Letter: Violence in Charlottesville

HJL, JWR, Readers of SurvivalBlog,

My current hometown of Charlottesville, VA suddenly found itself thrust into the headlines. My home is less than three miles from the site where the events occurred. From my 4th floor apartment balcony I watched the state police helicopter hover for hours. It eventually disappeared from view as some unknown event caused it to crash.

Readers of SurvivalBlog are well informed; I will not rehash the events of the weekend of August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville. But I will add that all parties involved in this “rally” came prepared for a fight. What you probably won’t see in clips on the evening news is BOTH sides of the confrontation were heavily armed with clubs, bats, handguns, and rifles, and by the grace of God no shots were fired. It is my belief that, due to either a completely unhinged individual or actions of a group seeking to accelerate conflict, shots will one day ring out and a second civil war will erupt in this country.

The rhetoric from leaders in Washington over the past eight years, and some may argue the past eight months, has only served to foment severe hatred among the fringe elements of both parties, spawning the most dangerous of enemies: Extreme Ideology. Throughout the ages, we have witnessed extreme ideology in many parts of the world that often leads to outright genocide. Extremism knows no boundaries when committing atrocities, even within its own race, skin color or geographic location. I pray this never happens in our country, but after this weekend’s events, I urge you to continue to prepare, train, and plan. I believe we will only see more of this violence in the months ahead.


  1. 1) False equivalence –but understandable given the massive deceit of the US News Corporations.

    2) Americans have a First Amendment right to free speech and the right to peacefully assemble and organize to petition for the redress of grievances.
    3) The alt-right obtained a permit for a meeting at the Charlottesville park — the mob who attacked them, who tried to disrupt and sabotage the meeting had no permit.
    4) For the past year , operatives of the billionaire owners of the Democratic Party have been stomping on the First Amendment rights of Americans. Hillary’s supporters had a perfect right to demonstrate OUTSIDE of Trump’s speechs — but going inside and disrupting the speechs was trying to strip conservatives of their civil rights. No different from those who attacked Martin Luther King and his supporters in the 1960s.
    5) And local Democratic officials have done NOTHING to protect those rights — they WANT violence. So that the Lying News Media can fashion a dishonest , deceitful narrative of the evil, violent Republicans beating up the peaceful hippies for the evening news. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is one of the biggest Clintonian prostitutes within the Party. His fake support of blacks is hilarious to anyone who knows his background. But most Americans are too busy trying to earn a living for their families to learn –and the Lying News Media sure isn’t going to tell them.

    6) WHY hasn’t the Lying News Media pointed out the leftist campaign to destroy the rights of Americans? Because , in my opinion, the News Corporations are a pack of prostitutes who earn their living LYING to us day in and day out. You don’t have to tell outright falsehoods to lie — you can accomplish the same thing by loudly hyping things that support the party line, by covering up and refusing to acknowledge “inconvenient truths”, and by broadcasting a barrage of noises if the inconvenient facts become too prominent. Or cutting to a commercial if anyone tries to point them out. Or provoking some idiot into an act that the news media can use to smear 60 million Americans.
    7) All part of the Democrat billionaires act to “divide and conquer”. To divert us away from asking WHO got that $10 TRILLION in federal debt that Obama ran up. WHO gave Obama the money to buy that $8 million house in Washington. WHO dumped 8 years of 15% unemployment onto black Americans and cut their life savings in half.

    8) Thomas Jefferson lived in Charlottesville –his home Monticello is there. He FOUNDED the University of Virginia upon which Charlottesville’s entire economy is based. The University DOMINATES the town — and bears responsibility for the local police failing to protect the conservative assembly.
    9) Jefferson founded the University with this motto:

    “This institution will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind. For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it.”

    10) Obviously Jefferson’s spirit is DEAD in Charlottesville and within the University’s faculty. Which raises the question of why we the taxpayers should continue to support his University — with student loans, research grants, exemption from taxes, federal scholarships, etc etc etc.

    1. Amen. And never forget as Laurence Vance stated, “that neither government nor society has the authority to force a person or group to associate with another person or group that they don’t want to associate with. In a free society, it can’t be any other way.”

      I honestly see America headed for anarchy. My advice (especially for young parents) would be, ‘Avoid crowds.’

