JWR’s Recommendations of the Week

Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers.  This week the focus is on the movie Within The Whirlwind.

Special Note:  You might want to wait until “Black Friday” to order some of the books and other products mentioned in this column, to get the best prices, or discounted shipping.



The Midnight Line: A Jack Reacher Novel

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This book is a perennial bestseller, for good reason: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

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“Pam’s Pride” has posted a big list of book cover book recommendation links. Most of these look like good selections. Pam is a Christian, home schooling mom. Like me, she earns small commissions from making Amazon book and e-book recommendations.


Movies and Television (Within The Whirlwind):

Storm of the Century – the Blizzard of ’49.  This Wyoming PBS documentary was recommended by reader Steven N. He notes: “It’s about the Wyoming blizzard of 1949. But much of it is about the things the locals and local authorities did to survive it. It’s chock full of practical realities of key interest to SurvivalBlog readers.” Available on DVD and also available for free download for Amazon Prime members.

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Within The Whirlwind. Available on DVD and also available for free download for Amazon Prime members. Here is a description: “…based on the true story of Evgenia Ginzburg, a Russian literature professor who was arrested on false charges during Stalin’s Reign of Terror and sentenced to 10 years of hard labor in a Siberian Gulag. Upon meeting and falling in love with the camp doctor, also a prisoner, she regained her will to live and endured the horrific conditions of the Gulag until her release. ”

JWR’s Comments: About 500,000 people were executed outright in the three worst years of The Great Purge (aka The Great Terror, or The Reign of Terror) in the late 1930s. But worst of all, nearly 18 million Soviet citizens were sentenced to hard labor in the Gulags before Stalin’s death in 1953, mostly on fabricated charges. Of those, more than 5 million died while serving their sentences. Meanwhile, another 5 million died in the Ukranian famine. Many of these people were intentionally starved by Soviet authorities who “requisitioned” nearly all of the crops grown in the region.

A key lesson from this film: Never get on the bus, folks. It is better to die on your feet than on your knees. OBTW, you may note that I linked to the Infogalactic article on the Great Purge, instead of the one at Wikipedia.  You see, the Bolsheviks who edit Wikipedia systematically removed all references to Josef Stalin from that Wikipedia page. Apparently there has been an Editorial Purge there, as well. Down the Memory Hole, Comrade! This is ironically indicative of the blatant bias at Wikipedia. Do not trust anything that you read there!

Instructional Videos:

How to easily convert fluorescent Lights to LED – Conversions Tutorial

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The latest at Robb’s Homemade Life: Smallest DIY sardine can folding woodstove

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How to butcher a deer, by The Bearded Butchers at Whitefeather Meats. He emphasizes: “Having a sharp knife is extremely important.”


ThermoPro TP03A Digital Food Cooking Thermometer Instant-Read Meat Thermometer for Kitchen or BBQ

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These are long-burning taper candles, and priced right — at least when bought in bulk: Ner Zion Shabbat Candles Deluxe, 72 Piece Box. That works out to about only 30 cents per candle. Not just for Shabbat dinners, they are also great for power failures.  I recommend that you stock up with a few boxes. And it is great to see that they are made in Israel, rather than in China.

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Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM 15.6-Inch FHD Notebook (Intel Core i3-7100U 7th Generation , 4GB DDR4, 1TB 5400RPM HD, Intel HD Graphics 620, Windows 10 Home)

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Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bugs

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Vitamin K2 (MK7) with D3 Supplement – Vitamin D & K Complex for Strong Bones and a Healthy Heart – 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 & 90 mcg of Vitamin K2 MK-7 – 60 Vegetable Capsules


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