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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on Thunder Beast Arms Corp., in  Cheyenne, Wyoming. (See the Wyoming section, near the end of this column.)


The second two installments of the Redoubt article series at The Sandpoint Reader are surprisingly accurate and balanced. Take a few minutes to read: The American Redoubt Series: Preparedness and Self-Reliance and this: Profiles of the Redoubt: Beth Baumann

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Over at The Charles Carroll Society: Ben Olson & The Sandpoint Reader – Those who know, don’t speak, those who speak, don’t know #AmericanRedoubt

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Survivalist migration movement grows in the Northwest. Of course the journalist had to throw in an obligatory reference to the defunct racist Idaho Aryan Nation group. It seems to be Standard Operating Procedure for leftist journalists to include a dose of Guilt by Dis-Association in every article about the Redoubt movement.  The journalists with an agenda refuse to accept the fact that the movement is anti-racist.


Wolf depredation: Wildlife Services urges ranchers to report all cattle deaths

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Just another Idaho fish story: Nampa man catches trout weighing nearly 20 pounds

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SurvivalBlog readers in southern Idaho should check out Boise Gun Company. They have a huge inventory of guns at two storefront locations–in Boise and in Nampa. They also have  a surprisingly nice assortment of production knives. If ordering from out of state, modern guns must of course be shipped to your local FFL.  But they can mail or ship any of their antique (pre-1899) guns and any of their knives right to your doorstep. (Consult your State and local laws before ordering.) Boise gun company has been in business since 1995, and they have a great reputation. Phone: (208) 468-2325.


Moving on to some news from Polson, Montana:  Officials decline to prosecute shooter who killed man on porch

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This year’s U.S. Capitol Christmas tree is from Yaak, Montana.

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And in Hamilton: Prosecutor grills doctor on trial for 22 felony drug counts

Eastern Oregon

Another gray wolf illegally shot and killed in Oregon

Eastern Washington

Reader Q.R. alerted us to this news: Newport residents mobilize against proposed smelter

Wyoming (Thunder Beast)

Don’t Miss the 2018 Wyoming Elk Application Deadline

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A relatively new suppressor maker is Thunder Beast Arms Corp., in  Cheyenne, Wyoming. They specialize in both muzzle brake-attached and thread-attached rifle caliber suppressors. One of their models can handle the pressure of a .338 Lapua Magnum.


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  1. Of importance to PNW gun shoppers, North 40 Outfitters will end FFL to FFL transfers starting Dec 12, 2017. When asked why, I got a shoulder shrug but it was a cashier.

    I suspect it is because they have a couple of hundred guns in the showcase that aren’t selling because people like me save a few hundred dollars buying on the internet and shipping to their store, tax free, for a $20 fee.

    While there are other FFL dealers in the towns N Forty stores are in, they can charge more, so if yer eye ballin a gun purchase on the internet, you’ll need to find another FFL after they stop FFL’ing.

    P.S. It was a hand printed sign in the Firearms section in the Sandpoint store so it may not be system wide, fwiw.

  2. As to the shooting of the grey wolves, whoever is doing the shooting may have access to the frequencies of the collars. Then they just follow the radio signal to the animal. So might want to look at the people who have or HAD the freqs in the past.

  3. Just so you know I am NOT an animal hugger, unless you are talking about my horses or dogs. But if people want to have wolves running around, and I do think they are neccessary for a healthy wilderness area, then make them a “Game Animal” with hunting permits and limits. All the animals I know of that have been set up as “game animals” have flourished as the hunters want to make sure there are enough around to hunt. And if you wonder if I know what of I am speaking, let me tell you I live in Florida and even Gators have a season here because when they were protected they reproduced extremely well to a point were they are hunted here. And again the guys who hunt them here want to make sure they do not get so under numbered that they can not hunt them.

  4. I am disappointed in the Montana sheriff whose letter recommended a charge of negligent homicide based on the fact that the fellow made no claim of “self-defense.” Therefore, he seems to say, it could not be that at all. On the other hand, I am pleased that the prosecuting attorney has looked at all the elements and has declined to pursue the case. Based on the two letters shown, nothing seems to be gained by charging a man who was trying to protect his abode.

  5. I own a gun store in WY that deals in alot of NFA weapons and I can tell you thunder beast makes probably the best long range/hunting cans on the market. Very little poi shift on the rifle and they are to my knowledge the lightest magnum rated can on the market. We sell 2 to 1 TBAC cans to everything else in the store currently. A little of that has to do with WY folks sticking to their own but alot of it is that TBAC makes amazing cans.

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