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  1. Exactly which model “Bushnell Equinox Night Vision Scope” is this? Or do all them about the same capability? Are models with the “Z” in the name any better?

  2. Pat, thank you for another excellent review. About a year ago I purchased an Equinox Z. It is basically the same unit you described in this review, but with some nice added features. It uses 4 AA batteries for power. I haven’t timed the battery life, but it is impressive. Also it has a built in camera/camcorder function. It doesn’t come with an SD card but can accept one up to 32GB. It has a Picatinny rail, but no reticle for weapon sighting, I plan to pair it with an IR laser on a night only rifle. It has a day time mode as well, but the picture clarity is not as crisp as a good set of binoculars.
    thanks for all you do.

  3. Bushnell also makes a rifle mount version of the Equinox Z in 4.5×40, It mounts on a Picatinny rail, and, when combined with a red dot sight, makes a decent low-cost night vision set up for your rifle. One thing to keep in mind – it’s long (nearly 8″), so you need to have a long upper rail if you want to mount both it and your red dot.

  4. Thanks for the review. Just curious…it is a positive review because it only cost $125? Would the recommendation change if you had to pay full price? How does this compare to competitors in the same price range?

  5. I have a very early version of this unit you tested, and have put many hours on it over the last few years … still working great and uses AAA batteries. I plan to buy another one even if its full price as I know feel its warranted based upon your article. Thank you very much for the reviews. I read every one of them even if I’m not going to buy the product; if someone asks me about an item you’ve reviewed I can give them good advise.

    God bless and keep safe.

  6. That IR illuminator WILL light up your position, if someone else out there has NV as well.

    Outdoors, I will never use an IR illuminator. The Taliban have used cheap digital cameras, just to detect IR light on the battlefield.

  7. In the article you mentioned that you have several motion detected lights on your property. I’t wouldn’t take much to convert those, in a shtf scenario, or even install extra ones with IR light bulbs. The possibilties of what you wanted to do are limitless as far as setup and function. For instance have the timers on the standard bulb motion lights shut off after a few minutes and the IR ones stay on for longer. Even install some in the woods that you mentioned. Again options are limitless.

    1. The unit can ‘see’ infrared light coming in through glass, but if the illuminator is on it will be just like trying to look through a window with a flashlight. Your best bet would be to mount one or more infrared flood lights on the outside of your RV (you can find them on Amazon) and turn the illuminator off when you’re looking through the window.

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