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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Pandora’s box continues to produce questionable fruit. Just because we can does not mean we should! A Cambodian farmer has produced GMO pigs – or frankenpigs.

Puerto Rico

Reader L.C. sent in this article on what it’s really like after the SHTF. Information on the dire straights of the people of Puerto Rico has been difficult to get out due to the entire island being without power. However, we are beginning to get reports of just how bad the situation is. We know that we resources are scarce, you only get about 36 hours before chaos set in and it appears that hold true here. but there are over three million people on the island caught in this situation.


A bit further south and you have the man-made disaster called Venezuela. The population is starving thanks to the socialistic policies of the government. while the elite ruling class are desperately spending resources, not to help people, but to hold onto power, the people continue to suffer. the governments response to the starving masses? Let them eat rabbit. thanks to G.P. for the link.

Extreme GMO

Imagine a normal human, the type you see every day. Now imagine, standing next to that person, is Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferigno in their heyday, steroids and all. That is the difference between a normal pig and the GMO pig from a farmer in Cambodia. These pigs are kept in cages just slightly bigger than they are and are so muscle bound that they can hardly walk. the farm even sells an artificial insemination kit that you can use to grow your own GMO hogs. I’m wondering if this is a contest to see how many special interestes and ethnic groups you can get mad at you. Apparently humans will never learn. Thanks to W.W. for the link.

Internal Combustion Engine vs. Electric Vehicle

Reader H.L. sent in this link to an article that gives a very concise history of the internal combustion engine and the improvements it has made in comparison to the electric vehicles. while it is not politically correct to state so, the modern internal combustion engine is basically cleaner and better for the environment when you consider how the energy to run them is obtained. It also shows the dishonesty in the media as they continue to denigrate the standard car in favor of the electric vehicle.


Reader G.P. wrote in asking the question “Do these guys ever go to the movies?” in response to an announcement by the military. Apparently, the emerging strategy for military dominance is to connect everything to everything else. while I can certainly understand the desire to decrease the response times by automating things, Movies have played on the theme of a defense net “out of control” for years.

Anti-Drone Defense

Reader J.P. sent in this article on Australian Wedge Tailed Eagles destroying expensive drones with their crack flying skills and sharp talons. J.P. suggested:

The Almighty Hand of DHS is now spun up about drones. Why should we lose even more freedoms when there is a green solution for it?

Why not this: purchase a few dozen breeding pairs of wedge-tailed eagles from OZ. Or trade ’em some drones. Station these eagle pairs near known and suspected targets (NYC, nuclear research centers, multiple sites within the Beltway, Los Alamos); they’ll have vermin to eat, drones to attack, and we’ll have improved the biosphere by spreading an endangered species to another hemisphere. Permanent drone interceptors on site and on the clock. Win-win.

Or – are weaponized wedge-tailed eagles the next threat for DHS?


SurvivalRealty has a new listing for an interesting property: Enchanting views of 7 mountain ranges during the day, gaze at the milky way at nightEnchanting views of 7 mountain ranges during the day, gaze at the milky way at night. Harvest an elk here every fall right on your own property.

this is a fantastic looking home. If you are wanting to move to the redoubt area, take a look at it!

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  1. Re:Internal Combustion etc.I have always suspected that the electric car hurt the environment more in its construction than it saved in its use. But still can’t find a definitive source to prove it.

    1. Right. EV’s aren’t “emission free.”

      They simply move the emissions “somewhere else,” to the power plant, to the rare earth metal mines, to the cement factories, etc.

  2. Ref: Skynet, the ongoing automation causes an over-reliance on technology. As a Citizen-Soldier, I’ve frequently seen some of my younger colleagues freeze up when systems fail. Fortunately, some of us old fogeys still remember how to plan and battle-track using analogue methods: maps, butcher boards, pencils, and radios (or even runners). I’ve no doubt the next war will involve a digital front.

  3. Many years ago, i sent by mail to my dad in Puerto Rico, some Mountain House, freeze dried food packages. After 5 days and no communications, he managed to drive to El Condado in the Metro area, get cell phone reception, and speak to the family, its, close to a hour drive from where he lives. He told me how bad it is, stores asking for cash only, regardless if they could use the credit or debit card, prices higher than normal, and only able to get gas, in the Metro area of San Juan. He even told me, he is making it by staying cose to the neighbors and family, and eating the Mountain House foods I mailed years ago. He has also expressed to me, now, that he needs to prepare. And he is serious about it. After so many years of me singing the same song, now some of my family memebers, are preparing, according to their budget. If anyone knows about the Bible and heeds to the warnings, as Joseph did when he was in Egypt, he had to prepare, please pass emails to friends, coworkers, to prepare, we need to keep sounding the alarm, before it is too late. God bless you all, and thank you for all your help, in teaching us, to prepare and care.


    The Real Phreaken Puertorrican

  4. Puerto Rico. I have said this before. You have an island in the middle of hurricane alley and it gets smashed flat every couple years yet people seem surprised when this happens. I’m getting tired of paying for other peoples poor decisions about where they live. If you want to live there fine, just don’t come to me to rebuild it with my tax dollars when ever it gets smashed flat.
    I have seen pics of this place before it got blown away again, looks like a 4th world nation even before the wind blows. Build something hurricane proof or forget it. Tin shacks just don’t cut it.
    I suppose we’ll just print up some more money and fix Texas , Florida and PR back to the way they were so they can get smashed flat again next year. It’s the definition of insanity if you ask me.

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  5. Puerto Rico has no food, water or toilet paper. The power is out. So there will be problems with no working toilets and disease.

    I hope the people have the know how and supplies to dug out houses.

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