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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on clarifying how Redoubters reject racism.

Region-Wide (Redoubters Reject Racism):

The third installment of the ongoing Redoubt article series at The Sandpoint Reader has been posted. JWR’s Comments: The writer seemed perplexed and somehow dubious that I’m not a racist. She wrote: “It is the racial aspects of encouraging people to move to a predominantly white area that has some critics questioning Rawles’ motives.”  That is a subtly libelous statement. For the record, I selected the Redoubt region because of its light population density, its geographic isolation, a mostly agrarian economy, defendable terrain, plentiful water, and energy independence. That is all.  The fact that the majority of the population is fair-skinned is coincidental. The same “racial” makeup is paralleled in Iowa, but I would never recommend it as a retreat locale.

Let me make this abundantly clear:  I am an anti-racist and pro-Israel. So are the vast, vast majority of the other people who have intentionally migrated here, in answer to my call. And all of the leading voices of the American Redoubt movement are similarly anti-racist. This includes Alex Barron, who is black. But yet the leftist journalists who cover the American Redoubt movement consistently try to make us look like we secretly harbor some racist sentiments. The fact is that I have no patience or room for accommodation with racists.  I consider racism to be profoundly anti-Christian, ignorant, and illogical– so therefore I abhor it. In The Great Commission (Matthew 28: 16-20), Jesus sent his followers out into all nations, to share the gospel in true equality. I take that quite literally. “All nations” means every tongue and tribe, and every skin tone and hair color.  I even go so far as to say that there is only one “race”, and that is the Human Race.

The smear campaign against the Redoubt movement can be traced to the ultra-liberals who operate the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC.) They have a long history of using innuendo to stir up strife and distrust.  Their classic tactic is guilt by association. But in my  case, they’ve even tried to use what I call guilt by disassociation.  They point to statements that I have made to thoroughly distance myself from criminals, racists, and anti-semites, and imply: “Aha! He must be trying to hide something.” Take note: The SPLC is famous for cleverly using loaded words, half-truths, and guilt by association to attempt to destroy the reputations of conservatives. Don’t give any credence to the SPLC’s lies, or to the lies of their minions in the leftist press.

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Accompanying this article in The Sandpoint Reader is another biographical sketch of a Redoubter: Profiles of the Redoubt: Sean Statham


Down in Idaho’s only “big city”: Man fled bond agents, hit 1 with vehicle in incident sparking ‘shots fired’ call, police say

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Idaho Fish & Game Evolving To Corporatism



Grizzly bear population growing and spreading: An apex predator returns

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Montana leads nation in gun companies per capita

Eastern Oregon

Deer hunting limited in Oregon, Western US after tough winter

Eastern Washington

Redoubt News reports: HiTest Smelter – More Questions than Answers.


One more reason to love Wyoming: Dan Starks – Wyoming Museum of Military Vehicles

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Record November snowfall for Wyoming: 100 Inches!

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  1. Dear Mr Rawles,
    So many people have been duped by the SPLC. They think the words and accusations of the SPLC is gospel, when in fact the organization is itself a hate group. Please watch the following video of the testimony by African American professor Dr Carol Swain on how the SPLC tries to destroy those who have different political opinions or even different views on government policy such as immigration. Also, the FBI stopped using the SPLC as a source of information and the hometown newspaper of the SPLC headquarters has twice ran an expose on the deceit and lies of the SPLC, exposing it as a direct mail organization that uses fear mongering to raise millions it keeps in an offshore bank account.
    Dr Carol Swain criticizes SPLC for their hate of pro American organizations

  2. Off-topic (sorry), but does anyone know where I can buy one of those 1 oz American Redoubt silver coins shown in the picture? I know it’s been several years since they were produced, but it doesn’t hurt to poke around….?

  3. I always prefer to deal with reality, rather than ignore it because it is uncomfortable. For example, I love the Constitution. But, I know it is dead. It has been legislated to death. It no longer rules the country’ laws, and has not for a long time. I find that incredibly sad, frustrating and down right infuriating. But it is reality.

    Then there is race. It’s extremely uncomfortable to talk about truthfully but you are going to be called a racist regardless so it’s better to have an honest conversation on it. Do I believe every single human is created by God and has the same value in God’s eyes? Yes, I do. Jesus Christ died for us all. Do I deny that black men on average run faster and jump higher, no, no I do not. Do I believe that that asians have higher IQ’s? Yes, I do. Every study has shown this. Do I believe that each “race” has it’s own culture & DNA system that leads to more predictive outcomes about how a community is going to be run? Yes, I do.

