When and How Do We Fight? That is the Question, by X. Liberal

This message is more on a serious note. Before we get started I want to make an attribution to Lavoy Finicum. My wife and I had the privilege of being present in Utah to pay respects to him and his loved ones as we were driving back from our final Redoubt Property inspection in Montana while traveling home to Nevada. His sacrifice sparks this message:

“THEY” say Lavoy Finicum and his cohorts were illegally occupying the Wildlife Refuge in Burns Oregon. THEY say nothing about the Occupy Wall Street Movement illegally occupying City Squares. THEY say that it was unsanitary to be at the Burns Wildlife Refugee without running water and working toilets. THEY say nothing about Occupy Wall Street protesters using drugs, fornicating, defecating, and urinating on city property. THEY say the Bundys and their cohorts overstayed their welcome when they slept overnight at the Refuge. THEY say nothing when the Occupy Wall Street protesters occupy an entire city block while camping out for days or weeks in unsanitary conditions. THEY say that the Wildlife Refuge protesters were armed [lawfully I might add]. THEY say nothing when the Black Lives Matters protesters in Dallas are armed with assault rifles. THEY shoot bullets with a premise of lethal force to be utilized against protesting in a Conservative light. THEY send news bites out with the premise of agitating black rioters, even to the extent of causing a dozen causalities at the Dallas Police Department, have the premise to hire them onto the police force . THEY call out the Bundys as “anti-government” people and lock them up in jail. THEY call murderers of police officers Civil Rights protesters and give police escort to their Black Lives Matters rioters down city streets the very day after police officers are gunned down, and that murderous act is not labeled “anti-government.”

Who are “THEY”? THEY are the Progressives who are progressing societal conduct past the boundaries God has written in His word. If you are outside God’s limits in human conduct and call that new truth a human right—you are into moral relativism. These misguided souls have even infiltrated the ranks of our government organs and now crafting legislation to go after the right wing, conservative voter pool, military veterans, and American moral values. Did anyone see what happened to Hitlery after a meeting with the FBI Director Comey? More to come folks, as the FBI is pivoting to expunge conservative values (note Lavoy Finicum’s death) and overlook Progressive crimes (Hitlery’s private e-mail server top secret codeword information in a home basement.)

My question is where is the line drawn before WE THE PEOPLE fight?  The quest is not “fight or flight.” Rather, it is when and how to do we fight?

Let me set the table and walk you into this gently for sake of this being on the Internet…

What I am driving at, is this nation once looked upon anti-American principled people such as Communists as the enemy of the United States. The Communist Party USA started out in the middle of the last century and was infiltrated by the FBI at inception. THEY got smart and have changed their group identifier a few times over the years and here are some of the morphed changes:  their name changes away from having the word Communist in the title to now calling themselves Socialists, Liberals, Democrats, Left-wingers, and now Progressives. In a few years they will call themselves something else to outfox their critics, the FBI and other government agencies.

We as conservatives need to run for public office. If that means as Town Council, Mayor, Judges, School Boards, City Manager, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Congress (Senate or House of Representative), and anywhere a policy could be derived or written—do it. Don’t believe that you need to run on a Republican ticket because at one point in the nation’s history the Democratic Party (though a bit left at times) were Conservatives. You can run for Congress as a Democrat and as a Conservative –believe me that these Progressives have already got the Democratic Party in their back pocket but they are slowly turning up in the Republican Party too. We need to fight—or else don’t complain about all the new laws to remove your family’s human freedoms such as speech, guns, low taxes, religion, being patriotic, waving the American flag, and a host of other freedoms currently etching away. Personally I am running as a Democrat when our Redoubt relocation is completed. (I am a conservative). My family are called to FIGHT!

Gosh as a CPA and having worked for city, state, and federal government entities, I can assure you that the benefits and retirement are second to none for the role of government. I am speaking of serving in our military (Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, or Coast Guard), police and fire departments at all levels, and even in not so visible roles in such organizations as in the FBI, CIA, or IRS. We need conservatives in these positions. I know their will be an outnumbering by about 10 Progressives to 1 Christian in government but at least God could use you as a whistle blower when an glaring bias is orchestrated on their behalf.

