Letter: Relationships and Survival

Dear Hugh,

About two years ago I came to a conscience awareness, that I had been living my life wrong. At that time, I had a son and a spouse. I came to realize that I was raised and was always a Christian. I should start actively following that faith, including daily prayer. At the same time, I also consciously realized that the world is going to change radically, perhaps very soon.

A simple man at heart, I believe that everyone should give thanks for their life and be respectful to the teachings of the Christian Bible. I also believe that when you stop paying your bills that eventually you will run out of credit and you will not be able to buy heat and food. This statement is relevant to the peoples of the economies of most Western Countries. Perhaps it most importantly applies to the USA and Canada, who have rung up enormous debt that is now nearly impossible to pay back without some major upheaval in the current system. In fact the only possibility of getting out of this situation now relies in the power of prayer only, in my belief.

This belief comes from hundreds of hours of research, networking with the most intelligent contacts, and above all trusting my gut instincts. I have personally spoken to what is commonly regarded as the highest levels of knowledge on the topic of survival. I can trust in them, as I trust in God.

Why is this topic important to me? Well, first off, I feel I am a good and hard working person. There is no question of this. I do not wish to suffer at all in the times ahead because I feel I have suffered enough in my lifetime. I believe in God, and I have proven myself honest and trustworthy.

There is no wish to be waiting in a bread line for handouts that are not to be had. I do not wish to be in a multi-layered arctic sleeping bag with my child during those harsh winter months.

Most continue to believe in a government that will provide for them, as their surrogate mother and father. SNAP cards are an example of this. It’s a current system that has been adopted by the masses, which render them incapable of acquiring food, heat, and sometimes shelter on their own. These masses now need to press a button to provide for their heat, and when they are hungry prepackaged food is ready to them to consume on a whim. All of these are available to them, despite lacking the knowledge to provide these things on their own.

I can perceive that the government has perhaps the best intentions. Although, once a government is denied credit, it will no longer be able to provide the basic necessities to its people they once had. Despite flaws, a dysfunctional parent may still have the best intentions. I love my parents, despite their flaws, although I question their wisdom. They have failed in passing the knowledge of the skills for the necessities of life, skills that are essential.

Supplies are one thing; skills are another. Supplies, right now in our society, are in abundance. Skills are another matter entirely, especially for the general public. By my survey, most of the people I have come in contact will greatly suffer when they are left to provide for their own heat and food.

What has happened to our society when the majority is now incapable of providing for the basic necessities of life on their own, without resorting to acts of sheer violence? This situation gravely concerns me.

In my personal situation, my spouse is a confessed atheist. Any mention of prayer in our home or thanks to a Christian religion has been met with hostility and scorn.

Atheists are, at the most fundamental level, flawed. This statement is profound, because having faith in Christianity, or a lack thereof, affects every person’s entire decision making process from the ground up. That is my personal belief, and I hope you share this.

This letter is meant for the Christian, true believers who are active preppers. I will continue to believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and I will continue to provide for my family.

What to do? What are the reader’s thoughts?

This letter is provided in part to provide some source of solace and knowledge to those that might be in similar relationships/situations that I am personally in.

A wise person once told me, “If God has a plan, He will make it work.” Better to be on His good side, in my opinion.

Thank you, kindly and respectively. I look forward to your comments. – Sheepdog and Son.


  1. Sheepdog,
    I feel the heaviness of your heart in your writing. It has been my experience that atheists are suffering from misdirected rebellion. Without knowing the past of your spouse, some see God only as a source of judgement and someone else they may disappoint. The threat of eternal damnation in a pit of hellfire is not always the best way to persuade someone like this to come to the Glory and Love of Jesus Christ. Remind your spouse in subtle ways that God loves unconditionally and will be waiting with open arms when they are ready.
    My concern would be for your son living in such a conflicted environment. As an adult, he may grow up to see God as a source of conflict rather than love and forgiveness. Make sure your son only hears you speak of your spouse as Christ would.
    The truth about the economy, as bleak as it may seem, is that they can run this thing for years to come. The powers that be have no interest in watching their wealth and power go up in a ball of flame or hail of gunfire. Take a step back from the gloom and doom for a bit and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Take the family for a hike or watch the stars from the backyard tonight.

