Preparedness Movement History and My Own Preparations- Part 2, by Old Bobbert

Yesterday, we began part one of this contributed article on the preparedness movement history and Old Bobbert’s own preparations. Today, we will learn some very personal information about him and his preparedness success with regards to finances and persevering.

Financial Freedom Through Determined Budgeting

Okay, how can someone in that credit trap situation find freedom easily. Sorry, “easy” pays minimum wage and perpetuates itself. Success requires a specific goal, a reasonable time line, and a written list of what, when, where, who, and why. There must be a specific methodology to look at efforts and consider the current position. There must be determination to successful completion on time and within budget. A budget is always needed, and it must be written. Additionally, there must be commitment to the cause.

Helping Others Change Through Our Example and Instruction

Preparedness must be more than financial improvements, more than just having enough of the many necessities of life. Preparedness must become both a new way of life and a just cause so as to enable the committed prepared person to become truly able to help others change who they are.

Preppers who care can memorize this simple Preparedness doctrinal truth.

They can’t hear what I’m saying because what I’m doing is so loud.

Question: Money, money why oh why does everything revolve around money?

Answer1: Because we do not have enough money for both wants and needs!

Answer2: Because we were not taught as children to save before we buy!

Answer3: Because I don’t want to “not look good to others?

(And now the very best answer we need to know so we can help fix it…)

Answer4: Because no one has taught us how to manage the “use” of our money!

You Manage Yourself and the Other Stuff Falls in Line

You see, no one has taught most of us that money can not be managed any more than your rifle or ammo can be managed. They are just things, inanimate cold things, without life or value or principles. They’re just things with only the value we give to them. Your money is exactly the same. The truth is that you either do or do not manage yourself, your use of the rifle, your ammo, and/or your money.

It is my long-held opinion, based on self-taught training, many years of expensive experience, and 35 years of self-employed sale management/commission work that I learned that I could not manage my sales staff, my money, or my family. All I could manage was myself. Of course, I did read every book I could find on topics I needed to learn and, of course, I asked many questions of the many more experienced professionals in my chosen industry— OPM or “Other Peoples Money”. I saw early on that the successful leaders never bragged. They were always ready to help the new guy and were always on time or five minutes early. They were also always well prepared. Without exception, the people I watched to see how they did it always knew their products on an expert level.

Lessons Learned From Mentors

The most important part of their success was easily their personal inner honesty and an authentic love of being helpful to others. There were quite a few mentors in my life that stood out. My brother-in-law was one of them. He taught me about the people part of the insurance part of financial services. His best one liner was to “never lie to yourself”. When the product was not right for the prospect, he said, “Thank them for their time and ask for referrals. And smile a lot. And if you can’t smile, get a new job.”

A beloved friend in Las Vegas, while he was still with us, spent his life both about and especially for caring for others. He spent 23 years in the USAF very quiet Special Forces and was a very special man and a true brother. Yes, he was a secret type of special operator, an Air Force green beret, and sometimes was in suit and had a briefcase for his weapons. Yes, they do that stuff, too. The first public recognition of his type work was on the front page of Mechanics Illustrated magazine many years ago.

It was a picture of a 50 cal gunner on a desert rigged jeep roaring out of the tail a special cargo plane eight feet off of the ground. It’s neat stuff! I smiled and saluted. My friend retired as a USAF top Senior Master Sgt. I was an army commo wienie spec 4. 25th Infantry, Div Arty guy 1958-62. Yes Sir!!

Building Without a Job

Enough history, and this is not bragging. I am that guy who built a 4,000 square foot house with a 1,200 square foot garage. It would have been much easier if I had had a job and some money. I had to finance everything we did, and we did much of the labor and all of the planning ourselves. My wife was our buyer and finished 5,000+ feet of trim.

Learning By Reading and Seeking Counsel and Then Doing

Again, first, I went to our local library and got a book on how to build your own house. Then we started. I really do have some experience and credentials about self-management concerning money. However, I learned about hammers. The reason I mention our own successes is so that you will also feel a desire to say, “Why not? Yes, we can! Let’s make a plan, a list, and let’s talk to someone who works at a bank or an insurance guy or girl or someone who knows how to do something we need to do.”

Our Steps Toward Financial Freedom

Here is what we did in broad generalities.

  1. We had assets we used to get a large equity type loan at our bank.
  2. We bought a building lot my wife loved with some cash (about $10K) and a loan ($20K) from the seller for the balance.
  3. Started building and spending the loan money, and then
  4. We went back to the bank and got some more money and continued to build the new house, and it is still so very nice to live in.
  5. We went back to the bank and got another equity loan on the old house. The bank was nervous on a third loan but then
  6. We went back to the bank and got a loan on the unfinished new house and paid off the load from the seller and the most recent old house loan, which was a bank requirement!
  7. At this point we were $240,000 in total debts with $600,000 in market value of two houses.
  8. We rented the old house for enough income for all of the loan payments, and we paid taxes and insurance from our regular SS income. Money was very tight.
  9. Then we sold the old house to the renters, as agreed earlier.
  10. At about age 62, we refinanced the new house loan with a reverse mortgage loan as earlier planned. It’s exactly right for us, but it’s not for everyone, of course. We have no monthly mortgage payment, plus the lender gave us $100k plus at closing. We live free!

Great Things Can Be Accomplished With Prayer

We are not bragging. I want only to illustrate that with strong advance knowledge, sound and fully verified planning, shored up by commitment and belief in self, empowered by an overwhelming cause of purpose, great things can be accomplished. You can do more and better with better planning and a better reason, all lifted up in sincere prayer. Yes, it’s true that some sales guys do pray, a lot. You can too. It won’t hurt, I promise. I am fully motivated by a great cause. You see, I am dying slowly from severe end-stage COPD with complications of diabetes, congestive heart failure, a small aortic aneurysm, and a constant need for 24/7 oxygen.

I Won’t Quit!

My situation is more than a little unique, as I am in year 12 of this situation, and I am fully committed to the cause. My life expectancy expired seven years ago. That fact is written in my VA medical records. Who would have guessed? I will not quit on my God or my family, nor will I quit my husband responsibilities. Neither will I give in or give up. Never!

You can do the same. Start now to plan your life! Start now!

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  1. There are no Air Force “Green Berets”. The only Airmen who wear berets are Security Forces, which wear blue. That being said, the Air Force does have some special operations personnel. I suspect the author was using the term “green beret” as a generic term for special operations personnel.

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