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  1. My name is Aaron McNeal. I am retired Army, a prior police officer, and federal agent. My buddies and I really enjoy reading your books. I have read and own all 5 / 6 of your Patriot Books Series, (counting the new hardcover Patriot Revised Edition). I wanted to know if you would begin a new series on subjects like an EMP like William P. Forstchen wrote or a worldwide pandemic series. Thanks for your attention to this matter. Aaron McNeal

  2. I understand the importance of junk silver on-hand thanks to your blog but, what about investing in kitchenware silver? Every time I go to an antique or thrift store, silver ladles, dishes, spoon rests, spoons, pitchers, etc with the word silver usually ebbed on the item are usually very cheap! I don’t know if there’s a way of knowing easily how much silver is in the item but it seems to me that investing in these thrift store treasures makes sense. What are your thoughts?

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