  2. “Well, first off, I feel I am a good and hard working person. There is no question of this. I do not wish to suffer at all in the times ahead because I feel I have suffered enough in my lifetime. I believe in God, and I have proven myself honest and trustworthy.” You need to read your Bible some more. Best wishes to you on your journey.

    1. Read your Bible; Couldn’t agree more! Start by realizing that it is living and active (Hebrews 4:12). As you start remember nobody is exempt from preconceptions and so fight to suppress yours, letting God’s word speak for itself. There are many many uncomfortable truths in it, don’t resist the humbling medicine. God speaks most reliably to you from its pages if you careful sift through your preconceptions and selfish desires. Grow in Christ and may He enlighten the eyes of your heart (Ephesians1:18).

      I was in the same place as your wife years ago. First remember there isn’t any atheists really, I spend a good deal of time cussing the God I said I didn’t believe in (Romans 1:18-20). Second realize your prayers and those of brothers and sisters in Christ will have more effect than any debate, salvation belongs to the Lord. Have patience it took 18 years for this to work for my beleaguered wife, your wife hates Christ not really you. Speaking of the prayers of fellow saints, you are in a solid fellowship aren’t you?

      Getting a bit wordy here, I’ll be praying for you and your wife.

  3. Prep quietly for the most part. Use current events such as North Korea to stir an interest in your spouse. Love and pray for her. Read 1 Corinthians 7:12-16. LIVE the Christian life in front of her. Arguing will get nowhere. Love her as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her as in Ephesians 5:25.

    1. I agree w/ GA Girl’s approach. I’d show ur atheist wife that u love her, & don’t point out how u’ve loved her. Any pride or boasting will just turn her off. Live out I Cor. 13:4-7 everyday. When u fail (as we all do sometimes), apologize & ask for her forgiveness. Your sharing ur faith will be accepted only to the point that she feels loved by u. Prep for natural disasters in ur area. When a disaster happens in any area, point out how those who prepared, were better off than those who didn’t.

  4. Wow. Okay, I’m honestly not trying to pick a fight, but your thought process is jacked up in all kinds of ways, IMO.
    “I can trust them, as I trust in God.” Um, no. No man, source, or document is anywhere near the level of reliability of God. To think otherwise is borderline idolatry.
    “I have suffered enough in my lifetime.” The arrogance, intentional or not, of this statement is huge. A christians life is suffering. That is made clear in the scriptures. I’m willing to bet you’ve never been on the brink of starvation, or even dealt with the kind of life your own grandparents had to deal with.
    “I feel I am a good and hardworking person”. I’m sure you are hardworking. Good? No. None of us are good. We are all miserable sinners whose only hope lies in the grace of God. No exceptions. “I have proven myself honest and trustworthy”. I’m sorry again, none of us iare honest, nor trustworthy, and I’m not sure who you’ve proven it to.
    Again, it is by no means my intent to start or pick a fight, but perhaps your overall spiritual/personal outlook could do with some further study on biblical humility. Please see Romans 12:3, 2 Corinthians 7:14, 2 Corinthians 12:5-12, or Luke 14:10.
    Finally, I do not know your own personal marital circumstances, but to allow your child to be raised and educated by an atheist is shirking your duty as a parent.

    God Bless You

    1. Jason, you and your type are responsible for turning folks away who may be searching for a relationship with a loving God. I read your comments and I think; who is this guy who is critical, judgmental and demeaning. God loves a humble spirit and despises arrogance. You have some soul searching to do, my friend. You owe Sheepdog an apology, and you need to take a “humble” pill.

      1. Sir

        I will not now, nor ever, apologize for telling the truth. You and your type sir are responsible for the “feel good, Jesus is my buddy” movement in Christianity that is leading millions astray.
        Additionally, please explain to me how my statements that we are all sinners, that none of us is good or trustworthy, that no man or source is nearly as reliable as God, and that it is anparents duty to ensure they raise their children in a Christian home are arrogant? We could all do with some soul searching Tom, as we’re all sinners. But I’ve no problem pointing that out. You seem unable to handle the notion.