  2. Were there some racists within the Charlottesville assembly? Sure. The Democrats campaign to turn blacks against whites so blacks won’t realize who have been screwing them has its mirror image within Republican billionaires who try to turn whites against blacks in order to divert white blue collar workers’ attention away from who have been ruining this country. Divide and conquer.
    The Bush wing of the Republicans hate Trump just as much as the Clintons. The Bushs and Clintons are not opponents — they are allies.

    Because they have the same moral principles — that is to say, none.

  3. Matthew 24: 12 KJV says And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. NASB says: And because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. In light of events recently and of our ability to observe bad behavior thru the internet and tv a phrase comes to mind that I have heard: Familiarity breeds contempt. Modern abilities to observe the worst of humanity is like a double edged sword. As a Christian I struggle with NOT becoming hate filled. I fear I may loose that battle.

  4. I am a Southerner and very proud of my heritage. However, my ancestors never owned slaves but fought in the war and I am not getting into the discussion of why the war was started. I have a liberal neighbor who supports the Antifa crowd and asked him if they are coming to take my dog away from me next, because her name is Dixie. He looked at me and never answered me.

  5. The only Extreme Ideoloogy is one that would use violence outside of self-defense.
    The UniteTheRight were there to talk. Literally. You might not like what they wanted to say.
    Like Milo at Berkeley.
    Who pinched, smashed, set fires?
    Stefan Molyneux notes when we can’t use words, the only thing left is violence.

    Some want to take away our guns,
    Worse are those who would take away our words.
    Both Assault Rifles and Extreme Ideas can be ugly. Even dangerous in the wrong hands.
    But they ought not be taken away either lightly or preemptively.

  6. Speaking of Extreme Ideology, Charlottesville has an abortion clinic. More innocents are murdered there on the days it is open. But we don’t see that as a horror. A grave evil. You can see the videos of what happens. 60 million. But that holocaust doesn’t count. Isn’t important.

    Does God consider Abortionists, e.g. Tiller, Gosnell, that literally had the blood of innocents on their hands, a trivial evil compared to racists (that only wants apartheid)?

    And even when it isn’t used to pre-judge, is it evil to point out statistical differences like the Bell Curve and Goolag’s Damore? Is the hatred of facts about inequality also part of the left?

    Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. Are you a racist for saying self-defense instead of murder?

    Should we not use reason and evidence and discuss things?

    Is there any prejudice or bigotry greater than that against the unborn? It seems a taboo to challenge or even talk about this bloody fact, as much as proving you aren’t a racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobe.

    Lies can only be fought with truth, not violence. And the Devil was a liar and Murderer from the beginning. The two are related.

    Weapons? To defend the innocent? What about Planned Parenthood? Is it lack of words or weapons that allowed and allows it to continue – taxpayer funded!

    Or is it our own lack of virtue? Don’t look at those nazis and antifa. The greatest evil is the man staring back at you from the mirror. Because we prefer to define our virtue by pointing at those we think are worse and easy to handle instead of the horrors we look away from lest our conscience hears the silent screams and goads us into guilt and action.

  7. To Keith above at 1:35 pm and others:

    1) While I am rather short on Christian charity, in this case it may be smart.

    2) You have to realize that the operatives provoking these conflicts are NOT just trying to get black voters to forget how they were screwed by Obama and the Democratic Congresses of 2007-2010 –i.e, by creating a fake enemy.
    3) It’s more evil than that. Antifa etc are acting so viciously in order to ALSO turn whites against blacks and Democrats

    Because if we are all fighting each other then we won’t notice what the billionaires are doing.
    Divide and conquer.

    4) Example: Women used to be able to draw on their husband’s social security benefits — fast fading recognition that mothers raising children at home do a useful job and enable husbands to focus on work outside. But women who later returned to work built up a separate Social Security account. And the rule was that the women could draw on her husband’s account at age 65 –correction, age 66 — and avoid drawing on her own account until age 70– which let her benefits grow. Against, justified because she earned her separate benefits and women tend to live 4-5 years longer than men.
    5) But in 2016 Obama STOPPED that — thereby screwing professional women , many of whom voted for him , out of about $100,000 in benefits.

