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  1. It is getting crowded in the North Idaho portion of the redoubt. Hiway 95 from CDA to Sandpoint and hiway 2 north out of Sandpoint has turned into a stream of nonstop traffic running North and South. Property prices have skyrocketed, Major retail stores are everywhere. Not a bad thing I suppose, so long as your reason for moving to that part of the state doesnt include getting away from growing populations, because it’s growing FAST…. we chose north central Idaho, as it more closely resembles What North Idaho used to be.

  2. Moved to Montana 4 years ago from Missouri, biggest mistake I’ve made in my life. People here in Montana are the greediest & liberalist people I’ve came across next to Californian’s. Real estate is way overpriced & no one but a multi-millionaire can afford to buy anything, the wages in Montana don’t even come close to matching the cost of living especially when you factor in the price of a house (even in town). The growing season is too short for good gardening, the hunting and fishing is terrible, the deer out here are scrawny compared to the deer in Kansas & Missouri. There are way too many people hunting the public walk-in land to hunt out here as well.

    1. Bert:
      You are entitled to your opinion. However, I must respectfully rebut your comments. I believe that your impression of the Redoubt was skewed by discrete geography and demographics.

      House prices are directly proportional to being in commute distance of population centers. If you get more than an hour’s drive out, then land and house prices drop dramatically.

      Liberalism in the Redoubt is largely restricted to a few ex-Californian dominated enclaves like Sandpoint, Sun Valley, Ketchum, and Coeur d’Alene Idaho. In Montana, the more liberal meccas seem to be Bozeman, Helena, and Whitefish. OUTSIDE of those small population centers, the populace is predominantly conservative and more church-going. Just look at the county-by-county map of the 2016 election returns. Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and the eastern halves of both Oregon and Washington had landslide election results for Trump.

      As for hunting and fishing opportunities: Those are limited only where you are in close proximity to population centers. In MOST of the counties in the Redoubt it is quite easy to fill a deer tag. If you want big deer, then move to a region that has Mule Deer. There are dozens of deer hunting zones in the Redoubt that are crawling with Muleys. There is NO shortage of deer in the Redoubt. All of the auto body shops get 80%+ of their business from deer collisions, which are far too frequent!

      And as for gardening: Yes, you will need a greenhouse. Budget for it.

      But all in all, there isn’t anywhere else where I would rather live. – JWR

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