  5. Dear Sheepdog, Bobby Conner is on youtube. He was an atheist. God has so saved him that he is now a preacher and a prophet. I have been a christian for 50 years and Bobbys messages still bless my soul. He will make you laugh and his messages are about the power of Jesus now. And God will open your eyes with his direct from the Lord words. You want solace and knowledge Bobby and Jesus invite you to abundance of life and joy for evermore. All power is given unto Jesus in heaven and in earth and he is using this power to draw your spouse unto him. Have the faith that God gives. In him is fulness of joy. He is able to do more than you can imagine.

  6. I keep the Sabbath best I can and make it to church about once a month, I was raised a Christian My wife was not and she has been skeptical however after 20 years she now sees the wisdom of occasionally attending church with me. “Hostility and scorn” and there probably was a little would have been met with same.Anything other than mutual respect was never an option.

  7. I don’t understand why it is that women are less often into prepping than men. But I guess I don’t understand most women either. I have always been geared differently than most women, to the point of having a lot of trouble finding friends.

  8. If your spouse is not religious, do not under any circumstances pressure her or degrade her. Set an example by living a Godly life, and she will see the changes for the good in you and SLOWLY come around. Everyone is not in the same place at the same time, and we must all be patient.

  9. I just wanted to add that Jesus took a simple Texas man who talks Texan who loves hunting and fishing and whose messages are all about how Jesus still speaks today inconjunction with the Bible but even as Daniel knew the thoughts of the king the governments of the world are watching this man because of what Jesus reveals thru his servant Bobby Conner. Bobby is just the messenger the Message is Jesus and His Power and
    Glory and his sheep hear his voice and follow him.

  10. I hear you Rose, I am female and a prepper, a Christian, married to a good man who is liberal, I am conservative, he Will attend church, but doesn’t want to get involved, and lightheartedly laughs at my prepping. I have a cottage on a lake, with a well in the basement with a hand pump, garden space, a barn, a Woodstock and all LP appliances. I rent it to a family member. I tell him if TSHTF his sorry backside will beg for my beans. Lol

    1. @carol, Wow, it may be even harder to be a woman prepper married to a man who isn’t. Thankfully, both my husband and I are on board. He grew up on this farm and it has been an established farm for years. We are just being self sufficient farmers.

  11. I have to say…I do not understand the religious aspect you mention, and that any sort of dogmatic, ritual indoctrination makes me uncomfortable. I think there are alot of good messages in the Bible and in general, I think any sort of organized religion makes for a great way to get together with folks of similar interests or ethics. I do not know how to address spiritual strength or why one might need to look outside of oneself for strength…and I have been pretty uncomfortable and in serious situations…I got through all of that myself and I do not think that I am so special that no one else can do it either. There is a very good reason for a separation of church and state…and for anything larger than a tribe, I would suggest that a distinct separation be maintained in all situations. I do not have all or even many answers, but I would encourage anyone to be skeptical of the strengths and weaknesses of any system and to try and be aware of what drives you to do a thing. You need to own your choices and always be prepared to learn and not get used to borrowing ethics or citing examples that may seem to make you correct or more right or better than another. Group dynamics is a powerful thing and too many folks use it as an excuse…A VERY MANY PEOPLE let them. That is my respectful $.02.

    1. Mr C
      “…any sort of dogmatic, ritual indoctrination makes me uncomfortable.” Me too!

      “…be skeptical of the strengths and weaknesses of any system” The best example of a person who questioned the “system” was Jesus. He despised what the Pharisees were doing to the people; enslaving them to a law-based system that distanced people from a loving Father.

      I like your “respectful $.02” and appreciate your honesty. I had a very similar worldview myself. I would only nudge you to examine your appeal to “always be prepared to learn” as you seem to have shut the gate and locked yourself away from a legitimate source of wisdom.
      In Peace!

      1. Thanks…no…unfortunately I am unbalanced enough to never think I have quite the right answer…I get alot from religion and spirituality….and I am very thankful. That is about the extent of my relationship with the higher powers…just grateful. I own my own problems and try hard to recognize them. Usually I find that when my ego tries to get me to do something that is the only warning sign I need. Right now I am reading up on Christian Mystics and re-reading some pointedly non-religious philosophers from the East. My only real observations are that deep spirituality seems to cancel out large portions of what it is to be Human / Ego and that alot of meditations seem to work with a clear mind/ No Ego …. and some form of Self Awareness. Simple but not Easy I reckon, but I find value in everything I can…though I usually have to remind myself that every weakness is a strength in disguise.

