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  1. We always enjoy the Northwest Prep Expo. Lots of great speakers, lots to learn. Unfortunately this year they featured a lady known as The Seed Lady, who proceeded to tell a room full of gardeners that everything they had been doing for years was wrong. Hopefully she won’t return next year. The expo always features outstanding speakers so I suspect this one was a fluke.

    1. As an avid gardener who has been gardening nearly 30 years, and yes I still have some failures, I am always open to new ideas. I actually sat next to a Master Gardener who thought Lucinda’s talk was great! What I took away from the talk was that even if your soil is not the best medium for growing in or you happen to have a bad growing season, using these techniques you will still be able to grow a garden that can feed your family especially in a crisis, without having to wait years to amend the soil. Also great tips on intense gardening in a much smaller space and getting more bang for your buck, as well as less weeding!! Lucinda’s tips on seed saving and growing heirlooms without cross pollinating and ruining your seeds for the next growing season were also very valuable. I for one hope she returns and does a more intense hands on type class at the next years expo!

      1. We’d probably have to agree to disagree. I’ve been gardening for almost 40 years myself. I’m a little surprised a Master Gardener would advocate feeding plants vs. soil. It doesn’t take years to amend soil. I’ve lived everywhere from the Northwest to Arizona and have never had to take more than one season to properly condition the soil, even the concrete like caliche in the Southwest. What turned me off the most was the two times she specifically said, “If you’re working the soil instead of feeding plants, you’re just wrong.” Blanket statements like that are rarely right. Another statement was that she had perfected a seed bank that worked in every growing location in the country. There’s no way that’s going to happen. That was just an attempt to market her seed banks and will cause crop failure for people when they need it the most.

        I talked to several people after the class and a pretty fair amount of them had the same impression as me. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just feeling a little over sensitive.

  2. Re: “Mountain man” Don Nichols’ parole, I recommend reading “An Incident at Big Sky” by Sheriff Johnny France. The tale of the extended manhunt from the point of view of the sheriff responsible is fascinating. It’s an old book, written in the late 80’s, but is available on Scribd.

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