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    1. Maalox mixed with dish soap is said to partially relieve and wash off the topical burning sensation associated with pepper spray. Not sure this is the reason antacids are prohibited. (you don’t get the same effect from oral pepcid, that’s for sure!)

    2. Pretty sure if crushed and mixed with water, antacids help reduce the irritation from pepper spray. Works as a base… same reason milk over the eyes helps. Could be wrong but I believe that’s what the ban is for.

  1. As having been pepper sprayed before, in training, only large amounts of water help. Milk doesn’t work… Just try not to let the water “run” over your body, it can spread the “feeling”!

  2. To translate:

    We are the tyrannical oppressors and our efforts to reign supreme in this socialist utopia are being stymied only by your willingness to resist. These are the items that are allowing your resistance against our wishes for you to have a measure of success…ergo, you cannot possess, or acquire them.

  3. Oh yes…. the shower after the pepper spraying.
    Lots of water and mild soap after rinsing really well.
    Never heard of or tried milk or antacid. Flour was suggested, not sure that would be a good idea though.

  4. I’m sorry, but have any other DHL shippers verified this article? I’m so tired of fake news that I would like to know for sure that this isn’t some new “urban myth” that is starting to go around.

    And what business is it of DHL what I ship to a friend in need?

  5. Where is the name associated with the original artical? If its REAL then there would be a name of office in DHL th call to ask questions. [content removed by editor].

    1. The SurvivalBlog editor’s have the name. However, as a matter of OPSEC, we do not publish the names of contributors unless they specifically request it. If you look back through SurvivalBlog’s archives, you will find very few articles with names associated with them.

  6. I have had contact with a Doctor who is from my home town and has been doing missionary work in Venezuela for about 20 years. Several months ago, when I became aware of the crisis in that country and the starving children and their parents, I sent him a message asking if there was anything I could send to help. i was told that anything sent through the mail would most likely be taken by postal employees or confiscated by authorities. I couldn’t even send band-aids or powdered baby food. I felt helpless and discouraged….imagine how those families feel who are watching their children starve. It breaks my heart!

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