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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Today features natural and man-made disasters. 500k without power in the north east due to weather and disaster in North Korea at their nuclear test site.

500k Without Power

While most eyes in the nation are focused on the terror attack in New York, A freak wind storm took down hundreds of trees in Maine leaving almost 474,000 people without power. Central Maine Power reported that almost 60% of it’s customers were without power and it had employed over three hundred two man crews but said it will still be days before power is fully restored. This outage is worse than the ice storm of ’98 that so many remember.

Fishy Story

The story of the two women lost as sea is beginning to unravel as inconsistencies in their story appear. They reported a three day, two night storm that battered their ship soon after leaving, but The National Weather Service in Honolulu said that no such storm was within 1200 miles of their ship on the reported dates. NASA satellite imagery confirms the NWS story as well. They also reported being attacked by tiger sharks, but the University of Hawaii said they’ve never heard of sharks attacking in the described manner. It would also appear that their satellite transponder was in working order, but they never activated. Still, five months at sea is nothing to sneeze at. Thanks to S.R. for the link.

Antifa = Pro-Pedophile

You knew it would come out sooner or later. Protesters of Mike Cernovich’s speech at Columbia University, wearing the usual cowardly attire, held aloft a pro-pedophilia banner. The banner expressly promotes pedophilia. It also has the logos of Antifa, the far-left Resist NY group and NAMBLA (the North American Man/Boy Love Association). There were some claiming the photo was “Fake News” and Twitter banned the photo, but a video also taken of it suggests otherwise. Reader D.S. sent in that link with the question: “Load and Lock time soon?”

Poor Man’s TOW

Suicide drones – drones with explosives strapped to them – first appeared in the Middle East. In the middle east, the payload was rigged to be released upon reaching it’s destination. Now we are seeing the same thing in the cartels of Mexico. Authorities have released pictures of some captured drones. The explosive was attached to the drone and the drone was to be flown to it’s target where the explosives would detonate (also destroying the drone in the process). Thanks to G.P. for the link.

Anti-Family Insanity

Reader D.S. sent in this link from across the pond. Evangelicals in Spain are fighting a bill that blocks a parent’s rights in stopping children’s sex change operations. If this bill passes, the parents will lose all ability to stop their own children from undergoing hormone treatment and sex change surgeries.

DIY Water Well

We ran across this DIY water well drilling kit that seems kind of interesting. For about $500, you get a box of parts that is capable of drilling a shallow water well and manually pumping water out of it. If your soil type is the right type, this may provide a useful water backup for your preps. A word of warning: This drilling method is for shallow wells only and does not deal very well with rocky soil (especially big rocks). If you have to dig through gravel to reach water, this may not be your answer, but in certain clay/sand soil types, this is a quick fix to a shallow well. There is also a YouTube video showing how the drilling system works.

North Korea

Reader G.P. sent in this link showing disaster at North Korea’s nuclear test site. According to Japan’s Asahi TV, a mine shaft that was being dug at the test site collapsed. This collapse killed over 100 workers. As rescuers worked to to clear the collapse, the shaft collapsed again killing another 100. This is the same complex that we reported earlier as possibly suffering from “Tired Mountain Syndrome”, a situation in which the rock is weakened by the nuclear tests and becomes unstable. This is known to occur at nuclear test sites in other parts of the world, including the U.S. and is one of the reasons that underground tests are no longer supported.

Another possible explanation is that instead of fitting the nuclear device inside a small tunnel, large caverns are being dug. This is one method of hiding the yield of the nuclear device being tested. A large cavern can reduce the seismic signature by up to 25 times. This is an especially disturbing revelation because it’s possible the North Korea’s nuclear bombs are considerably more powerful than originally thought. It is possible that the collapse could be caused by one or both of these explanations as well as others.

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  1. WRT: The Balfour Declaration
    It has been a recent ‘given’ that the Middle East ought to be palliated with a ‘Two State Solution.’
    Rather, I say the so-called Palestine was ALREADY DIVIDED, Jewish Israel and a larger ‘Arab Jordan; these ARE the two states. To quote is apropos, *It is finished!*

  2. RE: Spanish sex change for children,no wonder Catalonia want to separate from these idiots,but will it start another Spanish Civil War?
    RE: North Korean nuke tests,the reports are total hearsay with no evidence and don’t qualify ad news but as speculation, I am at far more risk from Japanese nuclear meltdowns still contaminating the planet than a underground test in NK. This entire situation has been directly caused by pres. Bush, the Koreans were well on the way to reuniting the peninsula until he opened his mouth and inserted his foot-mainly to help his defense investments

  3. I lived through the ice storm as well as the most recent storm in Maine. The ice storm was far,far worse due to the extremely cold temperatures and everything was quite literally covered in a sheet of ice. This ice covering continued to cause damage from ice laden trees for several days crashing in to power lines,often causing crews to repair damaged lines repeatedly in the same places they had already been. Most recently, this storm moved through in about 24hrs or so and was over. So while its true that more people were affected by the power outage, the seasonably mild weather during this most recent outage has been a major advantage. However, it is still surprising by how unprepared so many people are, but on balance more neighbors have generators now than did twenty years ago, ourselves included. Twenty years ago our personal power was out for 14 days. This storm we were without power for three days, though much of the state is still experiencing power outages.

  4. HALF MILLION WITHOUT POWER WELCOME to 1000 AD. Not only will they be eating humble foods and uncooked meals but along with the primitive life comes myriad metabolic disorders affecting the brain mind body and senses. Civilization a cold refrigerator and working oven with stove are more than lifestyle enhancements. Collectively they are the advancement of civilized life in the past 100 years. Sine qua non, if you will.

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