Planning For Success During And After The SHTF- Part 2, by Old Bobbert

Yesterday, we looked at the rules of planning for success during and after the SHTF and began examining the component of a good plan and the changes that might be required after SHTF. We already covered the areas of finances and food and began looking at the topic of medical. We will continue on to examine the area of medical and other topics today.

Medical (continued)

  1. Pre-incident acquisition of emergency and bartering medications and water purification tablets is very important. It is legal, and simple, to use any of the Internet search engines to determine and evaluate various pharmaceutical distribution sites located in other countries, especially India, marketing meds manufactured there and globally. Many are readily available. All Day Chemist is my regular favorite. They do have a constant $15 shipping charge, regardless of the size of the order. As an example of the cost savings, they offer my albuteral inhaler for COPD, brand-named VENTORLIN, to me for only $4.53 USD plus shipping. The shipping box is marked as “personal medication and not for resale”. It travels to me through both U.S. customs and the USPS without being opened for inspection. Even with shipping, on an order for 10 puffers, the cost to me is only $6.03 per item. That is still far below our regular local cost, with insurance! And my puffer is manufactured in Australia
  2. Remember that it is very good to have a “large“ supply of bandaging materials. These items, and many other medical supply items, are available at much lower costs from online veterinarian supply firms. Again, I have a favorite. Their prices are competitive, and the service is excellent. Of course, there are many good sources nationwide. Do your homework and find one you trust the most.
  3. Create a printout of the usage, dosage, and warnings for each and every one of the meds in your supply. Before you hand over the meds, read out loud to that person every word in your printout! The group medic should be the responsible person to teach about safe use of medications and about emergency procedures.


When your security efforts have failed, everything and everyone has also failed. When your security fails, your success probability also fails. Without security you lose.

Security is always, for everyone and everywhere, an ongoing constant necessity. It is never an optional item. Security needs to be upgraded as conditions, staffing, location, supplies, and dangers change. Security needs to be tested without notice on a regular shifting schedule. If sufficient personnel are available, security needs to be based on the “buddy system”. Why? Because it works! After the SHTF incident has passed and you are surviving, someone will always want what they “think” they know you have. And they should never know what you have. Your first responsibility in the area of security is silence! Always!

One individual should always be responsible for creating and managing your security methods. There is always a need for a strong #2, as the assistant, to your security leader. Everyone physically able needs to take a regular turn on sentry duty, and it is a duty rather than an option. Disabled members can readily take on other tasks so as to carry their part of the group load. The group! The group! Take care of the group, and the group will take care of you! This is how everyone wins.


Okay, let’s start with the easy, quick, and simple silent means of communication. See this Internet search result… “army combat hand signals video”. Why? Because it is free, it is easy, it is common, and it never breaks down. Best of all, it is available all of the time.

Moving on, there is great value in a simple inexpensive short wave receiver. And the antenna you use will control the listening value of the radio. A simple and portable di-pole is often your best and easiest type to use. Get the relevant current non-governmental news about your situation, your location, from any other location, as regularly as may be possible. Use the Internet well in advance to discern stations and times to get the news. Make notes so as to inform your group at your next regularly scheduled group information events. Have you noticed how often I use the term “regularly scheduled”? You need to do this daily. When your security includes a highest local lookout point to provide the early warning of strangers in the area, you will need a common method usually referred to as a no-brainer.

Why A No Brainer?, you ask. Because people get excited and stressed when facing possible danger. Therefore, it is usually best to communicate “by the numbers”.

As an example, the numbers could be light flashes or a specific row of rocks laid on a horizontal board or a series of large written numbers on large, about 2 x 2 feet, pieces of card board.


All if these items would need to be visible to ground personal, who are part of the security process, at 10 or 15 minutes intervals through simple, inexpensive binoculars. The number seven could mean that a stranger group of less than six persons had just passed designated point A23 on the common usage area security map. Topside and ground locations both use the exact same map markings. Number 12 could mean the medic team is returning to base with one extra person with them. Use you imagination.

Of course you do not use a zero number, and you could designate any number over a certain value means “severe danger; sound the alarm”. Again, use your imagination and always keep it simple. Of course, the system should seldom be changed and never be used only through memory. Every group member should be issued a written copy of the number values and meanings. And everyone should practice the methodology until everyone is very good at it.


Every group must have an acknowledged leader person. Some groups will smile and announce that, “around here the man in charge is a lady” and she knows her stuff! In any group endeavor where special procedures or difficult tool usage or weapons safety is an issue, the most proficient member will always be the “guy in charge” of that specific assignment. Avoid assigning or creating military ranks or positions. That will only confuse and alienate others. In time, the group members will know from experience, who should be in charge of the many different chores necessary for survival success.


It is always a very wise method of communication to never forget the great value of sincerity concerning “please” and “thank you”. Maintaining the group’s positive attitude about both individual and group survival success is a serious responsibility of every group member. When personality clashes occur, and they will, be quick to slow down and talk about improving the situation. Listening is an acquired skill and is very important for the guy in charge to be on top of all of the time.

During the creation of your action plan and afterwards, look for opportunities to give sincere recognition for good efforts, and do that without regard to the results. Never forget to rely on sincere prayer for divine intervention and inspiration.


In some situations there may be a member who is qualified to provide comforting advice and counseling about personality conflicts and other similar problems. And when that is the case, someone will need to step up and talk down the problem participants, and do that chore immediately.

In an emergency, in a firefight, in a long march to safety, in a long cold winter, in a hot dry miserable high desert summer, there is only one congregation– the group, the group, the group.

The individual group members will mostly have different views and beliefs concerning religion and associated activities. Every member will be responsible for respecting every other member’s denominational beliefs. The group needs to decide how it will deal with religious dietary needs, Sabbath observations, clothing restraints, and whatever issues pop up and say, “I’m right and get out of my way”.

Deal with these problems immediately, and save the cohesiveness of the group. Everyone will need to be willing to make an effort to enable others to be free to practice their particular beliefs without putting restraints on others. And remember that even on the Sabbath day, food preparations, security turns, medical services, et cetera will continue to be the necessary daily chores. Live with it, and learn to smile.

Final Advice

And now, as a final point of advice, above all else never forget that we are the nation. We are the protectors of the American Constitution. We are the teachers of the children who will follow our examples. The groups we form, the groups we serve, will grow to be the families we love and care for.

From our preparation efforts now, will come another great light on the horizon, another new beginning to a renewal of the American Spirit of freedom with responsibility. We will not surrender our hopes, our dreams, to an adversary, to a tyrannical overlord. We will not lay down to adversity or domination. Always stand for freedom, for honesty, for family, for love of one another in good times and in hard times. We will live free and fight to be free, or we will go down fighting evil.

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  1. If you are planning to purchase any medications over the internet, I advise you to make sure the website has been approved and verified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy @

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