Troubling Trends (Brexit):

Brexit: 3 shocking things we learned this week

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Risk of a big stock or bond market drop ‘are high and rising,’ government watchdog says

Tangibles Investing:

Beef magazine: Seven keys to ranch profitability


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News Tips:

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    1. I don’t trust bitcoin either but I put a small amount into it. With the highs I cashed in all the profit I made and used it to buy precious metals. Kept my original amount in and will let it ride. Any profit I make I’ll keep cashing in and buying more precious metals. Really happy with how I’ve done so far in the little bit that I have invested in bitcoin.

  1. Well, the oil patch is gearing up again. Ugh! People look tired as if they are on their last leg. I call it the work colony. Desperate people trying to scratch out a living. In places 1.5 acres of land sold for $45,000!!! That’s right you read it right. Rent is nuts and it’s a frenzy for sure. But it’s the cycle of the beast. Trying to hang in there a few more years with our business.

  2. Brexit. The people voted for it and the politicians are as usual dragging their feet and wasting time. The EU is doomed as are all socialists forms of government, our own included. It is as always a matter of time until they run out of other peoples money as Margaret Thatcher often said. The real point is why tie your self to a loser longer than you have to. The EU has and always will be Germanys Fourth Reich. The third didn’t work by force of arms and this one will collapse of it’s own weight of socialism,beauracracies and debt. Better to leave and get your house in order than become a BRIC.

  3. Joe:
    I agree with what you said. Tyranny should be put down! I feel for the people of GB they had there tyrannical socialist government steel there weapons which will make it harder. Hang in there GB. We too should hang in there as well, for I believe on of the scenarios that could play out here in the U.S. Is that the next civil war in the U.S. Is not race or religious, but We The People against our own greedy, tyrannical, socialist, fascist government Employees that “think” there in charge.
    Hey ya think I got something against people who think it’s o.k. to steel We The People’s liberty, independence, freedom, and god given rights or is it just me?

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