One of our favorite family times as now my wife and I set aside about four to six hours on Sunday evening which is coupled with our day of worship with the Lord, is to write letters to all types of entities. I am speaking about writing the utmost professional letters to organizations such as HBO, CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR, PBS, MSNBC, Disney, PETA, FDA, FBI, US military commands, Senators, Congressmen, the Oval office, foreign dignitaries, the United Nations, and a host of others that you are led by the Lord to write. Just turn on the 6 o’clock news and I’m sure the Lord might have you write to your local school board or university leadership. Let me caution you, in today’s age of a certain sect of people hijacking high leadership offices, they may paint you as “anti-government.” (just for holding an opposing view). So your salutation to a Senator in California would be “Dear Honorable Senator Diane Feinstein,” or “Dear Reputable FBI Organization—thank you for serving our country,” etc. You get the point. We always sign letters with “Anonymous” or “Concerned Citizen” [never our name or identifying marks such a certain letterhead of cinnamon smelling paper]. Never lick the envelope as your DNA is in your saliva, and never touch the letter, envelope, or even the stamp with un-gloved hands as I do not want Department of Homeland Security agents knocking on our door with our fingerprints in hand (even though the letters are written in the utmost professionalism Liberals are always boasting to be open to the opposite view, but then are offended and appalled that there is an opposing view). Lastly, keep the letters going and do not stop. I don’t like posting comments at blog sites, emailing, Tweeting, Facebook, Linked-In, or anything online / Internet as your IP address is always the same even in VPN logins which are traceable by authorities. Since I am like some of you, I travel out of town for my career and could be in New York City this week and San Francisco next week—so you can bet our letters are not mailed from our home town so the postage mark is foiled from pinpointing our home location. I know that this is tough to believe and maybe some of you are more risk takers than we are and wont go to all these measures to write a letter to a Liberal, but we actually had Department of Home Security show up at our doorstep—thank goodness we were on vacation and they never returned our voicemail from the business card they placed on our outside security door referring to call them back.  

We live in a world were we no longer see the times of our fathers and grandfathers. That is, when they graduated high school, netting a good job, and whoa forty years later they are working and retiring from the exact same company they started. In those days the neighborhoods were stable because you knew all your neighbors for forty years and nothing changed. Families were stable with income, neighbors, benefits, community events, church fellowship, and it was a simpler time. It was also a time when feminists weren’t allowed into the workforce with leadership roles over men, but we won’t get into that here (I’m sure a liberal feminist is offended now—but true). Many of you readers have been fired, as I have been. Why? Because you don’t possess the correct signature in human conduct a Liberal is requiring at your place of employment. Just look at any of the mainstream media moguls and you would understand that they hire only employees that pull voting booth levers for Progressive candidates. Even the actor Tim Allen stated in and interviews with Sean Hannity of Fox news not to dispel that he is a conservative… his reasoning? He wont get any more work in Hollywood. It is a shame, but we need to start pushing through the ranks in Corporate America, Government, Military, and education and hire more Conservatives when we are in leadership. One glaring issue is Democratic donations out flank Republican donations for elections; this could be due to Progressives monopolizing the good paying careers. We need Conservatives to spread the wealth to other conservatives because we too need income to stabilize our families and also be in the fight! Support conservatives as you can rest assure Liberals are not! With Liberals allowed to have stable careers, due to their discrimination in Corporate America more and more now, they have disposable income to FIGHT. We Conservatives need that too, including full benefit packages for our families and retirement as Liberals do.

When my family is settled in the Redoubt it will cost us about $400 a year in property taxes and another $1,000 per year in propane. Other than that it would be fuel for our vehicles and maintenance on our retreat. We will have a fruit orchard, garden, small and large farm animals for milk and meat and eggs, hunting and fishing galore, solar for electricity, septic for sewer, well for water, and a ham radio license for communications. It will be self-sufficiency as much as we possibly can. We will have disposable cash to join the fight! Hey Liberals have much disposable cash for their fights—why not us!  I am going to challenge myself that when I hear a Superintendent in a Mississippi Public School district expel a student for wearing an American Flag T-shirt, I will fly there and confront him fact to face, or I will file a lawsuit with a local attorney, or simply start a protest or rally outside the school district. One thing about Liberals is that when they see resistance coming, they back down right away. Remember these were the Tories during the Revolution that wouldn’t bear arms, fight for any just cause, and pleaded with the British that if they told them who the “rebels” were that the British would return a favor not to hurt them. They back down! Look at the NRA with the Obama Administration—it is one of the few wins in my opinion against this Liberal force to take America down a road of no return. We need to pray about what God would have us to do, but I believe He would like my family to FIGHT. That is fight with letters, hiring attorneys to sue, organizing pickets and protest, supporting financially conservative business and Made in America products, become politically activated, and physically getting into one’s face to drive home a point verbally and could even be in a private, such as a professional office setting.

Progressives are winning through the advancement of their causes, due to hate. No, I’m not talking about them being a hate group or progressing society past the boundaries set in God’s word, but their HATE RHETORIC they pin on each one of us Conservatives. How many times did we hear Hitlery in her campaign speeches bring up Racists, Sexists, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Deplorable, etc.? We as Conservatives know that God is the one who is allowed to judge. DO NOT ever let a Progressive label you or your family as a hater. Because who’s definition of hate are they using? God’s or their own special concocted version? These individuals have no right to cast judgment on anyone in society. Be sure they don’t do it to you or your loved ones. Stop them in their tracks. Because they can push through any legislation if they demonstrate that Conservatives are full of hate!