    I also believe everything has gone tribal. Race plays a huge part in how we look at people if we are honest and even more importantly it is to know it plays a huge part in how they look at us. In a country were folks are already tribal, but our leaders have intensified that 100x over for their own gains and at least a few tribes/races have bought into that heavier than others by being victims and hating the other races, and collecting the spoils in doing so.

    It doesn’t matter if we look at a map, the way a city divides itself, the way a prison divides itself- we are tribal as human beings. We can believe that each person should be judged on his or her character alone but as a whole we are fools to not take race into the equation, if for no other reason it is being brought into the equation against us with almost absolute certainty.

    I know many great men of other races. Men I’d ride the river with who I greatly admire and respect. And yet I know I am an idiot if I don’t understand that if I walk into one of their communities I will be distrusted at best, never fully a part for sure and quite possibly (almost certainly in some) in danger. If that makes me a racist. I am a racist. But I prefer to deal in reality. Because its only if I deal with reality can I not only be safe, but also accomplish anything.

    1. Yes I must agree, the phrase “In order to form a more perfect union…” has been dead for a long time. Restoring Christ, and Christian values, to our Constitutional Republic is the only life blood that can bring it back to life and bear fruit. And bear fruit we must …. lest the fig tree wither and die from the master’s word.

  4. “Reporting” like that is why I will never talk to a LSM presstitute. If one approaches me, with microphone, notepad, and/or camera, I will fight the urge to beat said person for “assaulting” me. I may not succeed in restraining myself. News at 10.

  5. I live in Western Oregon. I don’t go to parts of Portland because those neighborhoods are dangerous. I don’t go to some of Portland’s malls for the same reason. And I pretty much don’t go anywhere in Portland on Friday or Saturday nights. When something goes wrong in those neighborhoods and malls the MSM labels the troublemakers as “teens” or “youths”. We all know who they mean and simply knowing that is “racist” so you cannot even point out the MSM’s duplicity. Shouting “racism” is one of the lefts techniques of diminishing those they oppose or dislike. It is a charge easily made and almost impossible to defend against. As I pointed out even knowing the unsafe places in a city would get you labeled as a racist.

  6. Oooo, gonna have to go to Montana and shoot me one of them “buck elk”!

    Montana ran a successful grizzly hunting season for years, giving out special permits in problem areas, until out of state organizations sued the program out of existence.

    I suspect the total number of grizzlies is twice what is reported and the number killed each year is thrice.

    1. Speaking of tools of the left: Be very wary of left Libertarians. To quote the Bionic Mosquito: Left libertarians are just the left. know them by their words and social designs.

    1. Ditto, well said.
      As a Christian, American, parent and someone who seeks and encourages other to be self-reliant, there’s absolutely no place or tolerance for racism in our house.

  7. There are those who first define themselves by the color of their skin; “I’m a black man”, or “I may be poor, but at least I’m white”. To them I say: If all you are is the color of your skin, well, there just isn’t very much to you is there.

  8. OK! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Here is the truth about the grizzlies along the Rocky Mountain Front of MT where I reside. Now the grizzlies have reached numbers so great that due to their expansion they are ranging as far out and beyond Interstate 15 onto farms and ranches. They have most recently discovered a food source of the fruit bearing trees (apples mostly) here in our local community. It’s only a matter of time before they discover the unsecured trash containers behind each residence in this small town. They have been seen and photographed during daytime hours crossing the football field of our local school. They have been within a few hundred feet of local churches and daycare centers. People here in this community are no longer safe to walk the streets of this small community during the day and especially at night. The grizzlies are not moving to the mountainous forested areas of the front, they are creating dens close to this and other communities along the front due to easy food sources. MT F&W has allowed this to happen and they are fully responsible for whatever deaths occur due to their irresponsible actions of allowing the grizzly population to go unchecked in this area of the US. If you can sense my anger in my words, you are correct. There are areas of this county where I will no longer hunt due to the attacks that have occurred here locally. These attacks have made national news. I am a volunteer EMT and crew chief with this county I reside in. This last summer my EMS crew had to call a Deputy with the county to respond to a CPR in progress on a local farm to protect them from a grizzly that was within 100 yards of them and threatening their safety. A local farmer I know sent me pictures (posted to KRTV of Great Falls) of 5 grizzlies in his yard eating the apples from his tree. All of the families in the rural areas of this area are afraid to leave their homes when walking out their doors to their vehicles or conducting daily business on their farms/ranches.
    I respond to 911 calls at nighttime and am now extremely cautious of walking out my back door to my vehicle in the dark. I now carry a firearm in hand when leaving my residence at night. Grizzlies are CARNIVORES!! They are dangerous and an indisputable threat to humans. As a licensed health care professional I don’t want to get that 911 call to respond to a grizzly mauling of a child within our city and community. This is an example of a government agency out of control with game management! We should not have to live in fear in our community of a predatory animal. The local MT F&G biologists are responsible for this creation of allowing the grizzlies to overpopulate and now terrorize our communities along the front and they have been confronted by many members of this community, but, they refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of this situation and have essentially told our community members that they have to learn to live with the grizzlies being in our community. There have been many false promises from F&G to erect electric fences around homes in the outlying areas of the community which has not been done. Their answer to some residents is that they are “out of funds” to pay for these interventions. The problem with the grizzlies making an unsafe condition within our communities is a common daily discussion. And I’m disappointed with the media for not actually interviewing the local members of these communities to obtain the facts about how it has effected the residents of these areas. Many farmers have incurred criminal charges and fines from trying to protect their livestock from grizzlies killing their livestock within fenced and corralled areas. Members of this community fear something worse than the grizzlies, they fear MT F&G. Any killing or wounding in defense of life or property of a grizzly along the front according to F&G is a criminal offense and is treated and investigated as such. Locally anyone who has wounded or killed a grizzly in self defense is guilty and has the burden of proving their innocence! This is how citizens are being treated by an out of control game management, government agency with unlimited power. This is the statement of a local member of the communities along the Rocky Mt Front who is witnessing first hand the results of our government abusing their power of game management and endangering the life and property of humans over predatory animals invading small communities. The F&G has been serving us the same lie for the last 10 years that the grizzly will be de-listed and possibly open for hunting, it’s just another act of patronizing our local communities into believing they are actually doing something to stop this terror invading our local community.

