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  1. Yes, beware of any “pastor” or other person claiming to be a leader of believers who is selling any kind of MLM product! 1Tim 3:8, Titus 1:7, 1 Pet 5:2.

    1. I don’t begrudge a pastor who is bi-vocational, nor to I necessarily have issues with MLMs. However, an MLM that sells a dubious product at at a 50% markup over market value is an issue. This is clearly “fleecing” in my opinion. Not to disparage either career, but I sure hate thinking of my pastor as a used-car salesman, overpricing a poor product to make a buck. I’ll give the pastor the benefit of the doubt and make the assumption that he really believes in the product. That doesn’t make the product any better. Karatbars are not the only overpriced non-standard product out there either.
      The sad part is when the buyers try to cash them in or use them when the time comes. They will only be seeing about 60% of their investment. That’s a pretty poor return.

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