New Advertising Spots Available on SurvivalBlog

Pardon this bit of self-promotion, but just like any other business venture, we need to generate revenue to consistently post SurvivalBlog with daily updates.  (We’ve only missed posting a  few days since our launch in August of 2005.) Most of our revenue comes from advertising  and The 10 Cent Challenge.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve revamped our advertising on SurvivalBlog. In addition to traditional banner ads in the right hand column, we now offer text ads (text between articles) for just $100 per month. Those who choose to run the traditional banner ads with us also get access to the text ads at no additional cost.

Improved SurvivalBlog Advertising

Hugh (our Managing Editor) implemented a very clever automated system that allows all of our advertisers to remotely change their ads as often as they’d like.

Since our new text ads are so affordable, this opens up advertising opportunities for many small ventures that previously could not afford to advertise on SurvivalBlog. These could include:

  • Home-based Internet and mailorder businesses
  • Real estate agents and brokers throughout the US and Canada
  • Promotion for guns shows, preparedness expos, and fiber crafts shows
  • Small gun training schools and mobile trainers
  • Gun shops and gunsmiths that do some mailorder business
  • Coin shops and bullion dealers that do some mailorder sales
  • Businesses that do storefront sales inside The American Redoubt
  • Other blogs and prepper-oriented hard copy magazines
  • Web designers and graphic artists who work remotely
  • Off-grid and backup power system designers and installers
  • Building contractors and architects who specialize in retreat buildings and shelters
  • Makers of customized ham radio equipment and antennas
  • Companies seeking investors or franchisees
  • Small publishers
  • Tour, cruise, and safari promotions
  • Custom handloaders
  • Builders of custom bugout vehicles and campers/trailers
  • Custom stovemakers
  • People with mobile businesses such as farriers, piano tuners, and chiropractors
  • Medical professionals who do mobile training classes
  • Bookstores that do some mailorder sales
  • Rebluing, Parkerizing, Cerakoting, and camouflage-dipping services
  • Agricultural training seminars
  • Promotion for hamfests and ham swap meets
  • Home-based publishers and self-published authors
  • Log home kit builders
  • Custom and kit aircraft makers
  • Wall tent makers
  • Self-published authors
  • ATV and Off-road vehicle trailer makers/dealers
  • CPAs and tax professionals
  • Custom ghillie and thermal suit makers
  • Promotion for Podcasters and Vloggers
  • Military surplus dealers
  • Remote Internet/Satellite TV system providers
  • Fuel and water tank makers and dealers
  • Blasting and demolition services
  • Road, pond, and hydroelectric engineers
  • Logging companies
  • Homeschooling curriculum publishers
  • Meetup groups and matchmaking services
  • Custom welders and fabricators
  • Heavy equipment, steam engine, and vehicle restorers
  • Surveyors (especially those licensed more than one state.)
  • Farmers Markets and Co-ops seeking promotion
  • Exotic and rare breed livestock breeders

… and many more. If you have such a venture–or if you know someone who does, who might be interested–then please contact us!  You can see our advertising guidelines, our available advertising spaces, and our advertising rate–all here.

I expect all of the SurvivalBlog ad spaces to sell out by the end of December, so don’t delay!  Thanks, – JWR


  1. Thank you, for the great opportunity to reach many like minded preppers; and profit from imparting personal held wisdom,and valuable goods.A win/win.
    I will let you know.

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