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  1. You talked about cleaning your chicken coop. I built my chicken coop off the ground and if needed could move it with the tractor using my forks one the bucket. The one thing I did was put flashing on the floor my coop and it makes for easy cleaning as the roost are remove-able. Have fun. The G. Man

  2. Reading this is very motivating. My corn is a few inches tall and the tomatoes are already about 3 feet tall.
    Would love to see pictures

    God bless

  3. I was able to complete my sweep on the back of the harrow. It turned out pretty nice so now I just need to test it when I plow and plant the field. Other than working on a toilet with a broken flange the only other project I was able to complete was getting my tomatoes tied up. I already have some baseball sized fruit, I just need them to turn for me. The ninety degree days in the SE make it hard to stay out too long when doing projects and it’s only June.

  4. Sigh, I wish I had something more to report than a repeat of last week, but I’ve just continued brush clearing. There seems to be no end to it. But since this is our 1st year, and next year we need to be ready for the chickens, a pig, and at least 1 goat plus a big garden and getting in the beginning of our orchard (peaches and pears), I just feel like we have these 4 months or so until winter comes in, and if the property isn’t cleared and ready, we’ll lose valuable time next spring and summer. So as monotonous, and hard as it is (all of the brush has to be hauled uphill), it’s just what has to be done now.

  5. Dear Latimer’s,
    Please forgive me if you’ve already said, but did you use “pink salt” or preservatives in your bacon brine? I would like to try bacon without the sulfites/sulfates but haven’t found an abundance of info on it. (Maybe I’m not looking hard enough :-))
    Thank you all for sharing. You and the readers are great inspiration!

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