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  1. I carry Benadryl too, for potential food allergy issues in a relative who insists on testing the waters re shellfish allergies. Since you mentioned your throat closing up you might consider that Benadryl carries a “Junior” chewable tablets. Because the liquid Benadryl you linked to is still in a large capsule which must be swallowed.

  2. I can assure you that even chewing a couple regular Benadryl capsules will work. Tastes terrible though. Done that few times, and the quicker done and in your system the better your chances of surviving.

  3. I have carried Benadryl strips for years as I have a food allergy (mushrooms). After reading this piece I decided to buy some new ones and was dismayed to learn they are apparently no longer available. Does anybody know a source for either name brand or generic adult dissolving strips?

  4. Anaphylactic Shock is defined by a dilation of the blood vessels which effectually reduce profusion to the Brain and other vitals. The symptoms you describe to me as an ALS provider suggest that you should have gotten immediate help. Im glad that you were able to recover, that is wonderful, but please, don’t mess around with this health issue. Do get an EpiPen, or variant, or see if you your doctor will even prescribe you a vial of Epinephrine (its much cheaper than the pen) and you can draw it up in syringes and give it to yourself 1:1000 in .03 mg. (Per your PCP Rx) If you have 2 or more of those symptoms in the future, or have airway constriction, act immediately and contact EMS. The EPI serves a lot of uses for TEOTWAWKI do to its method of action and ability to give life to potatoes. God Bless, and stay healthy!

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