Letter: Advice for Disabled Suburban Retiree Preppers

HJL and JWR,
I’m seeking links or tips on how a 77-year-old disabled person can defend his property in case there’s TEOTWAWKI. My wife is 72.

We live in a middle class subdivision 45 miles from Cleveland, Ohio. Because of physical disabilities (neuropathy, bad knees and legs) I am not very mobile.
I use walker/cane most of the time.

We are moderately prepared (food, guns, ammo, junk silver, etc. A retired Marine lives at the other end of the block but says he will bug out if SHTF.
Nobody else on the block seems even to be aware of the dangers of a potential disaster (natural or man-made).We are one block from main artery, one mile from an interstate.

Finally, where is the best place to shop for potassium iodide?

Thank you for what you do on the blog.  We have been following you for a number of years.

Blessings to all,  – Daryl in Ohio

JWR Replies: It is probably best for you team up with someone who owns a rural property, somewhere nearby, but farther away from expected lines of drift for urban refugees.  To make this a viable retreat, you would pre-position the vast majority of your gear and food there, and you then would have to make just one trip by car to “bug out”, when disaster strikes or appears imminent.

At your stage of life, your “group” contribution would be primarily financial and logistical, rather than “sweat equity.”  The well-established  PrepperGroups.com site is a good resource for finding an existing group, or forming a new one.  Just be advised that all of the usual OPSEC rules apply.  Don’t reveal any details until you’ve quite well vetted potential group members.

To answer your other question: Several SurvivalBlog advertisers sell potassium iodide or iodate at competitive prices.  These (among others) include: Camping Survival, KI4U, Readymade Resources, and Safecastle.