        1. Mr C
          I appreciate your response! A man who recognizes the reality of the challenges of “ego” is a rare thing today.

          “…deep spirituality seems to cancel out large portions of what it is to be Human.” That is an interesting thought. What it means to be human is a fascinating discussion and most often leads to the topic of consciousness.

          As a follower of Christ, one area that I would love to see more writing/research in is the philosophy of beauty. I am going to make the assumption that you are probably one who appreciates both philosophy and beauty.

          If you are open to philosophy in general, may I offer a few names of my favorite minds. Many great minds are earnestly seeking answers to the “Human/Ego” and “Self Awareness.” I can also respond with a few of the titles of books/lectures/interviews that relate specifically to the mind/consciousness if requested. Otherwise, I will simply leave the names:
          J.P. Moreland, PhD
          Alvin Plantinga, PhD
          Nicholas Wolterstorff, PhD

          1. Thanks! – I have them bookmarked. I am reading Thomas Merton…PD Ouspensky and Gurjieff right now…so kinda stick in the 20s-50s at the moment. Appreciate the thought and the time you took to share and it is officially on my list now.

          2. As to beauty … and your interest therabouts. I am still stuck in physical revulsion to cruelty. While I do appreciate beauty and whatever expression that serves as some form of inspiration…I tend to just notice and appreciate it (as an example) before I find myself back in the mud..hopefully, (trying at least) to make a difference in addressing desperation, dignity and self worth. I do not think the greater majority of people are capable of being aware…though they may potentially aware at some point. Heck..the Lizard Brain keeps wanting to take over MY life and I TRY to be aware. I very much look forward to reading your suggested authors.

  12. To divorce someone because they are not in the same place religiously as you are is a very evil thing. We must set an example for our spouses and children, and NOT preach, criticize, or judge. We must look for the good points in our loved ones, and things will be what they will be. Just work on YOUR relationship with God, and quit worrying about where other people are.

  13. Sheepdog and Son,

    I admire you for reaching out and asking for feedback. Advice is a strange thing to ask for from others. Prayer, humility and trust God is a powerful approach as you mentioned that it is the “power of prayer only” that will save you from your situation.

    May I suggest you look at this from an entirely different perspective? What if you asked yourself, “Why me?” Why were you hit with the reality of Ephesians 2:8-9? “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.” Many have asked this question and the answer remains hidden.

    Do not lose hope. Many are in your marital situation. You are certainly not alone spiritually.

    Along with prayer, a couple books that may peak you or your wife’s interest:
    – “Total Truth” Nancy Pearcey
    – Lee Strobel “The Case for Christ” (his wife was in a similar situation that you are in) also a movie by this title.
    – Sean and Josh McDowell just published a new version of “Evidence that Demands a Verdict”
    Peace to you!

  14. As a fellow Christian, I wish to encourage you. There have already been many good comments. I especially liked DD’s. Read 1 Corinthians 7: 12-14 for specific instructions regarding your marriage. Keep praying and living your life for Christ as a example for both your wife and child. My sister’s husband accepted Christ after over 30 years of marriage! Ultimately, your wife has free will and it’s up to God to save her. Your job is to love her and plant seeds. As for prepping, it’s fine as long as it does not become an idol. Realize that preps may not save you. We had 30 minutes to leave our house and everything completely burned. Believe me, you might think you survive in your own strength but you don’t. Community is key – a church family, friends, family and faith in God were our help. We were not in a shelter nor did we accept one dime of government money and, amazingly, we are fine! There will be trials in this life (James 1:2-4, 12 and 1Peter 1:6)but God will never forsake you. Blessings.

  15. Sheepdog; You are in a very difficult situation with many hard and painful decisions ahead of you. I relate my personal experience so you can have a different perspective.

