A Redoubtable Internet Business is For Sale

I’m announcing the availability of what is currently a home-based Internet sales business in the American Redoubt. But the business could be operated from anywhere in the United States.

I have known the family who owns this online company since before they even started the business more than six years ago, back when they had a house full of toddlers. After six years of building their online presence and excellent reputation, they believe that God has something else for their family and that they need to pursue that.

The family has exhibited the same high level of integrity in their personal lives as they have in their business, and I would not recommend it otherwise; they want to see this business thrive and are willing to help the new owners through the transition to see that happen.

This online business revolves around sales of products for self-sufficiency and preparedness. They take a a skills approach to survivalism and to healthy living. Along with an online retail store, the business comes with over 450 pieces of relevant content which, alone, is valued at over $20,000 (if priced at the owner’s current freelance writing fee.)

Several approaches could be taken in moving this business forward; one would be to keep the full retail online store as it is, another would be to move it more into a skill-building content site, and a third option would be to transition it to a more hybrid model with only items that are shipped directly from the manufacturers. (Commonly called “Drop-shipping.”)

A qualified buyer would be someone who could have around $55,000 or more so they could satisfy the terms of the sale, and still have sufficient working capital to transition and advertise the company appropriately moving forward. The company would not immediately provide a living wage to the family, and that would need to be considered seriously by the potential buyer. (This is a business with great potential for growth, but it isn’t there yet.)

The ideal buyer would be someone who understands the nature of online retail, search engine optimization (SEO), and marketing. They are also looking for someone who possesses an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with business acumen. Since the family sees customer service as vital to both reputation and success, they ask that only those who have the same high standards would submit a query.

Because of the sensitive nature of selling a business, the family has asked that the company’s name and particulars stay confidential at this time, but they will provide detailed information to serious inquiries from qualified buyers who e-mail a message titles “Internet-based Business) to: sbforsale123@yahoo.com. I believe that this as a business worthy of consideration by any SurvivalBlog readers who are considering taking up a home-based business. The great thing it is that it can be operated anywhere that you have a stable Internet connection and access to a post office and UPS trucks. – JWR