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  1. Love my sd9ve and use it for edc. Over 10,000 rounds through it and not one jam. I have beat it to heck and did everything but pour sand in the barrel and it still keeps kicking! Trigger pull gets easier I think due to muscle memory. You’re finger learns the resistance and compensates so it feels smoother. There is a kit your favorite gunsmith can aquire to reduce the lb. on the pull as well if it bothers you too much.

  2. I’ve got the SD9 and I also didn’t care for the trigger. I got a replacement spring kit and reduced the pull to just at/under 5 pounds. Love it now. It’s my carry piece.

  3. Love this gun best deal out there. Last month local gun store had them priced at $240 after s&w rebate. Normal priced around $275. If you don’t like the trigger apextactial sells a replacement spring kit for $20 you can do it yourself in 20 minutes. Makes a big difference. They also sell a replacement trigger for $40. Adds some on to the spring kits benefit. Have installed both in mine and it’s one nice shooter and accurate. Wife’s has just the spring set, it’s just as nice. For CCW it fits in those surplus German police p6 waistband holster which were selling for $10 a while back.

  4. The SD9, post runner of the S&W Sigma which had the worse trigger I have ever tried on a pistol, is not much better. Save a few extra when you can and get a Ruger SR9. I have seen them sell on Gunbroker for $325 new.

  5. Spoke to soon, If you live in Ohio the SD9VE is back on sale at Fin, Feather, & Fur until May 21, 2017 for $239.99 after rebate. That a lot of savings for ammo and extras.

  6. Carried a revolver along time on duty, trigger pull on the sd9ve doesn’t bother me . Mine shoots very good , eats any ammo fed to it , only thing that bugs me is trying to get that 16 th round in the mag. Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

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