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  1. I’ve wondered lately if Sterling Silver flatware or tea sets were desirable prepper items for trade or sale. My though arose just a month ago when my wife informed me that she accompanied her mother to our local coin shop to sell all of her sterling silver flatware, serving trays, tea set and so on. I wanted to get frustrated because this is the same place I’ve been going to for the past year and buying junk silver and silver rounds. I then thought about it and felt the coin shop could calculate the value better than I and besides if I had bought it from her, it would cause a storage issue and frustration with my wife over it cluttering up things. I’d rather stick with the old coins (junk silver) or the pure silver rounds that I like to buy. In fact just last night I received some mail order gold and silver that I ordered from an advertiser on Survivalblog. I made sure that I used the link here too in order to access their sight even though I already have an account with them.

  2. Using silver utensils for daily eating is a good way to get trace amounts of silver in your diet. Silver wine glasses also. Silver kills roughly 650 different pathogens. I believe historically it’s how the aristocracy was saved from the plague backin Old Europe. Just a thought.

  3. As JWR has noted, after TEOTWAWKI it will probably take a couple of years for organized exchanges for precious metals to develop. Even then, standardized pieces will be more functional than nonstandardized. This suggests that silverware and gold jewelry will be somewhat less accepted than rounds, coins, or bars. Also, silverware is heavier and takes up more room. I would be tempted to trade it for silver rounds, bars, or coins.

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