Recipe of the Week: Squash for Breakfast, by M.R.

Hang in there. Don’t gag on me. If you like yellow squash, you will love this. These are a low carb version of potato pancakes or potato hash browns. If you know me, I say that these are amazing! It’s much easier to pick squash than dig potatoes. When the squash are making, we are usually overrun with them. I usually cook six strips of bacon and use the grease from those to cook my squash pancakes.


  • 12 cups yellow squash, grated
  • 3 eggs
  • onion powder, to taste
  • flour (enough to make squash stick together; depends on how wet your squash is)
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • butter or bacon grease (for pan frying)


  1. Mix eggs into grated squash.
  2. Add onion powder, salt, and pepper; stir gently.
  3. Add enough flour to make the squash stick together and enable molding into patties
  4. Heat butter or grease in a large fry pan.
  5. Mold large spoonsful of the squash mixture into patties and place in hot grease in fry pan.
  6. Fry both sides of patties until crispy brown, like potato pancakes. Remove to plate and repeat with remaining squash mixture.

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  1. That is what my family called squash patties. We would have them for the last meal of the day – With other vegetables from the garden. They go good with fresh pepper pods and peas with cornbread.

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