    6) Did the Lying News Media inform those voters? Of course not — their wealthy owners and advertisers don’t want to pay more taxes. So the Democratic News Media — Rolling Stone –diverted the attention of women voters with a false story of a young woman being gang-raped in a fraternity at the University in Charlottesville. Professional prostitutes at the feminist blogs ranted and raved. And by the time the truth came out, Obama and the Democratic leadership had ..er.. MOVED ON.

    7) There are no Republicans and Democrats — there are Americans and there are backstabbing traitors. There are no conservatives vs liberals — there are people who sweat to earn a living by producing products and services with value — and there are people who sit down in their office every morning and ask: How can I promote the interests of my wealthy patron by lying to my fellow citizens?

    Those people aren’t just in journalism , on political blogs, or in Congressional and lobbyist offices in Washington. They are in our universities, on Wall Street, and in Hollywood. Their only product is deceit, misery, pain and death.

    8)I owe honest prostitutes an apology — i use the word to refer to people who have sold out their moral principles for money. But the most pathetic, crack-addicted prostitute giving sex in a dirty ally has FAR more dignity and worth than the scum I am referring to. She does not stab her country in the back. She does not inflict massive pain, poverty, unnecessary wars, and misery upon millions of her fellow countrymen. Don’t let the Scum divide us.

    9) Remember that Jesus forgave a prostitute for her sin — but laid a whip across the backs of rich bankers.

    1. 1) Clarification to above: The phrase “And by the time the truth came out” refers to the false accusation against the Charlottesville fraternity being exposed in multiple successful lawsuits against Rolling Stone.

      2) The News Media has not yet explained to women how much they lost from the massive raid on women’s Social Security benefits.

      Republican billionaires and Democratic billionaires may disagree on some matters and quarrel over power — but they see eye to eye on who is NOT going to pay on that $20 Trillion federal debt.

  8. Everyone seems to miss the whole point of antifa. They could care less about Robert E.Lee or other statutes or even slavery.(after all their aim is to make.us all slaves to the State) No their aim is to get us to concede power over us to them. With every statue that comes down the Lefts power grows. That’s why the MSM will not allow any blame to fall on Antifa

  9. The Republic is getting a forced cultural enema to cleanse us from our past. Most of us sit on our hands and do nothing while the left burns our culture and our history. Shame on us… Shame on us.

  10. I found a number of unbiased video bloggers out there that were boots on the ground giving first hand info about what was happening in Charlottesville. A number of things happened that let this spiral out of control. One was the police were standing off. One video blogger actually asked a policeman why they were not breaking it up. He was told it was too dangerous.

  11. Those who are attempting to erase American history, whether it is good, bad, or indifferent, are no different than ISIS or Al Quaida who are trying to wipe out thousands of years of history in the Middle East. After all, history is what those in power say it is. The reality of history doesn’t really seem to matter anymore.

  12. Over many years now we have noticed how deceitful and lying the left and globalists can be. They truly believe and practice that the ends justifies the means. Something about this recent clash does not seem right. Could those on the left have manipulated this event by supporting both sides from within so as to make it appear that it was opposing groups armed with bats and clubs? When was the last time we saw a group supporting the Constitution and our heritage appear with bats and clubs prepared to do battle in the streets. My two cents says that what we see here is a manipulation of the event so that it would be the initial spark to set the country in flames, later resulting in insurrection with martial law to follow. Remember the gun running Fast and Furious operation Benghazi and the Democrat’s California primary where Sanders was defeated by Hillary? I for one do would not put anything past those that want to see this country destroyed in favor of the globalists.

  13. As I lay awake last night, mulling over the fabrications and deceit we are being fed by the media and getting angrier by the minute about it, a still, small voice whispered in my mind. “They have traded the truth for a lie.”

    In the end, there will be “nation against nation and kingdoms against kingdoms” and some experts say that actually means people groups, not necessarily countries.

    The current temper tantrum is over slavery, of which none of us had any part of. My counter-argument is for us to focus on the slavery that is taking place today in our own communities with the rise of human trafficking.

    But I guess that is a simplistic, crazy idea…

    (I realize that “slavery” is just the cover story and that the agenda runs much deeper, but the average neighbor can’t accept that reality.)

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