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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. In a stunning video, today we find that Amazon’s Alexa is a SJW!

Facial Recognition

We’ve reported several times over the past couple of year how the holy grail of retailers is to recognize each individual shopper and promote or push items of interest specifically to identified people. In many cases, people give this information away freely when they sign up for “rewards” at stores. (Surely you didn’t think that was all about giving you things for your loyalty.) Walmart has led the way, but other retailers follow suit. Any rewards card is soon linked to any credit/debit card and even online purchases are tracked and associated to you. However, paying cash at the local retailer has been the answer to staying as anonymous. Sadly, that may no longer be possible. We already have the technology to associate facial recognition patterns to each shopper and add that to the current tracking database. The only thing holding it back is privacy concerns.

Apache Protective Cases

Reader P.S. wrote in to inform SurvivalBlog readers of Harbor Freights new Apache Protective Cases. They are considerable less expensive than similar sized watertight cases and seem to perform as well. They do not come in the same variety of sizes and colors, but if you can use one of the few sizes available, it is much easier on your budget. There is also a video of their durability testing.

Times Sure Have Changed

Reader M.B. sent in this video from a stage performance by the late Robin Williams performed in 1982. Robin is dressed as a flag and the part humor, part patriotic performance gives honor to what the flag stands for. Sometimes I have to hang my head in shame at what our society has become. Things that were shocking to us are routine now and the anger and disrespect for authority is matched only by the abuses of those authority figures. I often find myself thinking: “Lord come quickly!”

Woman Shot by Hunter

We have sad news coming out of New York this week. A hunter thought he saw a deer 200 yards away and took a shot. It turned out to be a woman walking her dogs. While the hunter called 911 upon realizing his mistake and attempted to perform life saving procedures on the woman, the damage was too great and she succumbed to the injuries. No charges have currently been filed against him, but he did shoot after sundown and he did not have permission to hunt on the property. Please be safe if you are in the woods this hunting season and please make sure of your target before you pull the trigger. You can’t call that bullet back after it is fired! Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Alexa is a SJW

Steven Crowder from Louder with Crowder has a 12 minute video that is well worth the watch. He shows a live questioning session with Amazon’s Alexa device in which Alexa consistently spouts the liberal, progressive, SJW position on pretty much everything. When asked, Alexa will give you detailed information on Muhammad, including his wife’s name, where he lived and a bit of his philosophy. But when asked who Jesus Christ is, Alexa simple responds that he is a fictional character. There are some shocking revelations in the answers given by Alexa. This is propaganda at it’s finest.


Why Roy Moore Will Be The Next Senator From Alabama. Sent in by reader G.S., this article explains why not just the media doesn’t get it, but pretty much all of Washington. I can’t tell you if the allegations against Roy Moore are credible or not, though I do wonder how a mall cop can ban a district attorney from a mall. All the allegations could be false, it could be true, but more likely it is somewhere in between. But it probably doesn’t matter.

President Trump’s endorsement in the primary meant nothing and his endorsement (or the lack thereof) from other members of the establishment mean nothing as well. What matters is that we have reached the tipping point in politics where the average person is getting tired of being pushed around and Moore represents the same thing that “candidate” Trump did. Someone who will tell the establishment where they can go with no reservations. I fear the lack of quality candidates is a bad thing for our country though. As the saying goes, voting for the lessor of two evils is still voting for evil.

The Job Interview

A bit of humor today: In browsing the Internet, I came across this skit of a Millennial Job Interview. While the title says “Millennial”, it is probably more apt to be a “Gen Z”, but you’ll get the idea. Our real world of business needs collide head on with snowflakes. gone are the days of work ethic and personal responsibility. This actually wouldn’t be so funny if I hadn’t actually seen job interviews very close to this. Enjoy!

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  1. I have been watching the Roy Moore case very closely. I have met Roy Moore in person, and I do not believe that he molested anyone. After what I have personally seen of what the Republican establishment will do when someone stands up to them, I am firmly convinced that they are scared to death of Roy Moore. I pray that the voters of Alabama will see through the smoke screen and vote him in. What I am hearing is that they like him even more because they do see through it. Hopefully next year, we can get somewhere in Mississippi with our senate race. In 2014, the Republican Party paid democrats to vote in the Republican Primary to defeat Chris McDaniel.

  2. Most of the Roy Moore charges have been debunked including the serious one that would have been a criminal act. I believe this was a Democrat con job to steal the election and gain a seat to make it possible to stop Trump. It is classical Democrat dirty tricks. I hope Roy Moore does push to charge those who lied and collaborated with the Democrats to destroy him.

    1. Unfortunately the word around town is that the campaign to dig up dirt on Roy Moore was actually Republican sponsored, specifically Mitch McConnell and John McCain. My understanding is that they’ve had about 30 reporters from the Wash Post and other papers in Gadsden trying to find whatever they can in an attempt to keep Moore out of DC.

      1. You are correct. I have no personal proof in this case, but after what I saw the Republican Party do in years past, I lay this blame fully at the feet of the Republicans. I know for a fact that they are just as bad as the democrats, if not worse.

  3. That video of Amazon’s Alexa was awesome and so revealing. You can put a smile on evil (or at least anti-capitalism, anti-Christianity) but it is still evil. There will NOT be one under our house. Thank you for the link.

  4. Ted Kennedy basically murdered a girl, no FAKE-NEWS calls for him to not run. FAKE-NEWS covers up for leftists all the time yet let Mark Rubio take a sip of water during a speech.

    1. “Gen Z so far is being framed as the most conservative generation in over 70 years.”

      May it be true! I’m looking forward to a turn to common sense and decency!

  5. The question that divides all humanity is, “Who is Jesus Christ?” And now we see that Alexa has been poisoned from conception by its creators with Satan’s current lie, that he is a fictional character. How many mis-educated millenials ask that question, receive the lying response, shrug, and go on with their meaningless life? Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, etc., have been banned in this household.

    But no matter how much money and power these evils accumulate, none of them can stand up to the power of prayer! Just ask Harvey.

    Pray pray pray

  6. Importing something that listens to your conversations sounds about like the stupidest idea yet. Never want this thing around, period. It’s not help, it’s a slave finder.

  7. 1984, the movie, in home surveillance was resented government intrusion on privacy. Today the marketplace cannot keep up with demand for home surveillance paid for by the consumer. Next is your personal guardian on your wrist, the Alexa watch.

  8. Alexa is a fine and useful tool for the severely handicapped. All the new tools that work with it are also highly beneficial to the handicapped, giving them the ability to be more independent in the way they live.

    That said, for the rest of us Alexa is a trap, a con, making us dependent on an invasive tool of the State. It’s a tattletale. It gives the State the ability to invade the privacy and intimacy of the homes of those who voluntarily choose to install it.

    Now we even have smart beds. Internet connected beds that record the very actions of those sleeping on those beds.

    It is amazing to me that the selfsame liberals who complain about government invading their bedrooms now invite that same government into their homes and their bedrooms.

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