    1. Gosh folks, sounds just like interior Alaska to me … be bear aware is the mantra up here; and if threatened kill the bear. At least up here the law is for us not the bear; no permit for open or concealed carry needed and if you don’t carry you’re a fool.
      I’m sorry to hear the peoples socialists rebublik of Montucky has gone so far left that the “biologist” who also killed off the salmon in the Flathead lake are now harboring illegal alien bears from God only knows where.

  9. You must realize all this society runs on now is HE SAID & SHE SAID. Even in politics and geo politics. This is a volatile age. These factions pitting people against each other are stoking an ember beneath a powder keg that is our modern society. The fools doing this seek the destruction of groups and the advancement of their own people kind and agenda. Unless you live in a bomb proof building or blast proof bunker DO NOT THROW STONES.

  10. When filling out paperwork for any reason, when I get to the part that asked race, I check other and write in human. Most people just laugh, but I had a nurse get angry with me at the hospital when my husband appendix ruptured. She told me that when people didn’t answer the question they were required to make a visual decision on the race of the person themselves. This was 7 years ago. Today I would tell her we self identify has human and she has to recognize us that way too. A good book when dealing with a racist is “One Blood” by Ken Ham. After reading that book, only a fool could be racist. We are all one race.

  11. The property that HiTest purchased is zoned public land which prohibits industrial development and without an amendment to the county’s comprehensive plan cannot be changed.
    Thanks to the Kalispel Tribe for opposing the smelter.

  12. Interesting comments about grizzly bears.

    Living in Alaska we have occasional bear attacks. But the law is you can kill a bear in defense of life or property . Happens frequently . After you do it you call the Troopers , give them the head, claws and skull and case is closed . One exception is you can’t kill a bear legally if it’s a hunter kill. In other words if you kill a moose and are packing it out and return to get a load of meat and s bear has it, it’s his .

    Here is the conventional wisdom. If a bear gets you and it’s a griz or browny, don’t fight . Curl up . If it’s a black bear , fight him because black bears are likely to attack for purposes of having you for dinner .

    Having been around well over a hundred bears , only one did a bluff charge. The thing that surprised me was the noise . Sounded like a chain saw . Scared me to death and I had a .338

    1. Your answer was much better than mine. I lived in Montana from 1980 on and love it but watched as the liberal left destroyed it … Alaska remains at least a pre 1960 version of Montana … but its getting far too liberal here with the idiot burn ban laws , etc. being shoved down our throat. I just hope this November will rock BOTH political parties to the very core and break their backs.

  13. Social Justice Warriors – SJWs don’t care. Unless you support cultural Marxism (multiculturalism, etc.) you are a racist. And probably a sexist (your wife doesn’t work in an office?! and isn’t working on an advanced degree?). And a homophobe.

    See Kafkatrapping:

    Possibly that you do support Israel is a reason you are considered racist as it is an ethno-nationalist state. You have to be Jewish. (and with a fiat currency, abortion, and a gay scene, I can’t make the case it follows the Torah).

    But your interlocutor probably lives in a (segre-)gated community. It is sad that the demographics are such, but judging by the content of someone’s character tends to show disparity. And you are called a racist when you point out that 80% children born out of wedlock is practically dooming them to poverty and crime.

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