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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. California fires are continuing to flare up. The latest is the Skirball Fire, that caused a grid-down event in West LA.


Brad Schaeffer, over at The Daily Wire, has started a series on a front of World War II that shaped Russia and created a paranoid, meddlesome nation that President Ronald Reagan called evil. Most Americans seem to think World War II started on December 7, 1941 and reached its pinnacle on June 6th, 1944. (Europeans tend to remember rather more.) To put the Battle of Stalingrad in perspective, even at the height of the the West’s war on Germany (including North Africa) we faced 175 Wehrmacht Divisions. The Red Army faced over 600 Wehrmacht Divisions. During the Battle of the Bulge, the Allies lost 100,000 soldiers. But that was almost a daily loss for the Russians. It’s promising to be a good series.

Facism – Right or Left?

I’ve been irritated at the media for some time for buying into the concept that fascists are from the “right”. PragerU has a video out now that discusses the little known history of the fascist movement – Something the Left would rather keep forgotten. Even Obama has called President Trump a fascist and has likened him to the early stages of the Nazis in the 1930s despite the fact that Obama’s own presidency had more of a resemblance than any other, in recent history. Nope. Sorry. Fascism is clearly a leftist movement. The next time you hear “far right”, remember the whole point of that is to liken a conservative or a libertarian to the abomination of fascism. It is a lie. Remind them who originated the movement: socialists.

Matt Bracken

Reader S.M. wrote in to tell SurvivalBlog readers that Matt Bracken is offering a free download of his Counter Caliphate novel, “The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun,” for free on Kindle this coming Friday.

Grid Down

West LA lost power today due to the Skirball Fire. Freeway 405 was temporarily shutdown due to the fire that flared up in the tony Bel Air area. This is the area that is covered in very expensive homes and several have burned. Officials sent out mass text alerts to residents asking them to stay alert and listen to authorities. Continued high winds are expected in the near future so all of the California fires are serious right now. If you live in the area, make sure you have an evacuation plan in place. Thanks to G.P. for the link.

Forced Removal of Bullet Resistant Glass

A controversial bill is making headway in Philadelphia this week. The bulk of the bill is intended to regulate “stop and go” liquor stores, but one part of the bill would force owners to take down bullet resistant glass inside the stores. This is the glass box that protects the cashiers from armed thieves and robbers. Why you ask? Because it is apparently racist. Apparently, the thinking is that most of these stores offer very little in the way of services other than liquor and are encouraging crime. If the owners feel threatened, they may close up shop and leave. Hmmm…How is that any different than armed robbery? – Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Asian Advice on Surviving a Nuclear Attack

An official Chinese newspaper near the North Korean border is publishing a page of articles on dealing with a nuclear attack. This comes on the heels of yet another escalation in tension as the U.S. deployed a B-1B Lancer bomber in the area for aerial exercises in a show of force against Kim’s escalations. The page includes written text detailing survival techniques as well as a rudimentary comic with the crude drawing showing how to decontaminate yourself. [Note: you will need Google translate to read this article unless you can read Chinese.]

National Reciprocity

Following on the heels of the recent dialog on SurvivalBlog regarding the National Reciprocity bill working it’s way through Congress comes this article sent in by SurvivalBlog reader D.S. Representative Thomas Massie is warning that House leaders intend to merge an Obama-style gun control bill with the national reciprocity bill. The specific gun controls are contained in the “fix-NCIS” legislation. The thinking is that the addition of the language will attract Democrat Senators when the bill makes it to the Senate floor. Once again, the government shows that they cannot be trusted with guarding your rights. Note that the bill amendment (merging the two bills) hasn’t happened yet, but is being discussed.

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  1. Here in Philadelphia there are many establishments with bullet proof glass, gas stations,beer stores,banks,lottery sellers, just to name a few. I guess if the beer had the extra sugar tax of 1.5 cent per ounce they wouldnt care about the glass.

  2. Those of us in our late 70s pr 80s are old enough to remember when the term “fascist” was the description of an economic governance system that combined socialism and nationalism. I was in college when it started being used as a term for right wing extremism. The left had to redefine the term because of their love affair with the socialism of Hitler and Mussolini–that is until Hitler made the fatal decision to attack Mother Russia. That was more than left wingers, AKA, Democrats could stomach. Talk to anyone born after 1950 and they most likely would not know this.

    1. I guess you are saying that the fact that the Federal Government is expressly forbidden to INFRINGE upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms means nothing then!
      “Dammed piece of paper!”

  3. Remember Nazis, Communist, Fascist, and Democrats are just different parts of the same leftist socialist movement. Fascists are just further to the right, but never the less members of the same movement. All are still left of center on the political spectrum!!!

    1. Don’t forget to add Republicans to that list.

      Remember, when we talk Republicans and Democrats, mostly we are talking about the scumbag politicians, not so much the voters. We’ve all been horribly misled by almost every political party and their unelected leadership.

  4. Consider the ancient parable of the fasces. You can easily break one stick. You cannot break a bundle of them. Thus the fasces became the symbol of the collective.

    Mussolini was the primary Fascist of his era. He defined fascism as the marriage of government and the corporations–which is quite similar to today’s USA.

    I find it ironic that the fasces can also apply to a group of like-minded preppers. Harder to break than a solo individual.

  5. As to Mike, has term fugitive from justice, which can mean traffic tickets unpaid, has happened,won’t get into legality of transportation code but just example. It can and will be used in future to deny lots of people see Obama example, and final nail NICS does not work never will with out total accounting and should have never been exacted.

  6. Communist, fascist, progressive, liberal/democrat, libertarian, conservative, tea party/Trumper, and finally anarchists who believe in no government. Those who identify as antifascist/anarchists which is communist/anarchist are in need of remedial preschool before they proceed on to the more difficult stuff in the 1st grade…or were recent inmates in their own “gated community”.

  7. In law school I read a speech by a judge who exposed how lawmakers write bills to their advantage, knowing EXACTLY how they will be challenged in the courts, and what the outcome will be. We often dismiss politicians as “dumb” but they are far from it. Don’t think for one minute the Kentucky rep. is exaggerating about how nationalizing reciprocity will include an ugly hook into the federalization of gun laws. He knows the wolves in his den.

  8. A’hem ” Congress Shall Make No Law” as in there should not be a DAMNED thing on the books that applies to the ownership and lawful use of firearms! But go ahead and boil the frog a little more, I’m sure he won’t notice.

    1. While it may be of some utility that all citizens of the United States have the support of Federal legislation which explicitly states and reinforces the right to carry firearms, it is a matter best left to the states, which may or may not choose to allow reciprocity from another state. HR 38 should be soundly defeated because it may provide a mechanism by which the Federal government might be able to further identify which citizens have firearms in general, and specifically which citizens have a concealed carry permit. This is most dangerous information to be in the possession of a federal agency or in a federal database, since it infringes on the right of citizens granted by the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, which states that the right shall not be infringed.
      In Caetano v. Massachusetts (2016), the Supreme Court stated that “the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding” and that its protection is not limited to “only those weapons useful in warfare”.
      Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as ratified by the States, December 15, 1791, and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, the Secretary of State:
      A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

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