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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. As part of today’s focus on the Public School system, take a look as some of the current headlines under the “Public Schools” header below.


Venezuela’s opposition party called a nationwide strike for today in an attempt to keep Maduro from rewriting the country’s constitution. They are hoping that this will help force Maduro from office through early elections. Of course, the expected response will be stepped up confrontation and violence in the streets. In the meantime, food shortages continue and the people suffer. Yep, that’s socialism for you.

Robot Police

Meanwhile, back in the states, the political atmosphere is so bad in Washington D.C. that the hired help at a ritzy Washington Harbour shopping-and-office complex rolled into a fountain and drowned itself. The robotic rent-a-cop is limited to whistling and beeping at wrongdoers but was touted as having an advanced AI that could recognize when something wasn’t right. Its performance hasn’t been that good though. So far, it has been knocked over by a drunk man and it ran over a 16 month-old toddler. Now it has committed suicide. What do you expect for $7/hour rental. That’s less than minimum wage! Chuckle now while you can— just wait until they start arming these things. – Thanks to T.P. for the link

Lyme Disease

Remember that disease where everyone thought that the victim was just being lazy? Now we know it’s a valid tick-borne disease. Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large sent in this link to an article where a visiting physician has some new findings on the diagnosis and treatment of it. Apparently sudden onset dementia can be a red flag for diagnosis of the disease.


More information is emerging on the Somalian immigrant who was hailed as becoming the first Somalian immigrant cop. He apparently already had three complaints against him on the force and information is emerging that the sound of aerial fireworks triggered him to fire across his partner’s lap killing the Australian woman who had dialed 911 for help. Thanks to DSV for the link.


So far, H1N1 has killed more than 600 in India this year. That’s more than double the number of deaths last year. It’s doubtful that this will emerge as a full blown pandemic, but it does show that those in crowded areas are more prone to catching the unwanted bugs. I’m definitely glad I don’t live in the city.

Public Schools

An example of some of the issues with public schools this week: A’s on the rise in U.S. report cards, but SAT scores founder. I’ve witnessed this phenomena myself as a public school teacher. The more a teacher’s pay is tied to the students’ performance, the more the teacher will work to subvert the system. And it’s not just the teachers. The administration bows to angry parents because their child “deserves” whatever grade they want. Many teachers, administrators, and parents will deny this trend, but the data speaks for itself. Public education’s goal is not to “educate” your child. The goal is to “indoctrinate” your child. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

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Students Love Socialism, Can’t Explain What It Is. Excerpt: “While it’s clear that young people increasingly view socialism in a positive light, it’s also clear that many of them are uneducated about what it entails, or the impact it’s had throughout history. The same poll found many millennials are unfamiliar with historical figures often associated with socialism, such as Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin, and Karl Marx.” For them, it’s all about free stuff.


  1. Regarding article on Lyme Disease – NEW information to us, here in Lyme. My 80 year old sister just diagnosed with Lyme – not the first time she has had it! Copied article and sent to everyone I know, including the Physician Assistant at nearby walk in clinic. Thanks to YOUR blog, I have FishMox Doxy in my refrigerator (and other antibiotics), and use it when I even see a tiny tick on me. NOW, I know that 48 to 72 hours (which the doctors around here say is enough) may NOT be enough. I ALWAYS toss it on the Expiration Date. My sister and I watch each other for signs of Alzheimer’s/Dementia. This is one of the BEST articles you could have ever posted on any subject! We know of people who have had their lives destroyed by Lyme, and even DIED. A neighbor’s little boy was bedridden for FOUR MONTHS with it! Most Doctors are uninformed, even though Lyme was first noticed here in Lyme. One would think that Connecticut Doctors would be up on the latest, but seems FEW are! Sincerely, Veteran Blog Content Contributor – love my new title!

  2. Regarding Public Schools…my daughter graduated high school being on the AB honor roll for all four years. She could not make high enough SAT to get into any college in the state. She had to attend a technical school and take remedial math and English. She now has 28 hours and a 3.84 GPA. She did the work assigned in high school and learned nothing. I don’t blame her, they assigned the grades.

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