In her debates with Trump, Hitlery would utilize a Liberal tactic of offense referring to her as a woman and when Trump said something outlandish regarding a woman she played it as an offense against all women on Planet Earth. No! I’m sorry each individual is responsible for their own conduct and if a woman has no integrity or character you are allowed to call that out, and if we as conservatives are just supposed to respect her because she is a woman it is dangerous ground to stand on. We wouldn’t surely respect Jezebel in the Bible, as we would revere Mother Teresa just because they both are women. Be careful when they play this “group thing” on Conservatives. Liberals do it with the Black Group, the Woman Group, the Gay Group, and now the Islamic Group.  

Understandable that the Republican Party is one that is more conservative but more and more members have been promoting the radical Leftist policies, which fall along the lines of the “isms”: Marxism, Communism, Feminism, Gay and Lesbianism, Socialism, Statism, Fascism, Environmentalism, etc. etc. etc. But we need to volunteer in our communities and in the political arena. Even placing a sign outside your home for a candidate (as long as you’re not fined by your HOA as we were—then this is a good time to fight your HOA especially if they don’t allow you to fly the American flag), handing out flyers, organizing community events, or simply discussing with a Marxist why they have that Democrat on their bumper sticker in the form of a destructive message (for instance: WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER. Tell that to the peace activists entering Nazi Germany- WAR WAS THE ANSWER! To stop the gas chambers). After witnessing the Tea Party identified as members assaulted by the IRS in the form of audits, shakedowns, and denial of non-profit status on corporations they filed, it is apparent we need to be in this FIGHT. If we continue to do nothing and watch Fox News we will all be fighting in another arena real soon.

Folks I needed to cover this one as it about fighting in the same stance as our Forefathers. First of all, don’t think for one moment that these Liberals who have never held a gun in their hands, but are demanding your guns to be removed by their elected officials [Democrats but some Republicans now], is all about community safety. It is not! No, that maneuver of Obama who just ratified the Small Arms Treaty with the United Nations is all about removing any sort of FIGHT from an opposing view. Remember that our Founders placed freedom of speech and religion as the First Amendment and the right to bear firearms as the Second Amendment. I’ll even take it one step further and illustrate that our human freedoms were doled out by our Creator in Heaven and government embodiments are supposed to uphold those God given freedoms. Our Founders’ gun barrels obtained that premise and our freedoms have always been upheld through a threat from those barrels of guns we as citizens bear. The answer to 1984 has always been 1776. Some of you might say, “They won’t take my guns!” But so-called Assault Riffles will be all gone in four years if Hitlery is elected President. Also, Liberals would never go door to door to remove firearms since that would most likely start another Civil War. However, they will do what Liberals do and that is turn the heat up on the frog in the pot until it comes to a boil and the frog is dead. Meaning, gradually the guns will be removed. Once assault riffles, suppressors, and 30-round magazines are removed by Hitlery’s Executive Orders there will be a registration of your remaining firearms. This might not sound so bad, just letting the government have a database of gun owners, correct? Wrong! After this act, those registered guns would require a fee, much like your automobile annual registration, and lets say $50 per gun annually. The next year it would go up to $500 per gun annually and then the third year $5,000 per gun annually. You see they will take the guns without ever knocking on a door. Getting back to topic here, in my family we strictly believe, and this is just my family belief, that the Second Amendment is not written for home defense clause in human freedom but is written to subdue a tyrannical government. I will leave it at that. Also remember that with God all things are possible. Who would’ve believe that the outnumbered, outflanked, out-trained, out-supplied, Patriotic Continental Army would win by utilizing harassing tactics against the then modern day authorities.  Also, in moving up to the Redoubt and speaking with neighbors, they too are like-minded with my family, but some are not and don’t not want any part with firearms [or maybe they are just keeping a low profile]. Be sure you band together and know THY neighbor well.

In any rate, you need to befriend your like-minded brothers and sisters across this Union and understand that going about all this FIGHT by yourself is foolish. There was a talk in recent years, espousing the Lone Wolf who could do more FIGHTING than a banded pack. Is that what happens in the wild with Wolves? No! We need to band together as like-minded Christians and come to the aid of each other even if that means hiring someone or buying from their farmer’s market instead of Wal-Mart. Maybe some of us can just write letters, some can fly across the country to join in pickets, some can hire attorneys, some can run for public office, some can attend tactical training and defensive driving courses, but we can all pray and open our hearts towards our fellow Conservative—it is not going to get any easier for us Conservatives unless we FIGHT—and then it would be easier for our offspring. Let’s not forget what our Founding Fathers established for us and our American Freedoms which are currently on the chopping block by Progressives. Let’s not forget Lavoy Finicum who gave his life for this FIGHT and did it for all of us. Our Founding Fathers are proud of us! God Bless…