JWR’s Recommendations of the Week

Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. This week the focus is books, movies and sermons on The Reformation. (Yesterday marked the 500th anniversary of the movement.)


The Reformation: A History

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Why the Reformation Still Matters

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Israelology: The Missing Link In Systematic Theology

Movies and Television:

Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer (documentary on DVD)

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This Changed Everything: 500 Years of the Reformation

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Jonny Quest: The Complete First Season. This cartoon series dates back to the politically incorrect days when boys were taught to be manly.


Instructional Videos:

The latest from our favorite “how to” vlogger, Wranglerstar: Best Chainsaw Sharpener Ever – FINALLY! Take the time to watch the video. He highly recommends this tool. If you want to order your own Stihl sharpener, here is a link. (At no extra cost to you, SurvivalBlog will get a little piece of the action, just like with all of our other Amazon links. Thanks!)

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How To: Clean The PTR91, HK91, G3

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Maven Minute: How to Clean Optics. (Maven is great company, headquartered in Lander, Wyoming.)


Sermons and Bible Studies:

Martin Luther: The Wild Boar – Reformation Lecture Two – (Erwin Lutzer)

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I Am A Constitutionalist, Not An Anarchist – Message by Dr. Chuck Baldwin on Oct. 29, 2017


Neet Kart.  The company that makes these two-wheel game/patient stretcher carts is headquartered in Butte, Montana.

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If you’d prefer a cart with a wider stance, this cart frame is quite versatile: Sandusky FW4824 Heavy Duty Steel 4 Wheel Flat Wagon with Pull Handle, 750 lbs Capacity, 48″ Length x 24″ Width

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Drill Hog 115-Piece Drill Bit Set Letter Number Wire Gauge – Lifetime Warranty – USA Made

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If you ever need to operate a cell phone for a week or two without access to AC power, then you should have one of these on hand: Power Banks RAVPower 32000mAh 6A Output Portable Charger External Battery Pack (3-Port, 2.4A Input, Triple iSmart 2.0 USB, High-density Li-polymer Battery.)  Note: I keep one of these stowed with the old iPhone 4 that I use with my ballistics-enabled Kestrel weather station–a key part of my set up for counter-sniping. But I of course keep hard copy drop and windage tables in my Rite In The Rain notebook, as a backup.

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  1. Recently picked up the book, “Katharina and Martin Luther: The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk.” What a great title!

    Neat to read about Luther and his wife together. Still working through it but already enjoying it. Sometimes we know so little about the loved ones associated with great men. Their stories rarely get told. It is neat to get some information about Katharina.

  2. The Stihl sharpener link supposedly ships from the Ukraine – is this possible? Will look for one available from USA seller – hopefully better than hand filing.

  3. Stihl offers a guided tool composed of two sets of flat and round files with guide marks. Since it trims the raker along with the cutting tooth (don’t know the right name, obviously) it is really handy. I have to admit that I not engaged in trenching or rock cutting with my chain saw since buying the hand file. (Had a big oak with a big stump up in the air. People set rocks next to trees to avoid hitting them with the mower… I’d start with six chains.)

  4. Tractor Supply offers the Groundwork family of garden carts, 800 lb, 1000 lb and 1400 lb capacity. I bought the largest one, intending to hook it to the garden tractor for large loads, but discovered I usually just pulled them myself rather than walk twice the distance. So you might want to smaller one for bugging out.

  5. Beware of the link on Amazon selling the Sthil 2 in 1 sharpener being sold by MultiStoreUS. They are charging $120 (price gouging) for a $40 tool. I looked at the Sthil website, located the closest dealer – a local hardware store, and got it from them for $39.95

  6. I really appreciate that you have shared links to help others learn about the Reformation and why it is important today. I go to a URCNA church. I think you may be more baptistic Reformed in nature (but that’s OK). 🙂 Regardless, I appreciate that you are helping to spread info about the historic Christian faith for those discouraged with today’s contemporary church, which is full of poor theology and “opinions about the faith. Understanding historical Covenant Theology (which is Reformed Theology) changed my life radically. Finally — comprehension devoid of dispensational hype! A huge blessing in my life.

    In addition, I also appreciate the general preparedness info you provide.

    So — Thank you. 🙂

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