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  1. The story of Grandpa Crawford’s lesson reminded me of the book series I read to my children years ago (the youngest just turned 40). They were put out in the 1960’s by the same syndicate that did Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys, and all written by ghost writers. The series was “The Happy Hollisters.” My kids loved those books. We always read just one chapter each evening at bedtime, Every chapter ended on a cliffhanger, so the kids couldn’t wait for bedtime the next night. The characters in the story were average American kids. The boys always carried a clean handkerchief, and they never let the town bully get the best of them. Millions of these books were printed, so they’re probably easy to find at used bookstores.

    1. I remember reading those when I was a boy. Glad I’m not the only one. I remember they taught solid values, including the importance of family and self-reliance. Would love to find some for my home library.

  2. I have used epsom salt baths for poison ivy infections that just won’t clear up. It dries it up quite nicely. The Epsom baths are also good for insomnia (along with a magnesium and calcium supplement by mouth).

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