    As a child of conflicted parental beliefs, I grew up with contention in the home. I loved both my parents but cried at night because they did not agree on basic beliefs; not religion, not money, not discipline; which made me and my siblings very confused. We never knew what our fate would be the next day, whether dad’s or mom’s belief would direct us that day. We desired our parents to give us the similar rules, similar decisions, and to teach us correct principles. We did not get any of those things; we only got disagreements and verbal abuse if we chose one view point over another. All of us found outside activities and stayed away from the house as much as we could. Some tried to run away but were drug back into confusion; all of us left as soon as we were 18. We siblings found different ways to ease our pain and confusion. I searched for religion, another turned to drugs, another turned to solitude and the youngest turned to worldliness, money and greed. Each of us tried NOT to be like our parents. Now as experienced adults we have stabilized and overcome many issues in our lives. We see our mom and dad as good individuals, but as terrible parents.

  16. “There is none righteous, no not one” Rom 3:10

    We are all profoundly “flawed”. The difference is that some us are redeemed and some are not. Perhaps one day the Holy Spirit will open her eyes and in the meantime you can sacrificially love your wife as Scripture commands. I am praying for your family my brother and for us all in the testing to come. No matter what comes in any of our lives it is never about me or you or her or them. It’s always and only about Him!

  17. Sheepdog, try to get the Word of God into your wife’s eyes and ears. Let good, biblical preachers be on the TV and radio. Let Bible verses be in places your wife will see.
    Keep praying for her. Call her name out before the Throne of God.
    The Word of God and prayer are effective.

  18. Isaiah 41:10King James Version (KJV)

    10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
    King James Version (KJV)

    Public Domain

  19. I prefer to call myself a follower of Christ rather than a Christian as there are so many who call themselves Christians and yet their lives don’t seem to reflect God at all. I believe it’s a relationship with God and not just a set of rules and that our lives should endeavor to reflect the heart of God in all we do. But the point I would like to make is that many husbands fail to communicate with their wives as to what is important to them. Running water, electricity of some sort, a social life, comfort (not living in a tent) etc. We used to live in the semi bush in Alaska. I would frequently do my laundry at the laundry mat when we had the money. I met many women who were dragged out to the bush without any input from them. They were expected to provide the city type of life while haul water, heat it on a stove, carry in the wood and maintain the woodstove as well as all the extra work that goes with living the “simple” life. which happens to entail a LOT of physical labor! They were burnt out and angry. If their husbands had help pull the heavy work involved and express their appreciation of the sacrifice their wives had made, the women would have been a lot happier. I was one of the unusual ones as I saw it as an adventure but it was a lot of hard work and I would have liked more appreciation. I think that goal oriented husbands can be a little blinded with their ambitions and goals sometimes.
    So if you want a willing wife I would suggest you communicate and find out what’s important to her, be willing to compromise and work as a team .

  20. I understand there is a new movie out from Shawn Hannity (can’t remember the name of it) telling how an atheist came to Christ. Maybe that would be something your family would like to see.

  21. Our national debt could be fixed easily with the stroke of a pen but the underlying problem of our politicians spending money they don’t have is a different story. It will bite us in the rear causing an economic collapse which will be worse than the great depression because most of us are too far removed from a self sufficient lifestyle to survive without lots of help. I suspect it will devolve into a free for all. rioting, killing, looting, etc. which will probably precipitate a civil war which will probably cause the government to become the enemy of the people (I mean more so than today) which will likely end with us being taken over by whichever superpower proves smarter and more ready than us to assert power. Game over.

  22. Sheepdog hopefully you will not misunderstand what I have to say, but you stated that you was raised a Christian and was always a Christian. Many people have a head knowledge of Christ but have never really come to know him in their heart, no one was born a Christian, as Jesus said in John Chap.3 Vs.1 thru 7 Ye must be born again. And also as a man you ain’t no slave master, but you are the head-of-the-House, and as such do you go to Church and take your son to Church, and if not, why not? And as GA Girl already stated, read 1Corinthians Chap.7. And remember you can’t make your spouse do something against her will but you can show leadership with your son, just don’t wait until he gets to old. Trekker Out

  23. Thank you humbly to all for your advice,

    I will look forward to regarding this article as a reference of great wisdom, and delve deeper into the teachings of the Bible.
    All your advice is of great benefit to my family, and myself. I have already begun to implement some of the wisdoms you have imparted, into my daily life.
    I will continue to look into your suggestions as well.
    Thank you again for your time, effort and considerations.

    God bless you all,

    Sheepdog and Son

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